02-01-12 Craft Weekly Showcase

Well thats it then – all over! The presents are unwrapped, the turkey has been eaten (other than the 10 portions of turkey curry in the freezer) the paper hats are littering the table and the carpet is knee deep in pine needles. Was it worth all the fuss and bother? Well of course it was and we’ll do it all again! (and no – we don’t believe that this year you’ll be be more prepared and start geting things ready and buy presents throughout the year to spread the cost – you said that last year, and the year before, and the year before……..)

What shall we do to cheer ourselves up in the dark chilly days to come before spring?? Well the answer is staring you right in the face – The wonderful new look Love All Blogs community of course! Take inspiration from our joyful collection in the weekly craftiness and loose yourself in the grand plans of what you could make in the long winter nights to come! Enjoy! Join our forums and lets get the conversation going! Remember – the shops will be stocking Easter eggs by the end of the week!!

Red Ted Art – Christmas at The Dolls House

Red Ted Art

Decorate your doll’s house or make Christmas Tree Ornaments with your kids!

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hands on : as we grow – Upcycled Christmas Trees

hands on : as we grow

So, she and her friend set about painting the glass and the cone with green tempera paint. They mixed 2-3 shades of green and some white paint to get the shade of their liking.

Once painted, we let them dry. In the meantime, they cut out a star using a stencil to make the tree topper. They smeared those with glitter and taped a straw – half the length behind each.

Now was the time to rummage through the tiny version of a chest of drawers where we store all the tiny weeny junk – like – buttons, sparkly stars, beads etc.

The decorating was their favourite part.

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here come the Girls – Cardboard box theatre

here come the Girls

Introducing… our cardboard box theatre. Molly has been making puppets for a couple of months now. I don’t know where she got the idea from. She has gradually made a whole little family of puppets out of craft materials and a lolly pop stick. I knew the next box we got would have to be turned into a theatre. Luckily we got one the right size.

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I’m Counting UFOs – Mittens Mittens Mittens

I'm Counting UFOs

I have just made my first ever sale on Folksy. Not only that, it was my first ever commission, to boot.

I am feeling quite warm and fuzzy knowing that something I made is going to someone as a Christmas present.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – Christmas Hats

Pinkoddy's Blog

A simple activity to keep the children entertained this Christmas and a lot of fun is to make Christmas hats. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like and then can be worn for the Christmas dinner.

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momstown arts and crafts – Snowman Music Shakers

momstown arts and crafts

momstown loves crafts that combine music and art – a snowman shaker!

1. Fill the plastic jar approximately 1/3 full with dried beans or rice. Glue the lid securely onto the jar.

2. Glue the ball onto the lid of the jar.

3. Stretch the white sock over the lid and ball, and wrap the elastic tightly around the top of the sock. Trim off the excess fabric from the sock.

4. Stretch coloured sock over the top of the ball.

5. Tie a thin strip of fabric around the snowman’s neck to create a scarf. Glue two black buttons onto the face to create eyes, and three buttons down the front of the snowman’s body. Glue a triangular scrap of orange felt to create a carrot nose. Glue a piece of black string, or white and black twine onto the snowman’s face to create a mouth.

6. Turn on some holiday music, and shake your snowman to the beat!

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MoiraCoon’s Shinies – The Repurposing of December 26th

MoiraCoon's Shinies

I am a clearance rack scrounger, an archaeologist of the scratch-and-dent aisle, always looking for a way to reuse some 80% off castoff into something nifty. Natually…I love after-Christmas decoration sales.

This started me thinking about what sort of repurposeable bits I look for when hitting the post-Holiday clearance section…

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bothabunch – Make do and make a gift

We have a 1st birthday party tomorrow. It’s not a big party and I’ve been told not to bring a gift. BUT you can’t go to a party without a gift… and it’s a 3rd baby who already has everything she needs and more.

I was a little lost for inspiration after all the Christmas gift organising. Something not too expensive, not clothes and not something already owned by big sister and brother! Seriously I walked around in my lunch hour at work and couldn’t find anything remotely appropriate (or under £10)!!

And so as usual I decided to try to make do with something we already had!

Thanks to some more Kirsty Allsop inspiration I decided to try some free hand machine sewing (unfortunately not with the right machine attachments but it still worked!). There are also some similar pictures in our church toilet which prompted this attempt!

I have to say I’m pretty happy with it… it could be neater (the right machine foot would help) but overall a second-hand frame (painted white) together with some old scraps of material and an hour of my time is all this cost me to make!

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Jennifer’s Little World – Homemade embroidered felt numbers

Jennifer's Little World

I made these felt numbers partly to help Harry with number recognition, and partly because I thought they’d be fun to make! They were very quick to put together, cutting out the felt was the time consuming and fiddly part.

To make a template for the felt numbers I chose a font that I liked (Verdana) in Word and enlarged it on the screen. Then I just traced over the numbers onto scrap paper. They are made from two pieces of felt cut to the shape of the number, one side is embellished and then they are sewn together. To embellish them I used a variety of sequins, beads and embroidery in contrasting colours. Because they are quite tactile you can run your fingers over them to trace the shape.

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Skulls & Ponies – A Thrifty Christmas

Skulls & Ponies

This year my challenge for the festive period was to only buy one gift per person that must come from an independent seller or be homemade. It was a great success and I am already planning the challenge for next year – making it a thrifty Christmas! The challenge is to only spend a set budget and buy only second hand.

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