02-01-12 Love New Weekly Showcase

A very warm welcome from a very new looking Love New Blogs! I do hope you have been redirected and pinged over to here without too much trauma.

We are now united with the other categories in one place here at Love All Blogs. Do not fear the Weekly Showcase still runs exactly the same way with same way to join in. To read all about the new ‘perks’ of using Love All Blogs please click here

One final reminder that is you are subscribed to Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase post you will now need to re-subscribe to Love All Blogs where each week there will be one Weekly Showcase post emailed out.

02-01-12 The Weekly Showcase

I have news! I am handing over my New Blogs baby to a lovely blogger who is going to be joining our Team and writing the New Blogs introductions from now on… ladies and gents, I give you a very familiar face, someone who always makes the effort to read and comment and show love … The Bling Buoy – oh look here she is now…

Love All Blogs has been transported into 2012…. And it’s looking brighter than ever!!

 Just moments before the shiny new 2012 sunbeams were brave enough to peek through my mercifully dark curtains, I was rudely awoken by the unmistakable sensation of warm puppy breath on my cheek.  I opened my left eye just a slither to the startling sight of gleaming, puppy brown eyes and four pairs of sparkling blue-green eyes… all staring at me expectantly.  Nooooo!  I swiftly shut my bloodshot eye again… but it was too late.  They’d seen it.   They knew I was awake.  And they simultaneously released the pent up energy from the previous nights New Year’s Eve party sugar rush combined with a good night sleep by bounding all over the bed… and my poor, champagne sozzled body.  Groaning in agony, I took a deep breath and gingerly accepted my impending fate.  I slid on my joggers, did the same to the kids and took all of them, and our determinedly ditzy dog, out for a run.   I know.  Madness.  So it seems that 2012 had well and truly arrived and I had hit the ground running.  Literally.  Not unlike the Love All Blogs site, as you are about to find out.  So I strongly suggest that you grab a strong cup of tea or whatever your magic brew of choice is before you read on, because big changes and opportunities are afoot and you’ll want to be awake enough to take it all in and savour it… and I wouldn’t want to inflict an early morning run on you to achieve that.  I’m just not that mean.  Not to fellow bloggers anyway.
SO without further ado… drumroll please… here are the changes that will be in place from today:
·    *  Love All Blogs loveallblogs.com is now the only, (and of course most fabulous!) website.  This means that all the other Love Blogs (i.e. Love New Blogs, Love Craft Blogs, Love New Blogs etc.) are now being auto-redirected there until the Love All Blogs website is more established.
·     * The genres have gone – there are now categories – so there’s still a Love Cookery Blogs but you don’t have to have a cookery blog to join in the Showcase – just a cookery post. This is going to help the bloggers who don’t feel that their blogs are solely ‘Craft’ for example.
·      * New category additions are: Books, Fashion, Humour, Lifestyle,Mental Health, Music, Politics, Pregnancy, Reviews, Special Needs, Tech, Travel, and Video.  So there is something for absolutely everyone!  If you think we have missed anyone out feel free to say and we can add it in!
·      * We have our own private community network site loveallblogs.ning.com, which will link from Love All Blogs and vice versa so that we can natter even more about “secret blogging business” using various groups and forums.
·      * And of course there are PRIZES for our magnificent contributors from our truly wonderful supporters. Every blogger who joins in with a showcase is automatically entered into a monthly draw. For January we have a BritMums Live! ticket and a family ticket to see Peppa Pig live.  Yippee!!
·     *  We have a Noticeboard where bloggers can post any events/ information, Blog Hops, Memes and a Linky’s page that bloggers can add to as well as a Useful Posts page where bloggers can add helpful articles / tutorials that others can use. All these will be linked to the original source and credited. 
So how’s that cuppa going? I completely understand if you inhaled it in one ginormous slurp because this is a LOT of big news to digest.  But 2012 is going to be a spectacular one for Love All Blogs and its divine contributors because we are offering lots of bloggers backlinks, exposure, Useful Articles links, Noticeboard, Blog Hops list, the private community network and the chance to win ‘goodies’ and later in the year – AWARDS! And the most important bit of what we are about to do is that it is NOT a company or business. We help bloggers who in turn help us to grow, which in turn helps us get great things to give back to bloggers. A huge circle of love!  So refill the cuppa and get blogging!! 

