02-01-12 Love Photography Weekly Showcase

A very warm welcome from a very new looking Love Photo Blogs! I do hope you have been redirected and pinged over to here without too much trauma.

We are now united with the other categories in one place here at Love All Blogs. Do not fear the Weekly Showcase still runs exactly the same way with the usual layout and the same way to join in. To read all about the new ‘perks’ of using Love All Blogs please click here

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One photo taken each day for 366 or each week for 52 and then shared’

People do it on instagram, on Flickr or Photobucket. People can join the 365project site and do it (but this isn’t an official site running it) or just do it on Twitter or Facebook.It’s an organic things that has sprung out of social media and bloggers are joining in in droves. Our lovely Love Photo writer Dear Beautiful Boy had the great idea of linking everyone up taking part.
Over on our Events page we are hosting a weekly linky for bloggers to add their 366 / 52 Photo links so we can keep track of who’s doing it and help you find other like-minded folk also snapping the year away. Read more…

02-01-12 The Weekly Showcase

Let me start by saying Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a great time over the festive period.

But the year isn’t the only thing that’s new around here. Today you are looking at our brand-spanking new showcase. Do you like? We hope that you do.

And did you know that you can now officially ‘join’ Love All Blogs? You too can join the lovely little family we have going on. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up now.

I think New Years gets a lot of people thinking about fresh starts, new challenges and changes for the future. Your very own Love Photo Blogs and Love All Blogs are proof-positive of that. 2012 is a whole new bundle of fun as far as the showcases are concerned. There are more of them and they are all in one place so that you can show off all the fantastic things that you do on your blogs.

For me, 2012 means the start of my photo project. I will take one photo, every day for a whole year, which I’m hoping will result in a really great visual record of our lives. Either that or it will leave me cowering under the dining table with the pressure of trying to find something new to photograph come March, or perhaps by next weekend. Watch this space….!

I know that there are lots of people joining in with the 365 photo project (although technically it’s a 366 project this year due to that crafty extra day that we’ll get in February.) So I’m hoping there will be lots of beautiful photos for you to enjoy as the year goes on. Because the 366 project means more photos; more people picking up their cameras; and more eye-candy for you lovely people.

So get snapping and link yourselves up for next weeks showcase, like….. now!

Intro. by Dear Beautiful Boy.

PlayByPhoto – Just doing it


For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I have a sort of ‘fools rush in’ mentality. I do now, think later. In some cases it’s worked out for me, and in some not. But in those cases where things haven’t quite worked out…I’ve still learnt something, and taken away something valuable from each experience. I don’t want to live my life on the side lines. I want to take part in the action, even if there are things that I worry that I’ll fail at, I still believe that it’ll be valuable for me to just try. Then the next time I try the same thing, I’ll be even better, until one day I succeed. I also believe that with each new thing I try, I grow as a person and understand myself better.

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DorkyMum – Silent Sunday: The Christmas Edition

My first ever entry to Silent Sunday.
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Mum of One –I Spy Weekly Meme

Mum of One

Since becoming a mummy to W, and since starting blogging, I have fallen somewhat head over heels in love with taking photos. Don’t get me wrong, I am really not very good at it, and I only use the camera on my i-phone, but I love it.

As well as taking a boatload of photos of W, who is OBVIOUSLY the most beautiful boy in the world, blog memes like The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers, Silent Sunday previously hosted by Mocha Beanie Mummy and Saturday is Caption Day over at the wonderful Mammasaurus’ have also inspired me to try and bring out the beauty in photos of seemingly everyday things. Teapots, shoes, even rubber-ducks!

So, I have set myself a challenge. To try to take a half decent shot of something, anything, someone, anyone, somewhere or anywhere beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I may sometimes make you guess, and sometimes it will just be a, hopefully, good shot that I like. And I reckon it will be far more fun if you guys join in too. So linky on up here each week if you fancy and we can all play…

I spy with my little eye something beginning with…

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ASYLUMseventy7 BLOG -Vampires don’t sparkle.


Photo and edits by me

MUA Liv Free

Models- Imogen Sotos-Castello, Law Mantis, & Karen Za – corset on Imogen by Gore-Couture

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Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond – A Reminder of Blooms in 2011

Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond

There is little colour in the garden at this time of the year. It is full of berries of one kind or another, despite the fact there are none on the holly but I miss the flowers. By way of a reminder of the blooms in the past year, I thought I would dig out my favourite photos of the year.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – Silent Sunday – Oh Christmas Tree

Cheetahs In My Shoes

We have an outdoor Christmas Tree

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A Mummy Too
Joel’s first boardgame

A Mummy Too

Joel’s first board game is gorgeous. The cardboard is thick and the illustrations are eye-catching and friendly. It stands out against the crowd of plasticky, mass-produced board games you generally see.

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent – When Christmas came to town…

Adventures of an Ordinary Parent

Merry Christmas one and all. How was your big day? Here are my Christmas 2011 highlights, in pictures….

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Here come the Girls – How to combine images

Here come the Girls

Oh I am feeling so proud of myself for this one. I have just spent a very happy hour putting together this little mock album cover (and yes I did the washing up and mopped the floor before I started – stop nagging). So excuse me for a minute while I pat myself on the back.

I’ve been wanting to combine two pictures in Picnik but thought it wasn’t possible. This is something you can do in photoshop – though as usual it’s a little time consuming. In Picnic it’s pretty easy as long as you have the premium version. Upload your two images and make sure you are happy with them. Choose one as the base layer.

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Mammasaurus – Weeeee!

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