06-02-12 Love Mummy weekly showcase

Snow and Comfort Food!

We are Mum’s, let’s face it. After an exhausting day of crafting, cooking, washing, singing, dancing, taxi-driving, and educating, we need a break. And although that break often comes in the form of wine or gin, there is a desire, no – a requirement for good food. And with the weather the way it has been this week the necessary food is less salad and more stodge.

This is how I was feeling on Friday, and I spent the weekend contemplating food for the soul. GG’s favourite is Macaroni Cheese – preferably with garlic bread, and ideally with peas. Steph at I’m Counting UFO’s is similarly fond of pasta, declaring Spaghetti Bolognese a ‘freakin’ hug on a plate’ and I am not going to argue with that! Extra parmesan for me please!

Mammasaurus lays claim to Nutella on toast, and Keynko likes Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Frosting – on toast!! But I was looking for proper food, recipes to warm the soul as well as the bones. Roast lamb and Milkforpuddings (the Bug’s favourite) or creamy Mushroom Risotto. Crumpets overloaded with salty butter and Apple Cinnamon Crumbles. Mmmmmmmmmm!

A few of you came to my rescue. Mari likes chocolate: lots of it! Her Chocolate Pudding can be made in 3 minutes (I’ll see you in a bit!). If you would like me to disappear for longer, make me some of her Chocolate Custard Cookies: I don’t think I’ll be surfacing for a while!

So that’s Elevenses sorted, but what about real food for the end of a working day? New blogger Cocoa and Figs (Yum!) suggests the age old favourite Chilli, and I will be trying that once the temperature dips and the snowmen are a mere sleety memory. But for now, and in a hurry, I will be sticking to the best recipe for Cheese on Toast I’ve ever come across, and so will the kids 😉

So, cook up your comfort food of choice, sit by the fire, and indulge in some of the best blogs you could ever read. But remember that I am still hungry for info, and this week I will be asking how you deal with sleep – getting enough, insisting on enough, and fitting in that thing that interferes with it! (I still haven’t figured out that!). For now, here is a lady who can see the lighter side of sleep, having been there and made it out!

Introduction kindly written by Helen from Actually Mummy

(Nearly!) Perfect Mother – Going Potty

I am about to start potty training my daughter.

My first attempt at potty training my son drove me to an entire bottle of Merlot and an emergency rollie on night one.

I later heard that a ‘Down-to-business, control-freak mum’ (check) and a ‘Laid-back-chilled-out boy’ (check) are the worst possible combination when it comes to successful potty training.

No shit. (Well, quite).

I was following Gina Forde’s book (regular readers will know I can’t stand the woman, but…

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Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy – Nearly 1

My baby is nearly 1.

Just a few days until her first birthday, this is my letter to my precious princess.

Dear LissyLou

It’s nearly your first birthday, you have changed a lot over the last year from my teeny tiny baby into an amazing and beautiful little girl.

– You can say your own name (I’m still finding that pretty incredible!)

– You can now crawl properly and very quickly (no escaping for me now!)

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mummyplus4 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

My life in numbers.

1 – I passed my driving test 1st time. With only 3 minors.

2 – Age of Madeleine, my baby.

3 – The year Harry is in at school. My eldest is growing up too fast.

4 – Age of Esther, my dynamic second daughter.

5 – The amount of bedrooms in our house.

6 – Age of Abigail, eldest daughter, stubborn and cuddly. I am also the eldest of 6 children.

7 – Nieces and nephews. 5 boys and 2 girls.

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Yellow Days – This week baby I promise…

Right, I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about this week’s promise but I must bite the bullet and get on with it. I’m expecting you lot to hold me to this one, ok?

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apartyofseven – ten on tuesday

ten on tuesday

I noticed the other day that my daughter, who had got a lovely two pack of PJ’s for christmas, wasn’t wearing the second pair. When i asked her why she was schlepping around in old, ill fitting PJ’s when she had sparkly new ones in her drawer. She said to me a bit sheepishly…’well…um…it takes a long time to get them back’

me: puzzled “from where?”

