06-02-12 Love Businesses Weekly Showcase

Monday again – well I never, that did come around rather fast didn’t it?

Hope you have all had a fantastic week, and businesses are booming.

If, however, you need a little advice,or just a bit of support, then do feel free to join the new Love All Blogs Business Community which has just been created for all of you lovely people

Any problems – vent away.

Any questions – ask away.

Any thoughts – think away.

Just come and join in so I don’t get too lonely on there with Actually Mummy. We are starting to feel a bit like Billy No-Mates…

See you all next week.

Introduction kindly written by Helen from Kiddy Charts.

Littlesheep Learning – Working from Home (with Kids)

I’ve previously blogged about becoming a business owner but I thought I’d write a bit more about how I combine working at home with children (and how it changes as they grow).

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In A Bundance – New media: breaking the rules

New media: breaking the rules

The internet has turned traditional ideas of telling the world what you’re up to on its head. In the olden days you had to buy adverts or drinks for journalists to get some kind of exposure. Nowadays you can just tweet, blog, vlog or facebook about it. Easy peasy. (I kinda knew this anyway, but it’s always good to hear it again. Eventually everyone will believe it.)

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The Gift of Words – Introducing The Gift Of Words

Introducing The Gift Of Words

I have a singular passion for words and their ability to transform the human condition and, specifically, how words can be used to powerful affect to recognise the people we inhabit the world with. To make others feel significant and, as far as is possible, in the here and now.

Added to which recognition (or significance) is one of our six basic human needs and is placed high on the scale of what is needed to sustain us.

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Mummy’s Little Stars – Working Mums: How not to do the school run in five easy steps

Working Mums: How not to do the school run in five easy steps

It didn’t start well – at all. There were tears and tantrums from Stuntboy as something didn’t quite do what it was supposed to.

But it got even more pants from then.

So here, in five easy steps is what not to do on the school run before an important meeting that you can’t be late for.

I assure you I am an expert at this…

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My Rusty Halos – Tré La Creativity, how to get involved

If you enjoy writing you could become part of the team as a columnist. Your name and a link to your blog or business would be included in each article and you would have a discount on each month’s showcase spotlight.
If you don’t want to commit to at least two articles a month but have a great story to share, you could send us a guest post which would include your name and link to your blog/ business.

Showcase your handmade items…..
Creative Fair…..

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More Than A Mum – Returning to work

Returning to work

I checked back at our old More Than a Mum blog site yesterday, just to see how many views we’d had and whether or not people were being redirected and I saw that someone had search and found us with the question: “Is my job required to be flexible with my work hours”. I thought that they must have been disappointed as none of our posts would have answered that question and yet, it is a pretty important one and no doubt one that you, our Mums might like some answers to.

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The Book Pond blog – Meeting University Deadlines

Meeting University Deadlines

During your time at university, deadlines are something that you will come up against in every single module. You can’t avoid them, but they don’t have to become your undoing. Winning the war against deadlines is a series of small battles, and those battles start in the very first week. Follow our battle plan for success.

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