06-02-12 Love Craft Weekly Showcase

Well chaps it’s Monday morning again and here we are, blanketed in snow (well we are on Sunday as I write this!)Although knowing our British weather it’s more likely to be a sea of brown slush by now! Maybe we’ll all get a snow day and spend the day sledging with our little ones! 
  Personally I will be sheltering from the weather with a hot lemon and honey and the showcase to read. The germs here are almost visible to the naked eye they are so huge! A real case of ‘man flu’ Whatever the snow/slush/rain does to your normal Monday morning plans, I hope you take the chance to sit back and read the showcase this week. Last weeks was so wonderful, I can’t imagine how we’re going to top it, but I’m sure we will! 
Happy Monday everyone, enjoy!!

Introduction kindly written by Mary from  Keynko

Little Creative Days – New Years’ Resolutions Roundup

Already the first month of the year is nearly over so how have those New Years’ resolutions going?

Broodon, the family friendly website, recently carried out a survey and found that the most popular resolution families have made this New Year was to spend more time together.

So if your like me and you feel as if you need to refocus on those resolutions I have come up with some ideas of how to get those chores done and spend time with the kids.

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two become four – Make it: Tabletop Art Gallery

Make it: Tabletop Art Gallery

Create a tabletop art gallery for kids to fill in the frames… large scale art fun!

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momstown arts and crafts – Groundhog Day puppet

Groundhog Day puppet

What you need:

– empty toilet paper roll (the burrow!)
– cotton balls, tin foil, white felt (snow & ice)
– glue
– brown construction paper & googly eye (the groundhog)
– popsicle stick (the puppet handle)

Have fun decorating the toilet paper roll with “snow” and making it very wintery.

Cut up a groundhog shape and glue on an eye to SEE the shadow. Glue the Popsicle stick onto the cut-out with enough left as a handle. When the glue dries – have fun playing with your new puppet.

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Little Red Farm – Infant Puzzle Ball Tutorial

Infant Puzzle Ball Tutorial

These puzzle balls look beautiful and are wonderful developmental toys for a baby who is just beginning to grasp with both hands. The many “handles” of the ball help the child build wrist strength and coordination. Plus, it rolls a very short distance if dropped, thus eliminating frustration of a bouncy ball that rolls hopelessly out of reach. It does roll a bit, however, encouraging the not-yet-crawling child to scoot over and grasp it again.

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Crazy Daisy Mum Of Two – Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles

I dug out the sensory bottles I made for Jasper well before Christmas. Well the enjoyment he got out of these very cheep and easy to make bottles was amazing.You only need clean dry bottles, and anything really that will stimulate your child’s senses. The bottles in the picture contain dry pasta, water and straws, food dye,water and vegetable oil and lavender infused cloth. When doing any smelling sensory bottles you must remember to drill very small holes in to the lid this way your little one will fully appreciate the the aromas.

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Tired Mummy of Two – Muppets make children work together

If you had told me my children could work together and cooperate to make a craft I would have laughed at you, however there is now proof that this can happen. All I have to work out now is how to make it happen again.

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Here come the Girls – Valentines day heart decorations

So you’ve cut your pom poms into pretty heart shapes (and have lots of strands of wool all over the floor – sorry it is quite messy). What now? They make a really sweet decoration. this could be for Valentine’s Day or just for every day. They would make a lovely present, and you can cut them so they’re quite flat to make a card.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with mine yet, though I’m considering hanging them on the cupboard in my daughter’s room, or maybe on the door handle.

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the gingerbread house – Hand print painting

Hand print painting

I love making personalised cards. We made our own wedding stationery, Christmas cards and announcement cards when both children were born. This year we wanted to make a ‘thank you for our Christmas card’ featuring both their hand prints so got out the paints…

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Multiple Mummy – Heart Gift Boxes

Heart Gift Boxes

I love doing craft with the kiddies, but tissue paper and glue is a sticky combination and 5 minutes in I began to worry but they soon got to grips with it and the results of making these Valentines boxes was worth the effort!