Her: ‘when you wash them it takes such a long time before they are back in my drawer again that i thought i wouldn’t wear them so you won’t wash them’

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expatbabyadventures – snow day

When this got boring the table cloth became a parachute, No I don’t mean LPV was sky diving from the light fittings but the parachutes you get at baby groups. The one’s you spend ricdonkulous amounts of money on only to discover your child hates it and you have to leave early because their screaming and little Tarquin next to him is “very sensitive you know” Tarqy’s Mammy explains.

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too – Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC 26/01/12

Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC 26/01/12

I’ve been feeling more positive this week and whilst there have been somethings that have gotten on top of me emotionally I have not let them get me down for long

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In A Bundance – Hairy McLary to the rescue

Hairy McLary to the rescue

Each time my big boys come back from seeing their dad there is tension, in fact that’s something of an understatement – there is shouty, grumpy, tearful out-of-sortsy tension.

It’s not that anyone does anything wrong or that there is any animosity. In fact it all goes fairly well, as far as these things go.

But the boys, particularly the nine year old, needs considerable decompression before normal service is restored.

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Transatlantic Mom – ABC Gum Addicted Child – Any Suggestions?

ABC Gum Addicted Child - Any Suggestions?

My 4 year old is an ABC gum addict. Yep it’s cringeworthy. I think I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that. If you’re not familiar with the term, it stands for “already been chewed.”

So here’s the thing – we’ve caught him at it several times, but he’s very very sneaky about it so we know he must have done it even more and we just didn’t catch him.

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Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron – Making the Most

Nurses wire me up to a heart monitor and clamp me to an X-ray machine. They suck blood from a vein. They suck blood from an artery. They dress me in a hospital gown and order a curtained bed. I am bored and I am sanguine. Then they talk of blood clots and tumours and possible overnight stays and I start to think panicked of my children.

They hate the one day in the week that I commute to the office because I am not at the school gate to collect them.

What if I am not there, ever?

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My Funny Mummy – Smear

A necessary evil.
Took my piles along to my cervical smear test. We’re getting quite friendly now. They bounced into Greggs and bought me a gingerbread man for being brave. Wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As ever, wasn’t looking forward to it. Having pushed nine pounds of person plus two hundred pounds of gunk out of aforementioned cervix not five months ago, you’d think I would laugh in the face of a one inch wide spatula thingy. Should be like rattling a stick in a bin. It wasn’t.

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Chloe Witters – Expectations (middle of the night witterings)

Expectations (middle of the night witterings)

I have certain expectations of myself. Of things I want to achieve in a day. If a day goes by and I haven’t been able to contribute to one of my two big projects, then I put down the day as a write off.

There are so many things that I want to do, so many plans to bring in a bit of money, and it’s so, so frustrating not to be able to immediately get to work.

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Bibsey – blogging about life after birth – We’ve come a long long way baby ~ Anniversary

We've come a long long way baby ~ Anniversary

This weekend was the official one year anniversary of Bibsey Blog and to celebrate I spent the day on the sofa with the eponymous, and very sick and floppy, Bibsey watching back-to-back Charlie and Lola and keeping the sick bowl in reach and on standby. Poor poor poppet.

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Ar-Blog – There are toys in my bath…

There are toys in my bath...

The road of parenthood is a pretty tough one. It seems from the first five months that it’s a road filled with pot holes and speed bumps, sharp bends and flat tyres, but every so often we are blessed with a smooth ride where we can breathe for a minute or two.

Currently we’re in the breathing phase. We’re on a nice straight road, I know what I’m doing pretty much. However on this little blissful road there is a sharp bend in sight. This sharp bend has the label… ‘Weaning’!

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The Mummy Adventure – ‘To Dinosaur’

My son has a ferocious appetite. . . for milk, for breakfast, for dinner, for kisses and for toys, and it is not just children that make up words. My partner has recently created the verb ‘to dinosaur’ to describe how Dylan growls as he face-dives at whatever it is he is after.

