06-02-12 Love Charity Weekly Showcase

Have you seen the new blogger initiative for the charity CLIC Sargent? Do you even know what the charity CLIC Sargent does?  I didn’t, not until reading about it on my friend Nickie’s blog. Basically this is a charity that provides clinical, practical and emotional support for children and young people with cancer and their families. I read that and all of a sudden, a Charity which I have never had an involvement with touches my heart.  Children with cancer, I can not even imagine and I count my blessings that I do not have to.

Each week Nickie is providing blog prompts so you can write about your own family and at the same time promote CLIC Sargent and their Do Something Yummy week, 10 – 18th March 2012. If you would like to join in then head over to Typecast Blog and also check out #dosomethingyummy on twitter and on the web.
If you do post, don’t forget to link your excerpt up here too.  See you next week.  Mich x

Introduction kindly written by Michelle from Mummy From The Heart…

Mummy Musings – What my child means to me

What my child means to me

How can I possibly put into words how much my daughter means to me? She means everything to me, she is my whole world.

But 10 words just aren’t enough.

My husband started mentioning babies not long after we were married in 2006 but at the time I didn’t feel ready. I was studying for accountancy exams and, at 21, still felt too young.

Over the next 2 years I became more and more broody until finally, in May 2008, we decided I should come off the pill.

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Mari’s World – When children get cancer

I want to raise awareness and more importantly get products to raffle from PR and marketing people for a 2 year old boy living in our local community, he has a tumour the size of a large bar of soap, is already undergoing chemotherapy but he needs a very special Proton Radio Therapy only available right in the USA. So his family will be flying over to the States for 3 months in July.

Can you help? yes, please RT, FB and Stumble this post

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Ju’s musings on life – A special woman in my life

A special woman in my life

Todays post is written as part of the ’90 words for 90 women’ which was started by ‘Kate on Thin Ice’ for Breakthrough Breast Cancer’. For more information, or to join in, click here.

She is generous and kind hearted.
Giving of her time and herself.
She is full of warmth.
She can be funny.
She can drive me mad.
We are similar.
And we are different.
Sometimes we understand each other.
Sometimes we don’t.

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Tired Mummy of Two – Couch to 10k for Bliss

Yes thats right I, who struggles to run to catch the bus, will be running (and not walking) a 10K in just 16 weeks. I am doing it for Bliss for babies born too soon, too small, too sick. I am doing this for my gorgeous nephew who is now not even 2 weeks old and who still weighs less than 2lbs. His name is Louis and he deserves the best care and his parents deserve the best support, with Bliss by their side this can happen.

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The Princess and The Pickle – I own a colour!

I own a colour!

This is my colour, I own it, it’s purplicious and it helped save a child’s life…

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – You’re Beautiful – Week 5

You're Beautiful - Week 5

January’s over. It’s supposedly contained the most miserable day of the year and the happiest day of the year (so far). Depending on which article you read or opinion you listen to, January is supposed to be one serious rollercoaster of a month. I’m not sure I agree – it’s been our usual mix of bonkers life stuff, cake making, health battling, work juggling, photo taking and generally being us. With the addition of beautiful thing spotting.

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Snoo & Me – 90 Bloggers to Support Breakthrough Breast Cancer

90 Bloggers to Support Breakthrough Breast Cancer

The blue-est of blue eyes came out of me and looked into mine. My daughter, you will never know what you mean to me.
Until you I never knew who I was meant to be. You brought me Love from Hatred.
My miracle child, born in you is all the strength I will ever need to carry us through life’s dark days and build for you the brightest of futures.
For you I would walk through fire. Through you I got my world back. And for that I give you mine.

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Cupcake Mumma – Do Something Yummy Week 1

In a dark room surrounded by the things that are never supposed to matter, lies a woman in the middle of a bed staring into nothingness.. There is a man perched cautiously on the edge, tears silently rolling from his eyes, hands clasped tight, shaking in silence.

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A Mummy Too – What my children mean to me

What my children mean to me

As part of a campaign to promote children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent – and Yummy Mummy Week (10th to 18th March 2012) – Nickie has asked, “What do your children mean to you?” and “How have they changed your life?”
My children are my proudest achievements. They’re the reason I’ve smiled more in the last four years than I smiled in the full 25 years before that.
They’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. They’re proof that I can at least do two things right.

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Multiple Mummy – My fears as a mother and her fears as a Mother

My fears as a mother and her fears as a Mother

When I think about Noah starting school this year my mind begins to spin. Where did nearly 4 years go? I don’t know about Noah, but I am not ready and I am panicking He is a summer baby and so is one of the youngest of the year. I worry he will not be independent enough, I worry about him making friendships, I worry that he is so cautious and yet I am not sure I want him to take risks. I worry how he will respond to learning and where this will lead…

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