06-02-12 Love Beauty Weekly Showcase

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is just a week away. I have to admit the Mr. and I rarely do anything on this day but I do have one or two outfits planned in the event we decide to venture out and make it a special night. Either way this week I’ll be getting the legs waxed and getting my nails done. You have no idea just how happy this makes me. So even if you are not planning anything, go out and get yourself a nice perfume or get your hair done. It’s good to give yourself a treat and look fab!

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Have a great week! xx
Introduction kindly written by María  from Very Busy Mamá and Mummy’s Busy World.
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My Funny Mummy – Colour

Dying for a change.
After yesterday’s scrupulous cleaning of one’s bod, today I took grooming to the next level. New hair.

I am a cheap skate. Why would I have a professional, with training, experience and in general, A CLUE, dye my barnet when I can buy a bargain bin supermarket box job with a pretty face on the front and easily make a horrendous hash of it all on my very own? And for a fifth of the price? Er, hello?! Sold. To the woman with the singed, patchy, balding mane.

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Joie de Vivre Beauty – An Eyeful

This is Day Three of what I think might be a touch of product related allergy. My eyes, nose and throat have really been bugging me, the eyes especially. I wake up with them red, a bit sore and some lovely baggy bits that oddly enough seem to rest on the top of my cheekbones.

This photo was taken this morning, AFTER I treated myself with cold, used teabags on the eyes, eye drops and an allergy pill. So you can imagine how scary it is before all that.

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Yes! We do have a TV! – I Did What No Woman Should Do……

Not a lot of people know this, as it’s quite embarrassing to admit, but just before Christmas I did what no woman should ever do….


This is, of course, asking for trouble at the best of times. I’m sure everyone has given their own fringe a trim as a kid – the results were never good. And come to think of it, none of my Barbie’s looked particularly stylish after I’d given their hair a bit of spruce with a pair of craft scissors. The writing was on the wall, you might say.

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The Agoraphobic Fashionista – Crazy Horses

”And on a day like today 😉 I could only have worn one thing…

The Horse Print Dress from Asos that the lovely and prettiest dollface Catrin sent me for Christmas
(It is now out of stock I’m afraid)

And so I took my first tentative steps outside today

So yes, it was cold today and I didn’t have suitably warm tights SO I double layered, plum tights with brown fishnets… yup and I’d do it again! Not only was I warm but I liked the finished effect..”

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Love Lust & Fairy Dust – Never Underestimate The Power Of A Tom Ford Lipstick

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Tom Ford Lipstick

Almost a year ago I read this post from Charlotte at http://www.lipglossiping.com I knew then and there that no matter what, I would own a Tom Ford Lipstick in Pure Pink. A word of warning readers, a visit to Charlotte’s blog will seriously damage your wealth!

In April last year the husband and I travelled to London for a weekend, his mind on romance, my mind on Tom Ford. I did my homework and booked a hotel at Marble Arch, which spookily enough is within walking distance of Selfridges.

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Single Mummy; One In A Million – FOTD Face Of The Day

on my face: Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup – 01 fresh alabaster
Natural collection pressed powder – neutral (reduces shine to give a matter finish to skin)
Sleek Makeup blush – Pomegranate
on my eyes: MUA eye shadow Shade 24 – Pearl (all over lid)
MUA eye shadow Shade 30 – Pearl (outer corner and crease)
MUA eye shadow shade 16 – Matt (brow bone and to blend from crease)
Bourjois Maxi Frange Waterproof mascara – 51 Black
Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl – Black

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MummyBarrow – Niki’s Balms

A review of some fabulous, organic, balms made by Niki McGlynn.

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