The phrase ‘Dylan is dinosauring’ is most commonly used when he notices someone’s hands. He has a real fascination with hands- more specifically, exploring them with his gums. I have never seen someone more desperate to have something than when he is eyeing up my fingers!

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Yes! We do have a TV! – I Did What No Woman Should Do……

Not a lot of people know this, as it’s quite embarrassing to admit, but just before Christmas I did what no woman should ever do….


This is, of course, asking for trouble at the best of times. I’m sure everyone has given their own fringe a trim as a kid – the results were never good. And come to think of it, none of my Barbie’s looked particularly stylish after I’d given their hair a bit of spruce with a pair of craft scissors. The writing was on the wall, you might say…..

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Knees Up Mother Brown – I don’t like babies!

I don't like babies!

Wow, it actually feels quite liberating to write that down! I don’t like babies, I don’t like babies, I don’t like babies! Now some have you have probably got looks on your faces similar to the look you would have if I’d just admitted I eat baby kittens (I don’t by the way!) I mean, why on earth would somebody who has 2 very young children say such an awful thing right?

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Me He & Them – The Great Debate

Should I stay or should I go? Back to work that is.

I love spending time with Little Miss A but deep down a small part of me has doubted my decision to leave work to become a full time mum. I went back to work full time and fairly full on when Little Miss A was 6 months old; and then up until her second birthday. I loved my job, Little Miss A was happily settled in a lovely nursery that was on my way to work, The Captain and I had a good routine.

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Kamel – Mommy brain

Mommy brain

Slowly I drive backwards, manoeuvring carefully to avoid pre-schoolers at large. The parking lot is small and spilling over. In the rear I pause, needing to change gear for the car and myself. Before I can accelerate I see a car in front of me slowly backing towards me. I wait. The cars pulls further back, and further. Does she not see me? Really? My hands flap around the wheel, should I honk, pull back quickly? But anything could be behind me and before I can decide I feel a thud. We collide, bumper to bumper.

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A Twenty Something Mum – The Queen’s Visit

Joshua is being a proper toddler this last week, I mean we are experiencing tantrum after tantrum. It’s like he’s suddenly realised he can be independant and he doesn’t have to do everything we say. Therefore just because he knows this, he purposely pushes the boundaries. It’s all fun and games to him. To me? Well…

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Romanian mum in London – What being fat means for me

Well I now know and I’m not longer denying, I know now that I’m a fat person. So I’m going to share with you what being fat means for me:
– that I cannot wear the clothes I wish I could-skinny jeans,short tops you name it! Whatever I wear I feel uncomfortable wearing!
– I hate my own reflection! I hate looking in the mirror because all I can see is this round thing I don’t know anymore!
– I hate that I can’t wear heals anymore! Weigh too much and can’t walk properly!

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The Diary of a Lagos Mum – Hurt My Child And Deal With Me!

There are (identical) twin boys in playgroup – about four or five years old. They are a *real* handful and it must be very difficult for their mum to manage them, which is why I was reluctant to write this post. I didn’t want to judge. You know – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, not knowing their circumstances, etc.

BUT… I have to.

Those two boys are a complete and utter nightmare!

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My Rusty Halos – Its the little things

I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to make a person happy simply by having their favourite jammies washed and dried for them to wear.

We were at Grandma and Granda’s house and Rapunzel was refusing to put her jumper on as it meant covering up her new tshirt. I could see a full blown tantrum coming on and thought to myself, “What can I do to talk her in to wearing this jumper?”…….

…..What strange things have you used to bribe your child and what strange things have you had to bribe them away from?

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MotherWifeMe – Home Alone – husband neglect from an introverted wife

Home Alone - husband neglect from an introverted wife

Since I decided to break my blog up into Mother, Wife, Me sections, it has dawned on me that the Wife section has to date been a little neglected. Oh the irony!

