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Checky’s Kitchen

Bang !

Checky's Kitchen

Nigella actually used one of my recipes in her first book How to Cook. She came to my restaurant The Cow Dining Room and had Seville Orange Curd Tart and liked it so much she asked for the recipe. And she credited me and everything, so all very nice. And she was very nice, but then she did something that really annoyed me. She change one ingredient. I think she changed caster sugar for light muscavado. Like it made all the difference. So, anyway, when I found her rather lovely sounding Gingerbread recipe or “Sticky Gingerbread” as of course she called it, I was determined to change it. Now she would know how it felt!

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Farmersgirl Kitchen

Dan Lepard’s Sweet Sherry Plum Pudding

Farmersgirl Kitchen

In last Saturday’s Guardian Magazine, I spied Dan Lepard’s recipe for Sweet Sherry Plum Pudding. I love Christmas pudding so, as Dan Lepard is ‘the man of the moment’ as far as baking is concerned, I thought I would give this a go.

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Easy Peasy Mincemeat Recipe


EASY PEASY MINCEMEAT RECIPEChristmasRecipesTasty Treats — 21 November 2011
Why buy mincemeat when it’s so easy to make your own. Here at Little Doers we make our own every year and we’ve decided to share our easy recipe with you mummys and daddys.

You Will Need:
Sterilised jars, we can show you how
Large heavy based saucepan
2 apples, chopped and cored
1250g your choice of mixed fruit, you can use more or less it’s completely up to you!
Lemon Zest
1/2 pack suet
250 g light brown sugar
Splash Grand Marnier
Nutmeg/Ginger/Cinammon/Mixed Spices/Ground Cloves
150g Dark Chocolate
About 500 ml water

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Kavey Eats

Kavey Eats Christmas Shopping Guide

Kavey Eats

I hate shopping for clothes, shoes and practical necessities but I do love shopping for presents. There’s something wonderful about finding the perfect present for a loved one; a present you know will light up their face when they receive it; a present that fits like an oven glove!

Recently, I shared some recipes for homemade presents.

Now I’m sharing my favourite ideas for presents you can buy.

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