06-02-12 Love Health Weekly Showcase

It’s Monday – again!  Once again, I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone, apart from down in the temperature stakes.  It seems to be freezing just about everywhere – even the Cheetah Keeper’s sister has been to school and kept her jumper on, all day!  For the girl who would happily spend the entire year in shorts and t-shirts, this means it’s officially cold.  For those of us with Reynauds Syndrome this time of year is particularly painful and it’s a condition that’s particularly prevalent in women.  It’s not curable but there are a whole load of products and medications out there that can make life so much easier – a visit to theRaynauds & Scleroderma Society website will be able to tell you more.

In the meantime, snuggle up, grab something warming and enjoy another selection of amazing health related blogs.  Be prepared to be informed, moved, inspired and perhaps have a little snigger, then find another showcase and see what’s awaiting you there

See you next week…

Introduction kindly written by Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes.

In A Bundance – I like them on my chest and lump free

I like them on my chest and lump free

It’s come round again. That time of year when women post silly suggestive things as their Facebook status apparently to bewilder poor men and raise awareness of breast cancer.

I did take part the first time round, when you were revealed the colour of your bra (gray, but in a good way), then the second, where you said where your bag was (flung on the kitchen floor and kicked by children).

But now I’ve stopped to have a think and I won’t be doing it again.

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two become four – motivation | inspiration

I’ve created a motivation poster to help inspire me to get my body back to it’s former ‘glory’!

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Romanian mum in London – Guide for living healthy

One of my dear friends – which i will not mention – OK let’s say Miss D. – send me this fantastic list with tips about living healthy. She is the most healthy and fit person i know so read this:

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow ON trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured IN plants..

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A matter of choice – The best thing I ever did

I joined my local Slimming World in 2006. On my first weigh in I was 15st 1.5lb and stunned! I didn’t used to weigh myself, always saying things like “It’s just number, it’s what you look/feel like that matters” and various rubbish like that. So it did come as a bit of a surprise to say the least, I had been expecting 13st something.

Oh well, I thought let’s just give it a shot and see what happens……

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Mum in Meltdown – Tips to help with Energy Levels – M.E Related

Walking up a set of stairs will be like doing the London marathon for me. This is generally Ok when there is someone else in the house as they can go upstairs for anything I need. However, I spend most of my time on my own, my boys are at school during the day and my hubby works shifts!! So along the way I have altered my way of doing things to make my life a little easier.

Top 5 tips on saving your OWN energy:

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Mari’s World – Straightening up Britain – look after your back!

Backs aren’t something we think of very often, it’s a part of our body that is constantly taken for granted, over worked, over stressed and relied upon in so many ways. It’s only when you or someone close has a back problem that you realise just how important your back is. Without it in tip top order, you’ll be flat on your back and in agony, trust me I’ve seen it
Basically it’s all about posture, having good posture and maintaining it. This is a major step in preventing back pain.

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HPMcQ – my fantastic friend louise

2011 was a strange year

lots of not very nice things happened to close friends and to us too

however my friend louise was dealt the worst of all, her attitude and strength has made everything else seem so very unimportant

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – You’re Beautiful – Week 5

You're Beautiful - Week 5

Almost exactly 2 years ago, the Cheetah Keeper’s sister contracted Scarlet Fever. She was really poorly with it and, because she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she lost a huge amount of her muscle strength. By the time we were admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in the August (having done a huge amount of physio and other activity) she was still lacking about 45% of the muscle strength that she should (and now does) have.

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geekmummy – Nits? Nuts!

Nits? Nuts!

The geekdaughter really suffers from what I call the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome. She’s taken to claiming illness as a direct result of something happens that she doesn’t like. So far example if I ask her to tidy up her toys, her immediate reaction is to claim tummy ache, or that her foot hurts, or some other symptom. Consequently I must confess that I don’t take her very seriously whenever she claims any kind of illness.

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Multiple Mummy – Too scared to do a number 2! Advice needed!

I apologise in advance for this post as it is mostly entirely about number 2’s or the fear of doing one! Do not read this if you are eating! I am however after some advice, which is why, I am choosing to discuss it.

So I got a phone call today from pre-school asking if I could pick one of my children up as they were very distressed. My child clearly needed to go for a number 2 and yet was saying that they wanted their own toilet and that it was ‘stuck’…

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  1. […] you haven’t read it yet??? Hop over there now!  Actually, no, read my post first, then click here) I suffer from Reyanuds Syndrome.  It’s really common, especially in women and it means that […]

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