It is a simple truth that once the little people start arriving in your life, your relationship with your significant other can easily take a back seat. For instance, I do love a cuddle and a snuggle on the sofa, I am a very tactile person. But…

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A matter of choice – Now you are one

I don’t know where that little baby (you were never tiny being born weighing 9lb 9oz) went, you were born with a mop of dark hair which disappeared as you rubbed your head on the cot every night, in fact I used to have to hold your little hands onto your chest to stop you fussing with your head.

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Little Red Farm – DIY Toddler Workbench

DIY Toddler Workbench

Toddlers love tools but it can be frustrating for them if they don’t yet have the dexterity to use them in a fulfilling way. So enter the ‘Toddler DIY Workbench’. This activity is quick to put together, free and absolutely perfect for toddlers.

The workbench has 3 activity ‘sections’ including:

Screwing in screws
Cutting using a saw

Find out how to make one yourself and I promise your toddler will love it.

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Nearly Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Smile

If you can be happy and make other people happy, you’re doing pretty well. As you become an adult, then parent, it becomes a very intricate balancing act taking all sorts of factors into play to achieve such an end. What I’m learning is you don’t have to have it nailed completely-not all the time. Life evolves, what is important one day is not the next. But that’s the great thing about special people. They don’t change. My baby will be my baby in 50 years time and as cherished then as she is now-just a lot bigger.

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Discontented Mother – #dosomethingyummy what my children mean to me

I’m writing this post to support this great cause http://www.yummymummy.org.uk

I’ve chosen the personal post prompt-Why did you have children? How have they changed your life?

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Housegoeshome – Living Small, Stressing Large

Living Small, Stressing Large

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mum, I never thought much about the first day back at school (other than “Thank god, my childcare bills will no longer hover around the $700-a-week mark.”). Husband usually took the Sprogs while I drove to work. When I came home, the Sprogs would tell me all their news: who their teacher was, who their classmates were. It was nice. Yesterday wasn’t nice. Yesterday was STRESSFUL.

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Mummy’s Little Stars – Which Little Miss is your little one?

Which Little Miss is your little one?

Will you please just stop talking?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter.

I am just telling it like it is. There is no getting away from it, my daughter is chatty. She talks to the cats, to her toys, to her brother, and to any adult that will listen.

Sometimes I catch that look on the adult’s faces when she is talking to them.

It’s usually a mixture of sheer amazement that a six year old is chatting to them like this, coupled with a mild glazed look.

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Tricky Customer – If you meet Samuel

If you meet Samuel

If you were to meet Samuel, I’d ask just a few things of you.

Whether he is sleeping, awake, or even on his food pump, come over to him and hold his hand. Samuel is good at holding hands. Stroke his hands and look at his beautiful little fingers.

Look into his big beautiful blue eyes and if he’s having a snooze, look at his beautiful long dark eyelashes.

Stroke his hair and feel how soft it is and see what a lovely blonde colour it is.

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Mari’s World – Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival where twin parents across the blogosphere write their notes on what being a twin parent means to them. They share experience, thoughts and posts that make you recognise you’re not the only one going through this manic double trouble minefield.
Ever wondered what it’s like? Head over and read some of the fabulous posts lined up this month and leave a comment – make a twin mum’s day 🙂

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The Crumby Mummy – To B Or Not To B?

I persevered. Wanting to give Molly the best start in life. Luckily I had a very sympathetic husband, who had first hand experience of how painful breast feeding could be. One day, when he was carrying Molly, without his shirt on, she took him by surprise and latched on! Michael nearly hit the roof!

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Mammasaurus – *Coo Eee* The Cybher Meet and Greet *waves like a nutter*

*Coo Eee* The Cybher Meet and Greet *waves like a nutter*

Five things you should know about me…

1. I have eight children and the boobicles and vajaja of an 80 year old woman because of this.

2. I have a basset hound, he looks permanently fed up and I am secretly jealous that he can get away with looking fucked off without anyone asking him why.

