02-01-12 The Fatherload

02-01-12 The Fatherload

So that was Christmas, we hope you all had a wonderful time, and now we find ourselves diving headlong into the 2012-ness that is a New Year.

Many people, by now might have broken their New Years Resolutions but we at LoveAllBlogs HQ find ourselves with one resoultion this year, and one that we are going to stick to: to promote dad blogs, harder, faster, deeper and longer.

So, if you know someone who isn’t folliowing us on Twitter, suggest they do. The more followers we have, the more readers we have, and as we push on into a New Year we hope to grow in number, like some sort of fun bloggy bacteria in some agar jelly on a radiator.

We hope the New Year brings you all you wish for. We hope to receive more sumbissions, posts and we all hope that we have fun along the way.

Over and out for now. Its time to hand over to some of the finest dad bloggers on this planet. Welcome to The Fatherload.

Intro. by SAHDandProud

This American Bite

Polenta and Black Bean Tamale Pie

This American Bite

It’s the first night of chanukah and as I drove home from work I realized I hadn’t really planned dinner for the party of four that were joining us to eat. Last night I made croutons, and I have last week’s onion soup in the freezer but even with a salad, it didn’t quite seem like dinner. Something was missing… my wife came up with the idea for a Tamale Pie – so I trusted her!

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Christmas of Yesteryear


When I was a kid Christmas was always a big occasion… All the family getting together, coming from wherever you are (and believe me, people would come from the 4 corners of the earth) and congregating at my Grandma’s place… Seeing loved ones, the delicious food, laugh, games grandpa giving us money (Christmas was the only time he would ACTUALLY VOLUNTARILY give us money without complaining or anything… as long as we were in a public place for all to see… yeah…).

All was good… Then my parents got divorced, we all grew up, got married and well… grandma passed away and now we all meet mostly on weddings, funerals, and few other social gatherings… And of course… Like each other’s Facebook statuses…

Christmas wasn’t the same since then…

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Nightmare before Christmas…

In 2002, I was stabbed. It wasn’t much fun. To be more accurate, I was sliced, and then pinned to the wall with a 10″ hunting knife by my then-partner’s brother… that particular ex-partner being theBoy’s mother. Still not much fun. I was left with minor nerve damage, muscle damage to the right tricep, and a severeley damaged psyche (although most who know me will probably say it was baubled way before then)…

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Military Dad

Fun For All Ages

There’s the belief that once you reach a certain age that you no longer enjoy certain things. Things like trampolines and water slides are traditionally for kids. Parents are forced to stand to the side and watch the kids have a hell of a time.

The biggest reason why we don’t get to partake is social convention. We are terrified of looking foolish or, heavens forbid, unprofessional in front of other adults. We imagine that they’re standing on the sidelines thinking things like, “isn’t it about time that he grew up?” and “there’s no way that my kid is spending anytime at their house.” Therefore, we stand beside them and casually talk about work and our kids. We pretend that we are perfectly happy letting the kids have a good time because we have all grown out of such things. Inside, however, we just want to go hit each other with the toy lightsabers. Of course, since none of us would outwardly admit it, we just stand there and miserably pretend that we’re happy.

Yesterday, I was put to the test when my daughter attended a birthday party for one of her classmates.

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Comfort In Sound

2011 – What A Rush

Comfort In Sound

As I was driving to work earlier today I was thinking, as I usually do. I quite enjoy my drive to work as I don’t work in conventional times so I don’t get stressed by rush hour traffic. Instead I get a nice drive, get to listen to the radio and collect my thoughts. As I was doing so this morning I was thinking about where I was this time last year, in a kind of review of myself.

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Happy New Year. To you all. I hope it brings you good things, positive things. Fun, larks and adventures. All of those and more.

For me, it’ll be bringing some pain. I’ve failed at something and I hate failing at things. In fact I don’t know if I have ever actually failed at anything in my life. Except for this. Marriage.

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Floyd’s Dad

I’m not Alan Partridge … Yet !!

Floyd's Dad

People say that moving house is the singularly most stressful thing you can do, aside from getting married, having kids and poaching eggs without them breaking up. Try adding a Father in Law into the mix, and the stress levels go up somewhat ! To be fair G’dad was a big help with the actual moving of property. His driving on the return journey from finally dropping off the hire van was a little more ‘off-piste’ in that he managed to drive the wrong way down the Mancunian Way, (dual carriageway) and later drive 6 miles up the Motorway, exit at the junction, and get himself ‘stuffed’ in the wrong lane, only to be forced back down the motorway the way he came. He was a broken man !! Of course I did what every self respecting husband and father does, and having moved in late Friday night, by Sunday teatime, I was winging my way down the M57 towards Southport for a week of ‘work’.

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3DKnowHow #1 – Bear Crawl

Here’s the first in our new 3DKnowHow series of videos providing tutorials on how to perform the best bodyweight exercises. First up we have one of my favourites – the Bear Crawl. It’s a full body workout:

Strengthening ankles
Stretching/strengthening hips
Tightening the core
Strengthening the torso (including the shoulders and arms)

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Dude of the House

Don’t Call Me Scrooge

Dude of the House

Even though I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas, I can see why it’s a big deal to those who do. And obviously Jews have played an important role since the holiday’s origin, as the birthday boy himself was actually one of ours.

I have a relative who is obsessed with Christmas. And she’s Jewish. She grew up celebrating with an extended family member and really liked all of the traditions. Now that she’s an adult, she has chosen to make X-mas a part of her own family’s holiday celebration. Knowing her, I have a feeling a big reason is the Gingerbread.

I don’t go to church, have a giant ornament-filled tree or wear those sweaters with the reindeers and snowflakes. I don’t know why anyone would want a partridge in a pear tree, either. Unless it is the obnoxious Danny Bonaduce. However, there are several things about Christmas that this MOT really does enjoy. Let me tell you about a few of them…

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