06-02-12 Love Art & Design weekly showcase

Welcome to the first Love Art & Design Weekly Showcase! Thank you for dropping by to the prettiest corner of Love All Blogs.

Creativity is a fickle mistress, sometimes she chooses to visit when we least expect it and yet other times she goes AWOL for months on end. Whenever she strikes make the most of it – boot your family and loved ones away, grab a pencil and lock yourself away in a room with your favourite music.

When you have finished creating – come back, blog and show us what you have done…I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

Introduction written by Mammasaurus

Me He & Them – I Found It

I found it (what? see previous post). The National Gallery was just around the corner. I prepared my visit this time, checked their web site and discovered that they run an hour long guided tour daily. So here I am. Waiting like other 50 other people for the guide.

Here he comes. Let’s go […]

Thank you Michael. It was interesting. Michael, our guide, picked up 4 paintings of different period and commented them. He also provided with a bit of a background about the buildings themselves.

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Losttimedesign – New personal work and style

New personal work and style

I used to work a lot in illustrator doing simplified vector work, and for a time worked with the highly talented Philip Munoz. I would design the work and he would then repaint it on to large canvases, we had quite a bit of success exhibiting and selling work around Bristol. I continued to work in this style for a while, but a lot of this was done by creating photo montages and then through tracing the main shapes in illustrator turning them in to digital work.

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