06-02-12 Love Fitness Weekly Showcase

This week, Mr J and I have been wondering whether our eldest is ready for a hobby (one that doesn’t involve Lego or Tom and Jerry). He’s just turned 4, will be starting school this August and has a seemingly endless supply of energy. We both think it’s time for some kind of regular organised sporting activity…but seem to be approaching it in slightly different ways. 


Mr J wants him to join a pre-school rugby club. The idea of this brings one image to my mind – me anxiously pacing the corridors in the A&E department of the hospital while my beautiful boy has his head stitched back together. My suggestions? Gymnastics: he likes to roll around and leap off the back of the sofa. Swimming: he absolutely loves it and is really confident in the water. Martial arts: for self-defence, and because it’s a cool thing to do and will help him protect himself and his sister from bullies. 

Mr J vetoes all of my suggestions because he wants his son to be a “team player”. I suspect his passion for rugby may also have something to do with it. We start arguing about whether Little J would play for England or Scotland (a common theme for debate in our house), and I suspect we may be getting slightly ahead of ourselves. 

Introduction kindly written by Claire  from  At Least Daddy Can Cook.

Tis The Life – Exercising with your baby

Exercising with your baby

I wrote a few weeks ago about my desire to reclaim my pre-baby body. I have lost the weight I put on during the pregnancy but I am still looking for my waThere are many many good weight loss & exercise programs out there, I have tried a few, but since I gave birth to the Worm my biggest problem is not the eating, but it is the exercise.Fitting in time to do exercise during her nap times, in between the cooking, cleaning, washing & sleeping.
Here are my favourite exercises to do with Baby

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Mutterings of a Fool – Choosing a running playlist

Choosing a running playlist

So I am now officially a runner again, 4 runs in the last 10 days and feeling better than ever. I may even have started eyeing up some races (more of that at a later date). But with the miles starting to increase and wanting to keep the cross training at the gym going to look after my back I am in desperate need of a good playlist on the iPod. So far I am surviving on the 3 albums saved on my phone, one of which is nursery rhymes.

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At least daddy can cook… – The Games Go Gaga

The Games Go Gaga

Mr J loves sport. Watching it, that is. (Although to give credit where credit’s due, he does jog round the block now and again, and has recently been playing rugby on Saturdays.)

He’ll watch any kind of sport on telly. All the obvious ones: rugby, cricket, golf, football, women’s beach volleyball… And all the utterly boring ones: snooker, darts, curling*… He is, quite frankly, sport daft.

So when the first batch of tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games went on sale last year, he was incredibly excited.

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Romanian mum in London – Work out tips

Workout Tips for Parents

When you’re running a household that includes young children and teens, it can be hard to get away for a workout.

If you’re desperate for fitness but can’t seem to find the time, all you need is some planning and a little creativity. Here are some tips for parents with children and teens:

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Expatlogue – Nude Yoga: Now available in Toronto

Nude Yoga: Now available in Toronto

I didn’t even know nude yoga existed, nevermind that you can do it in Toronto if you so choose. Why anyone would want to practice their asanas naked in a roomful of similarly (un)clad people completely eludes me, unless it is to decrease their sensitivity to unpleasant sights. Probably best to concentrate on your Downward-Facing Dog and not look around too much. As a machine, the human body is unsurpassed – as a thing of beauty, it doesn’t always hit the mark…

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Mari’s World – Keeping Fit and fighting the flab

I seem to have a keep fit pattern. I have two weeks where I’m bursting with enthusiasm, energy and will power to fight the flab and then I stop. I come to the most amazing halt when I know I should be doing something but cannot for the life of me get motivated.
This week Jenny Craig steps on board to give a helping hand too and I am IMPRESSED!

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Tired Mummy of Two – Thinking Slimmer and Couch to 5k

So many changes and so many inches show me that this is having a profound effect on how I use and think about food, what makes it even more surprising is I am still eating chocolate, donuts, chips etc just less of them.
As for the Couch to 5k well this week has been harder and also easier than last week, I surprised myself by wanting to run more when she told me it was time for a warm down and apart from twinging one of my muscles I think I am really getting the hang of this running lark.

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – I just wanted to exercise…

Right. It’s 10:00AM. It’s time to leave. Grab Ethan, get his coat on, plonk him in the buggy, push him out the door… ummm.. PUSH HIM OUT THE DOOR. What is this? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE SOD IS THIS? The back righthand wheel is literally hanging off. Oh flipping great. A massive puncture? I suppose that massive bramble that got stuck in the wheel the day before was to blame. That’s it.All that prep and psyching myself up for nothing. Can’t walk there with Ethan, the class would nearly be over by the time we’d get there..

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Mum of One – Davina for Next: Week Three Update

Davina for Next: Week Three Update

Goodness, we are already into the third week of the bloggers “Get fit with Davina for Next” four week challenge and, amazingly, I feel like I am really hitting my stride now.

At the start of the month I was really not sure how much, if at all, my fitness habits would change, but receiving the lovely Davina for Next gear really gave me the incentive to give it a go and now I am actually starting to enjoy it….MOST of the time.

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You’re not from round here. – Stuff the weight loss, I’m having fun.

Stuff the weight loss, I'm having fun.

This week, after a great gym session, I thought to myself, stuff the weight loss, I’m having fun. By that, I mean that I’m having such a good time exercising more regularly that I actually don’t care so much about weight loss. I know I have posted about my weight loss challenge and yes, I would love to lose another stone but I’m enjoying the benefits of exercising so much. I have more energy. I can mess about with the kids and dance around like a crazy fool.

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