06-02-12 Love Education Weekly Showcase

Hands up whose children are using Oxford reading tree to learn to read? Yes I thought so, it’s the most widely used reading scheme in this country. My daughter is a big fan of the kipper books as she calls them. She loves the characters, especially Floppy and find the gentle humour (generally dad prattling about and falling into something) funny. 

The gradual increase in vocabulary and e patterned ned language of the stories works well for her. She is able to predict a lot  of the words without actually reading them and this really supports her as she becomes more confident. 

But what do you do if your child doesn’t enjoy these books? One reading scheme is not going to suit every child. There are a lot of children who don’t really like fiction, who would prefer to read an information book or a comic. It’s important that reading doesn’t become a chore so I think the primary source of should be whatever reading material they enjoy. However a reading scheme will introduce new words and practice vocabulary they will be learning in class. Even if it is not their first choice it will help the learn to read the books they do enjoy. 

Like the Roald Dahl quote below I’m pretty passionate about reading. I think it’s the lynch pin of all learning but not only that it’s such brilliant escapism. I think children these days are so lucky. There are a wealth of books for every age and interest. They might not enjoy one sort of book but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something they are interested in. If they don’t like reading a book then there is so much they can rad online or in a game format. There are plenty of ways to trick them into reading. The key is to find what it is they are into. 

Roald DahlI have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.” 

― Roald Dahl

Introduction kindly written by Rebecca from Here Come The Girls

the year i quit my life – a note of nostalgia and no regrets

This time last year I’d spent my weekend colour coding timetables, drawing up seating plans and stocking up on stationary. Through necessity and remedy in equal measure, I was keeping myself busy.

Standing expectantly at the door to my classroom, I awaited my new allocation of bright eyed students. Somehow I’d managed to rally myself to a state of quiet optimism, and I couldn’t help but envision the brilliant things that could potentially unfold within our humble space throughout the coming year.

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Littlesheep Learning – Learning Chores: Car Washing

Learning Chores: Car Washing

Have you ever stopped to think about how many learning opportunities this activity creates? As a ‘learning chore’ how does car washing make the grade in teaching other skills?

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too – Chicken Pox Outbreak

There are 8 cases of chicken pox in Roo’s class at school and there are children missing from every class. The school are truly having an outbreak and whilst I understand that they can not control I believe that they could be helping parents more.

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Chloe Witters – Weekend – A trip to the Science Museum

Weekend - A trip to the Science Museum

This weekend we took a trip to the Science Museum.

Arlo had a cold, and in hindsight, perhaps we should have stayed at home, because he was groggy all day and wasn’t really in the mood to enjoy any of it.

They have a great interactive children’s area, but poor Arlo was a little overwhelmed by it all. By the look of things, so was this little person behind him.

He did enjoy playing with the giant lego, and discovering that cones make pretty good stacking objects too. Arlo is all about the stacking.

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Not Just A Mummy – I’m In…Your Out

I'm In...Your Out

I got home to find an email from UCAS, oh great, somethings wrong with my application. I logged in, that wasn’t the case, they wanted me to accept my offer from Uni!!!!!


In your face jobcentre with your lack of help, shit underpaid jobs and disbelief that i will make something of myself. (i had a member of staff tell me id never get a job after my course). Mum immediately rang with congratulations, i wanted to cry.

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Me He & Them – Academic Or Not

As a foreigner, I’m new to the British education system, and what a learning curve!

I picked the school (well, nursery at the time) where Mellow and Jed are going to mainly because of the opening hours (7:45 to 5:30) and days (51 weeks a year) which suited a working mum. And I’d never come across anyone who had anything bad to say about that school. Well, I did hear it was academic (nursery becomes school up to 6-7+) but I was not sure what academic meant.

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MotherWifeMe – Montessori musings… the Tinkerous Toddler’s adventures at nursery part 1

Montessori musings... the Tinkerous Toddler's adventures at nursery part 1

The Tinkerous Toddler is three weeks into her nursery experience. She attends a group at a local Montessori School for a couple of hours per day, twice a week.

It took a lot of reading up and a lot of visiting nurseries to decide that a Montessori environment felt right for her. So I thought I’d post updates as we go along, for anyone else thinking of trying out Montessori for their child.

The great news for us so far is that I can already see it having a positive influence on the Tinkerous Toddler.

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Ju’s musings on life – Choosing a primary school

Choosing a primary school

In a recent post entitled “The Parenting Dilema” I said this:-

“I found I surprised myself by selecting a Primary Church School for The Eight Year Old to attend despite us having no faith. Put simply, the school was the best that we visited before making our choice. It just felt like the right place for my son to be. And so, regardless of my previous thoughts about where he would begin his formal education, he now happily attends a Catholic School.”

In response, one of The Friends left this comment…

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Gaelic Medium Mum – Gaelic v Catholic Education

Gaelic v Catholic Education

Twice in the last two weeks I’ve come across the same issue surrounding the Glasgow Gaelic School and it’s an issue that has nothing to do with the pros and cons of immersion, whether Gaelic is useful or not, and whether the school is well enough equipped to deal with children with additional support needs. The issue that has cropped up recently has been about religion – specifically, that the Gaelic school isn’t a Catholic school.

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Here come the Girls – Motivating children to learn high frequency words

Motivating children to learn high frequency words

One of the hardest things as a teacher or a parent is to motivate your child to learn by rote. By this I mean things like high frequency words, times tables or number bonds. Children are usually interested initially, but then get bored. The thing with these little facts is that you have to keep plugging away at them until they eventually seep in, the only way to learn them is through lots of repetition and that can get really tedious for everyone.

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Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! – A bit of reading hlep

A bit of reading hlep

The post-it note treasure hunt last week has led to the children finding more uses for post-it notes than you can imagine. My house is covered in little squares of coloured paper, each with a little drawing or message scribbled on it.

To continue the learning to read, we wrote body part names on some, and Z had to read them and put them on the correct part of his sister. Little S was quite happy to model for him, until it came to the one that said ‘chin’, we had to switch to a doll after that.

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You’re not from round here. – Demoralised


Yesterday evening I had an exam. An economics exam. I prepared hard for this exam. I worked really, really, really hard. I mean it. I’ve worked so hard. After failing my last exam miserably and realising it was my own fault for not putting enough work in, I have worked hard.

I think you get the gist.

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