3. I am a bit of a muso and sometimes I wish I had a beard I could stroke whilst telling people what I think of bands.

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From Slummy to Yummy Mummy – My name is Slummy Mummy and I’m an internet addict: the tale of a mousewife

My name is Slummy Mummy and I’m an internet addict: the tale of a mousewife

How can you tell if you’re an internet addict? Is it by the amount of time you spend on the internet, or is it ok if you’re using it for work? Is it by the number of times you hit the refresh button, or is it a more physical measurement – does the tidiness of your house fall in direct relationship to your increasing number of clicks? Whichever way you look at it, I think the advent of social media specifically, and the internet in general, play a major role in making me the slummy mummy that I am.

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Tired Mummy of Two – 999 Wheres the emergency

I am sure some of you have been there, you walk into the room to find your child on the phone, not the pretend one, the real one and for a short second you think, Shit who has she phoned now.
What you dont want to happen is the following…

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I Want My Mummy – *sob*


A whole year ago, last night I was calmly sat on the sofa contracting every seven minutes and eating chocolate buttons in between.
This year I sat in the same place on the same sofa and wrote my babys first birthday card…

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HPMcQ – 2 more days to go

so here i am sitting having dinner by myself at my hotel willing the hours to go by. i’ve only got 2 more days to go, but it still seems so so far away and totally out of my reach. it’s been a good trip so far. today was good as we had a little bit of free time so we went to the market and i bought stupid amounts of ribbon and twine. close of 200m of the stuff actually.

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Mumofthreeboys – 9 yr old writes about his audition

My son wrote the following this afternoon after coming home from his audition in London.
I do encourage him to write accounts of his favourite days and his feelings, I bought him a diary to write everything down. Today he asked me to publish this:

My audition

At first I was nervous, so much so that my knee’s were shaking, even though I couldn’t feel them because it was so cold outside. Bbbrrrrrrr.

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In Dream World – Turning Into Your Parents

I used to laugh when my mum got my name mixed up with those of my brothers and sisters and used to go through the entire family before eventually getting it right and landing on my name.

Even now, she’s still known to call me ‘JaTraWendy’. She gets there in the end.

However, I shouldn’t laugh, as I caught myself doing the exact same thing this morning. I don’t know if it’s a sign of going old, getting senile or just generally being a mum that does weird things to your brain, but it was a horrible light bulb….

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leopardprintmommy.blogspot.com – harrys birth story

harrys birth story

I thought it was pretty fitting after watching one born every minute last night that I write down Harry’s birth.I will start with my due date of the 6th of march (my partner Gareth’s 21st birthday) and all was fine, no signs of the dude.

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Mummy Cool – The Prom Diaries, Part 3

The Prom Diaries, Part 3

The Prom is five months away … FIVE whole months away. But Teen Twin2 is already having a big what-to-wear panic only matched by my how-to-pay-for-what-she-wants-to-wear panic.

She’s already been on lengthy shopping trips and tried on several (hundred) dresses. I can only be thankful that she is so hard to please that she has yet to find THE dress. There’s been nearly dresses and some nearly-there dresses but they’re either not sequinned enough or sparkly enough or have the right amount of ‘zhush’ in the skirt……

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – Defining moments of my day

Defining moments of my day

Overheard from the bathroom just now:
Ethan “there’s poo on my towel, Daddy!”
Daddy “Is there? Where? I can see a pea…”
Ethan “Yes, the pea is from my bum bum, Daddy”
Daddy “How did it get there?”
Ethan “I threw it out of the bath, my poo poo… I threw it” “There is poo poo floating in the bath”
Daddy “Oh. Oh yes. Oh There is loads of it!”

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – Pleeeeeeeeeeeease can we go outside???

