06-02-12 Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Love Fashion Showcase!

This weekend brought the one thing guaranteed to make me lose all interest in fashion.


Lots and lots of the white stuff fell, and so the only thing I really cared about was whether I was warm. Cue the addition of layer upon layer of clothes, irrespective of what I looked like, until I reached the point where I couldn’t make my legs bend properly. If you’ve seen the episode of “Friends’ where Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes at once, you’ll have some idea what I looked like, and I had to perfect my ‘Mr Stay-Puft’ marshmallow man walk to get around anywhere…

My usual routine involves socks, leggings with waterproof trousers on top, vest, t-shirt, jumper, fleece, hat, scarf and gloves. There is seriously no way I could go on a chic skiing holiday, because I’d do the same there and be shunned in the apres-ski! I did the same layering thing to the kids too, which helped keep out the cold long enough for them to have plenty of fun outside before the inevitable falling off the sledge headfirst into the snow.

The only problem with adding so many layers is that there is always a little bit of me that’s not covered up. Just enough for a bit of snow, thrown during a snowball fight, to make its way down the side of my neck, and make me shudder as it begins to melt. So then it’s time for a mad dash inside, the removal of all those layers and getting changed into something warm and dry to curl up on the sofa and wait for Spring.

And for entertainment during these snowy winter days? The Love Fashion Showcase, of course!

Introduction kindly written by Liz from Margot and Barbara

two become four – Style Inspiration | Disney’s Bolt

Since Christmas Tilly has asked every day, without fail, to watch Bolt (or Penny, as she likes to call it).

She idolises Penny, the main (human) character, so I thought I would put together a style inspiration board… enjoy 🙂

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A Hell Of A Woman – Stand back! I’m having a rant!

So, what actually prompted me to write this post? Well, it was this news article courtesy of the Daily Mail Online. It really managed to wind me up with its patronising tone and its message that it’s only okay for a woman to be “badly dressed” if their outfit was chosen by a two-year old.

Am I the only one that’s heartily sick of “fashion” and the seemingly neverending list of what we should all be wearing and in which particular combinations? I mean, who is it that determines what is fashionable and what isn’t?

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Film, Fashion & Pop Culture – i-D Magazine; Victoria Beckham

i-D Magazine; Victoria Beckham

At thirty-seven years of age, Victoria Beckham has blossomed in front of the critiquing public.

With her foundations erected as one of the infamous ‘Spice Girls’, Victoria did not rise to fame for her vocal talents but her sophisticated image and fashion sense.

The British beauty was instantly recognised by her restrictive attire, towering heels and posh pout.

However, in i-D Magazine’s ‘Whatever the Weather’ issue, Josh Olins lenses the mother of four as she emits confidence, femininity and exhibits enviable bone structure.

Styled by Cathy Kasterine, the cover shows the designer in all Victoria Beckham.

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – Trendy Toddler Tuesday: Retro Cool

Trendy Toddler Tuesday: Retro Cool

This week, Ethan is rocking a retro look. My Mum kept everything from when my brother and I were children. I mean everything. All the toys, all the clothes (unless they were ruined). When I was pregnant, we went through the loft and she even had 30 terry cloth nappies up there still… honestly! They came in handy for wiping up Ethan’s baby sick though. Anyway, as a result, Ethan gets the chance to wear a lot of our old clothes – mostly my brothers now, I don’t think I can..

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An Essex Wife – Boys&Girls Clothing Range SS12

You may remember back in November I shared with you my love of the Boys&Girls clothing range and how cute my daughter looked in their clothes (not that I’m bias of course). Well now they are back with a brand new ‘Out To Play’ collection for Spring and Summer 2012.

Keeping true to their sporty style, with amazing bright colours and funky designs, this organic and fair-trade based collection launches on February 23rd and I cannot wait!

To celebrate this launch Boys&Girls are giving one lucky little one the chance to win the entire SS12 Collection

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Margot and Barbara – Fashion Maths: A Few Failures.

I’ve talked recently about few of my Fashion Maths successes. Sadly, it’s now time to share my failures. Basically all my fashion failures are down to one reason and one reason only: the inability to see the different between My Real Life and My Fantasy Life…

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BargainMummyBuys – When to save and when to splurge….

Sometimes I think my desire to find bargain items actually stems from the thrill of the chase, rather than the actual need to save money. Having said that, there is nothing more annoying that feeling you have either paid too much for an item, or bought something unnecessarily. I’m much more careful about that than I used to be. In fact I never pay full price for anything if I can help it.

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One comment on “06-02-12 Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

  1. buanacainte says:

    Thank you so much for the feature, it is such an honour!

    – Bua na Cainte x

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