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beepbeep designs – Cushions cushions cushions

Cushions cushions cushions

I ordered some cushion pads from eBay and they arrived the other day. So I started work on a cover for one of them. I went through my DK yarn and dug out all the different shades of green, and have started making little squares, inspired rather by this crochet blanket I saw on Pinterest.

I’m not sure if the holes in the corners of the squares are large enough that I’ll have to line the cover. Hopefully not because that would be a faff.

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Mum in Meltdown – Knitting Project #5 – 2012

Now this probably has been the most difficult stitch wise for me. I haven’t knitted in about 20 years, but now I want to get back to the level I once was!! I’m hoping to move onto cable soon too (sad I know, but play along).

Anyway, I had this pattern and wool from a knitting magazine that I had bought before Christmas. As I started to get some confidence back with my knitting, I decided to try it.

Amazingly I knitted it up in one evening!! Surprised even myself.

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Me and My Shadow – Ruby’s new dress

Ruby's new dress

Have you checked out what’s happening over at Mummy’s Busy World lately? A fabulous link-up showing off your kid’s style, rocking their outfits.

I’m joining in this week, with a creation of my own – style’s about attitude not how much money you spend, right?

So, if you read my Magpie Monday post yesterday, you’ll know I got this dress with a beautiful floral pattern. It’s not Liberty but the style reminds me of their gorgeous designs and it feautres spring-time flowers – purple violets and yellow blooms on a forest green background.

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The Princess and The Pickle – Spotty the Sleepsuit Bunny!

Spotty the Sleepsuit Bunny!

This adorable spotty little sleepsuit was The Pickle’s first ever outfit, I’ve kept it in a memory box for the past 15 months and this evening decided it was time to do something with it! I love the bright spotty design and think it deserves to be on show, rather than sat in a cupboard…

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As mentioned in my last two blog posts, from Friday, 3 February I am posting another blog post – not me this time, but you. I already have one crafter posting on the first guest-blog date, so am now hoping to encourage other crafters to post on the following Fridays. Although I have a list of topics, it would be great to have suggested topics from fellow crafters – so if you are game to take part and want to talk about something, please do contact me on christmaspiecrafts@virginmedia.com – can you but guest blog post in the subject line?

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Doll Doll Dolly – Giveaway! Happy 2012!

Giveaway! Happy 2012!

I have decided to have a giveaway on my blog to celebrate this exciting new year!
I have had some lovely feedback from readers on how they enjoy my blog and have found certain posts inspiring and useful. I had an extremely busy and difficult year last year, so I was unable to put a give away together. This year I plan to be a lot more active on my blog and will be doing tutorials, giveaways and lot of other interesting posts. Good luck!

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Chilly here in Christmas Pie Crafts land, but not so frosty.

First a big thank you to everyone who commented on my Handmade Monday post, in particular those who gave me some great advice to get rid of my computer ‘visitor’.

I am still looking for guest bloggers for my Friday slot. Come on now crafters, if you love blogging this is a great chance for more people to get to know you. Don’t forget to check out the first post this Friday.

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My Rusty Halos – Social enterprise ideas and plans

Social enterprise ideas and plans

Creativity is everywhere though I have come across many people saying to me, “Oh I wish I could do that,” or, “I’m not creative,” then a while later read their thought provoking blog or watch them paint their nails with amazing patterns. To be creative doesn’t have to mean that you are a published writer or a talented artist. Creativity can be found in our everyday actions. I would like to help show people their creative sides and walk alongside them as it grows and develops.

People sharing their creative projects can be a big inspiration for others and

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Melksham Mum – Help please – How do I fix my ripped jeans?

Today has been a day of many questions; why must my children have a meltdown when half the world decides to walk to school? Why must my husband leave his clothes next to the laundry bag? How do I dry a hand washed duvet? – It’s okay you tweeters of little faith, I’m working on it!! – but the one question I really need an answer to is: How do I fix my ripped hole? (On my jeans!!)

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