There have been no ‘Brand new under 1 month old’ blogs entered this week and so we move swiftly and excitedly on to…

MotherWifeMe – The big fanny issue


A man walks around a children’s playground shouting, “I’m looking for Noo Noo”

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Not Just A Mummy – The Results Are In

Not Just A Mummy

I achieved a level 3 distinction!!!!

This was for the 2D skills and ideas part of the assignment. I had some good feedback about that, all the work assessed was mainly my sketchbook stuff.

For Recording methods i got 3 level 2′s and 2 level 3′s which means i have to re submit this part until it totally passes at level 3. That im not happy about as i thought i had done well. Doing college work from when i get home until i go to bed and finding its not enough makes me want to explode in tears and frustration but im going to have to speak to the tutor next week.

So yay for the distinction but boo for having more work to do on top of the 2 assignments i have to complete next week on my last day before the Christmas holiday this will prob mean less blogging and more writing in my sketchbook, funny that, i spend ages writing here and the subject im most passionate about i dont write enough….stress, stress, stress

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Pinkoddy’s blog – Christmas Present Buying

Pinkoddy's blog

When buying Christmas presents what do you consider? Do you put a lot of thought into present buying or do you grab anything off the shelves? Do you stick to a budget? Do you spend the same on each person? Make sure it is fair? Or on each of your children/friends/siblings, etc? Do you buy presents that are practical? Convenient? Easy to store?

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The Baby Wife – What We Do When We Aren’t Trying To Make A Baby

The Baby Wife

– I like books, blogging, babies, cups of tea, cats, chocolate, fresh sheets, perfume, wine of any colour, lazy Sundays, long phone calls to friends, snuggling on the sofa watching movies, pretty dresses and bags. The husband likes Star Wars, XBox and me. A man of simple tastes if ever there was one.
– I don’t drive, don’t want to learn to drive (well, I know how to drive, I’ve had enough lessons, I just don’t seem to get to the point of wanting to sit my test) but know I will have to if I want to live in the country.
– There is a 15 year age gap between us. Thankfully our minds meet somewhere in the middle. And as the old saying goes ‘you are only as old as the woman you feel’. He certainly does hangovers better than I do anyway.

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Mummy on the Edge – Fish for tea?

So off we went to the beach in my mum’s car with two very very excited little people in the back. It was a wonderfully sunny day – 25 degrees. Mum’s car had air-conditioning (mine broken!), mum’s car had petrol (mine doesn’t), I can read sat nav – mum can’t ….
My hall was filled with ‘everything we reallly definitely need mummy’ – hopefully not the kitchen sink – (though looking at the size of the pile, I wasn’t too sure about this) There were buckets, spades, sieves, wet suits, bikinis, swim shorts, sun cream (rain hats !?), kites (how optimistic !), bats and balls, goggles, snorkles (fgs!) and beach shoes ‘cos mummy, you just never know!’ – well, they had a point there I suppose. Cue then the packing of said car and our journey was begun ….

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Older Single Mum – New Year, New Everything?

Older Single Mum

As our walking continued and the sun smiled down on us, so did the Fates. I didn’t ask for much that day. It’s kind of a New year ritual of mine to give thanks for the kindnesses, blessings and progress during the previous year and set out ‘intentions’ for the next. I think it was generally work related – something to do with writing, but it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly what, now. I certainly never mentioned the ‘L’ or ‘B’ (‘Love’ or ‘Blogging’) words! They simply did not occur to me.

But in 2011 – unheralded and unexpectedly, the powers that be rewarded me for my patience, perseverance and courage and sent me …

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BargainMummyBuys – Cheap and Easy Meals

I have now been on maternity leave for over 9 months so am now receiving no money at all so we are completely dependent on my husband’s salary. Course this would be the month the tax office decide my husband has underpaid them by £300 but that’s another story. Therefore we are now trying to live MEGA frugally whilst still having enough money to go out and enjoy ourselves a bit.

So this week, rather than going to the supermarket, rushing round in a state of panic throwing as many things into the trolley as quickly as possible (think supermarket sweep with kids) before someone (possibly me) starts screaming; today I PLANNED what I was going to buy. I wrote a list.

Here is my menu (for family of 4)

Day 1 – Sausage casserole
Pack of sausages (cheaper in butchers)
1 carrot
1 swede
1 parsnip
sweet potato chips.

Fry sausages in a pan until browned, chuck in rest of chopped ingredients, pour over boiling water, add stock cube, bring to boil then simmer for an hour.
20 mins before hour is up cut sweet potato into chip shapes, shove on baking tray and drizzle oil over top. Roast for 20 mins.