By 7.30am yesterday morning she was begging to go outside – to the zoo, to the park, to feed the ducks – anything. Yesterday was extremely cold. Having spent most of the last week doing so, the Cheetah Keeper was more than happy to remain curled up on my lap watching the television. We had to go out – the poor girl was desperate for some fresh air. So we did.

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Purplemum – Toys.


I have a five year old, a three year old, and a nine month old. I also have an infestation of toys. My house looks like a toy shop overflowed into it. We have four different types of building toys (Duplo, Mechano, Sticklebricks and Lego)

We have train sets, garages, and cars. We have hot wheels, happy land,remote control toys and a toy kitchen. We have dino land, and a whole host of bigger vehicles lining up in their room. Add to this jigsaws, games, craft stuff, games consoles, a marble run and a garden full of garden toys.

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An Essex Wife – The Land Of Make-Believe

As an only child I could play alone for hours quite happily in a land of make believe growing up. Now as an adult I find that I can amuse my self quite easily with just the thoughts in my head. I can sit for hours people watching and making up back stories for their lives and tales of what they are up to.

Bearing this in mind I’m not sure why I was so surprised at the wonderfully vivid imagination my little lady has. It’s brilliant! Everyday she has a new game or activity to play either with me

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moors-mummy – i LoVe….#3

i LoVe....#3

My third posting for ‘i LoVe’ is something very special to me.

It is something I don’t talk about or share with many people.

It means the world to me.

It shows me how lucky I am (we are) to have Beanie.

Beanie was our special baby, born at 33 weeks, 9 days before Christmas.

He wasn’t supposed to be with us.

He surprised us all.

It was a very cold, grey December.

He was sick, very sick,
and had things done to him
that you wouldn’t wish upon any child,
let alone a tiny, 4lb one!

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geekmummy – Expanding Vocabulary

Expanding Vocabulary

The geekson is 20 months old, and now that he’s got that walking thing completely sussed, he is making big leaps in his speech. The geekson’s speech seems to be developing slower than I remember the geekdaughter’s doing, but it is equally as wonderful to watch. I’m determined this time around to keep track of his progress, as I never really did that the first time around. So, in order to preserve it, I present you with the words the geekson currently knows…

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Single Mummy; One In A Million – Jacks top 5 iPod apps

For Christmas I gave in and brought Jack his own iPod touch. He loves it! At 3 he knows how to turn it on, play games and listen to music! He knows how to turn the volume up himself and also how to lock it when he has finished! He knows more than I do!!

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WAHM-BAM! – Stopping breastfeeding a two-year-old

Stopping breastfeeding a two-year-old

After two years and four months of breastfeeding LaLa (and two years three months of breastfeeding her sister before that, with a gap of a few months in between), it is time to throw the towel in. Her sister gave up of her own accord, but there are no signs that LaLa is going to, so I am taking the bull by the horns…

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Babes about Town – The Day My Baby was Born

What I recall seems random: watching some movie on my laptop, while the first wave of induced contractions kicked in. The midwife telling me to ‘walk around more’ to get things going, because I didn’t seem to be ‘in enough agony’ yet to be transferred to the delivery ward.
The shock of water breaking, ruining my husband’s slippers. OH sucking on the gas and air while I watched Ezra’s heartbeat zig and zag on the monitor.

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The Mummy Diary – A little book that made me smile

A little book that made me smile

After suffering with PND with my son I loved reading this little book, it gave me great ideas of things to do with my babies and some fabulous quotes made me smile.

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Yellow Days – So nice to meet you *attemps to curtsy*

So nice to meet you *attemps to curtsy*

Name: Cat

Blog: Yellow Days and occasionally Political Mummy. I also introduce the Love All Blogs Politics Showcase.

Twitter ID: @catparrott

Height: A pathetic 5’1”

Hair: Sort of shortish, blondish

5 Things you should know about me:

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BargainMummyBuys – When to save and when to splurge….