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Mummy Plum – That’s Not My Name

I’ve never met anyone that said, “ I love my name.” I’ve not met a person that said, “ I’m so grateful my parents gave me this name, I couldn’t have chosen a better one myself”. Because, let’s face it, when we’re born we’re given a name and that’s that. Most people, just accept their name for what it is, a gift bestowed on them by their parents. Some may not like their name; I know a few people who use their middle name instead of their registered first name, but it seems to me that most people, apart from the odd ‘I’m off to Deed Poll’ renegade, just grin and bear it with what they were given.

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Mummy Vs Work – Greedy or Needy

So it’s that time of the year where people are running round like headless chickens making sure they are stocked up with presents for everyone and every type of food imaginable because lets face it were going to end up starving when we run out of things to eat over the ONE day the shop is shut on Christmas day. Then comes the next best thing…. the boxing day sales!

Now this little rant started this morning when I popped to Asda’s to stock up on some basics whilst we wait for our shopping to be delivered at the weekend and I came across aisle upon aisle of christmas chocolates and food that are all now half priced. I have never seen so much junk food under one roof which they were clearly trying to get rid of it quickly to get the shelf space back. Plus I had never seen the car park so empty especially as the day before Christmas Eve you couldn’t get a space for love nor money

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Musings of a stressy mummy – Fitness resolutions past and present

It is that time of year, where we spend time with our loved ones and indulge in copious amounts of food and alcohol, whilst sitting on our bottoms in a nice warm house and I don’t know about you, exercise and generally being healthy are quite low on the list of priorities.

Generally speaking, I eat quite well and do a bit of exercise. Running around after four children is exercise enough for me most days and if you saw the state of me by about eight thirty in the evening most days, you would probably agree. Having said that, I would love to do some exercise and get fitter and in years gone by, this is the time of year when I start to think about it. I know that I am going to eat too much and I always have to have one bottle of Baileys between Christmas and New Year which adds oodles of calories to my already chocolate and cake laden days. So usually I decide that my one and only New Years Resolution, is to get fit.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – Glittering Images

Cheetahs In My Shoes

Forgive me, please. It’s December 20th, 5 more sleeps until the ‘big day’ and I really don’t feel festive. I have 2 exhausted excited children, presents stuffed in every available space, a tree decorated in the garden and have baked until Sainsburys started to think about refusing to let me buy any more butter.

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Here come the girls – Christmas Reasons to be Cheerful

I always find it hard to feel cheerful in the pre Christmas run up. Lovely as the festive period is, there is just too much to do, to feel content. The list seems to get ever longer and there is always just one more present to buy. There is something about the return to normality of January which my Spartan spirit longs for. It may be a bit bleak and depressing, but its good for everyone to have a return to a regular routine.

So although I have a slight feeling of anti climax there are still some things to be cheerful about at the end of the year.

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A Mummy Too – Joel’s first boardgame

A Mummy Too

Joel had never played a board game before last week. We’d played Connect Four, Noughts and Crosses, that sort of thing, but not with total understanding, and we’d never attempted a proper board game with dice, counters and a race to the finish line.

So, was Joel going to understand the rules?

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AmsterdaMummy – Old and New

So here we are again, another year whizzed by, the last day of the year, New Years Eve or as the Dutch say Old Years Eve.

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An Essex Wife – The Best of 2011 – My Favourtie Posts

I can’t believe my blog has been going for less than 6 months – it feels like it has been a part of me forever. I am amazed how much I have enjoyed making An Essex Wife part of my life and equally amazed that people actually read it!

So for all you crazy people out there that enjoy reading the happy, truthful, and occasionally bizarre rambling of this Essex girl and her forray into family life, here are my favourite posts of 2011….

In July it all began. Without focus or direction I began to hammer away at my keyboard sharing my thoughts and worries on becoming a parent again asking ‘Am I Ready for Baby Number 2?‘ indulging myself in the worry that I would never again fit into a size ten or have time to apply lipstick ever again. All this superficial worrying very quickly became redundant the following month when the sights of the London, and then national, Riots appeared 24/7 on our news channels. I, alongside most of the country, found these times hard to understand and with my husband in the Met Police I spent a few sleepless nights in August

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bothabunch – A time for giving and giving back

The whole commercial Christmas thing really gets me a bit wound up. Now I love Christmas and have nothing against starting a little early but the whole reason behind Christmas just seems to get lost in the manic rush to spend money on stuff! A lot of stuff that a lot of people probably won’t even use again!

With my kids growing up in gift mania that seems to be Christmas now a days I’m trying to find ways to make it mean that little bit more cause if Jenna had her way it would all be about the presents!

Christmas is after all a religious festival about the birth of our Saviour and as such needs to (in my house anyway) revolve around that! But regardless of whether you believe or not Christmas is a time for family, love and giving – not only of gifts either!

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Actually Mummy… – Wot So Funee?

Actually Mummy...

As most of you know by now, I am a loquacious girl. I even know what that means. Basically, I talk a lot, and now I know how to read, I also write a lot. I write notes to my Mummy, notices for my door, cards for my friends, and sometimes lists.

Now very often when I have written such a masterpiece, M&D take one look and burst out laughing. Very rude in my opinion. The same happens to the Bug. Being younger than me he can’t write, but sometimes he says very clever things. What do M&D do? Burst out laughing. Then they tell their friends and they all have a good laugh. I don’t get it. What exactly is so funny?

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I’m Counting UFOs – Christmas came early chez Chapman

I'm Counting UFOs

We finally joined the masses and bought ourselves an iPad.

We’re looking at it as a gift for the whole family. Something for us all to enjoy. Something Ross can use for work. Something that means I am not tethered to the power cable of my laptop-that-wishes-it-was-desktop.

Well, MacBook circa 2007, two can play that game. I point blank refuse to buy a new battery. Instead, I will use the shiny new iPad of glory, and read blogs IN BED! BOOYAH!

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Julie Rose – Tutorial: old country charm cushion cover with piping

Julie Rose

The size of this cushion cover when complete is 50cm x 50cm. The focal point is the pleated centre square, accentuated by a vintage-come-country floral fabric frame, piped with red and white gingham, and backed with unbleached calico.

This cushion cover took a couple of hours to make, with the fiddliest part being the pleated centre square. Pleating is easy to do if you have a quilter’s ruler (Amazon has these starting from £7.99 – view here). If you’re unsure how to do pleating you will find plenty of good tutorials on YouTube – see tutorials here.

I didn’t use a pattern to make this cushion, so to make sure your measurements are all correct before cutting through fabric its worthwhile creating a simple pattern. Using tracing paper or brown paper, you will need to draw the cushion cover’s centre square; the four panels which will go on either side of the centre square; and rectangular shapes for the back of the cushion. This is an envelope cushion cover, so no zips. You can include a few large buttons and button holes on the back to keep the cover taut.

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The Life and Times Of The Working Mum – Leo’s First Christmas

Dear Leo,

This Christmas was your very first, the tree was ready and your stocking was hung, awaiting the many presents that Santa was bringing in on his sleigh. My excitement must have rubbed off on you, as there was no way you were going to sleep. Despite my greatest efforts you were awake until gone 10pm on Christmas Eve.

I tried explaining how Santa just would not come until you rested your head and closed those brilliant blue eyes of yours, but still….you just would not sleep. I have to admit, you were lovely company and the giggles you provided were a real treat on every ones expectant ears.

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HPMcQ – my fantastic friend louise

2011 was a strange year

lots of not very nice things happened to close friends and to us too

however my friend louise was dealt the worst of all, her attitude and strength has made everything else seem so unimportant

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DorkyMum – My Fantasy Christmas Dinner Party

The fantasy dinner party conversation is one that a lot of couples have when they first get together – it’s an interesting way of finding out someone’s interests and trying to deduce your compatibility. If your prospective partner wants to have Pol Pot round for a pizza, or Stalin round for a sausage stew, you may want to reconsider your relationship.

Anyway, to help get into the festive spirit; I thought it might be fun to do a Fantasy Christmas Dinner blog post. I’m not going to add a proper linky at the bottom of the post, but I’d love it if other bloggers wanted to do a similar post; if you do, then put the link into the comments at the bottom, and I’ll copy it into the main body of this post.

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Love In The Nest – Happy New Year! ~ 2011 for us

Love In The Nest

Wow, another year gone, and what a busy one it’s been January saw the arrival of our beautiful daughter who came along and made us complete but busier that I had ever imagined. Along with our beautiful girl came more love, mess & cuddles and really made our house a family home!

Personally 2011 has been a real journey for me, I’m in an ongoing battle with PND, it’s been a horrible rocky road and sadly we haven’t reached the end of it but I’m feeling positive that I’ll be rid of it soon, I’m up for the fight anyway!

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