Sometimes I think my desire to find bargain items actually stems from the thrill of the chase, rather than the actual need to save money. Having said that, there is nothing more annoying that feeling you have either paid too much for an item, or bought something unnecessarily. I’m much more careful about that than I used to be. In fact I never pay full price for anything if I can help it

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Trouble Doubled – The twins – 12 months old

The twins - 12 months old

My gorgeous twin girls are now one year old. I can’t believe how quickly the last 12 months have gone, but they are babies no more. We aren’t doing very much to celebrate. We are having some family round, and we’ll get a take away, and have a cake – with two candles on it of course – but nothing more.

So how are they doing at the moment?

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Little Lilypad Co – Things you wish someone had told you

There are lots of things you find out as you get older, the things you wish someone had told you as a teenager, so here are my top 10.

1. The most popular girl in school isnt always the happiest. Be happy being you.

2. Boys arent made the same way as girls. They think differently. You cant change them, so find the one that makes you laugh and when he frustrates you – laugh about it.

3. Chewing gum on clothes can be frozen off in the freezer. It doesnt come out of hair!

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Actually Mummy… – Inspired by Money

Inspired by Money

Once again I find myself sneaking back to Dear Beautiful Boy’s linky about pictures which inspire us. I have been searching for inspiration this week. We are looking for a name for Mummy’s business website, something snappy but classy; but time and again we are drawn to the real motivation behind this flurry of internet searching.

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Really Rachel – The Talk

The Talk

At what age did or do you plan on having the big talk with your children? Will you wait for school or will you take the initiative once your child shows an interest and you believe they are old enough to learn? Are you worried about what they might hear when they’re in the playground? Will you tell them when they’re still in primary school or wait until they start secondary school? My son heard shocking things in the playground so this is why I began to talk to him and the book I used to help

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Really Rachel – You’re STILL Breastfeeding???

You're STILL Breastfeeding???

When you tell people you’re still breastfeeding after the baby’s 1st birthday or 2nd, people are shocked and assume they will be when they start school!!! I am PROUD to still be breastfeeding my 2yr old and I get constant advice that I should wean her, that she doesn’t need it anymore and I’m only doing it because I get the comfort of breastfeeding her (whoever said that has obviously never tried breastfeeding a toddler!) but what about the health benefits for both of us? Why should she be forced to wean her before she is ready?

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A Mummy Too – What my children mean to me

What my children mean to me

As part of a campaign to promote children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent – and Yummy Mummy Week (10th to 18th March 2012) – Nickie has asked, “What do your children mean to you?” and “How have they changed your life?”
My children are my proudest achievements. They’re the reason I’ve smiled more in the last four years than I smiled in the full 25 years before that.
They’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. They’re proof that I can at least do two things right.

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Hello Wall…. – Recipe for a Bad Day

Recipe for a Bad Day


1lb heavier than yesterday.
Dog eating own poo.
Potty training child sitting on lap and leaving large splodge of poo on clean jeans.
Trapping finger in door.
Falling down the stairs with armful of washing.
Dog digging in muddy garden then running through newly hoovered lounge.
Being on hold with the tax office for 20 mins. Given different number to ring.

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AKAMUMA – My birth story

My birth story

Now I could start to push.

When the head started to crown the midwife kept telling my boyfriend to go round and have a look. I found this to be highly irritating and I kept thinking,

“Keep your eyes on the prize people! We can all have a look after. I’M KINDA DOING SOMETHING AT THE MINUTE!”

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the gingerbread house – Help! My buggy board bites

Help! My buggy board bites

I’m at war with my pram. I don’t understand it. It was expensive and the ‘must have’ accessory where we live but it’s by no means ideal.

At one point late last year we had 6 prams stuffed in every corner of the house and sheds (yes sheds, our house is overflowing!).

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Multiple Mummy – The ease to conceive?

I still remember the exact moment we decided that we were officially going to try for a baby. It was my God son’s christening in May and we were travelling home from the event. We were talking about how broody we were and that yes we would definitely start thinking about a family at Christmas. All of a sudden my husband pulls the car over to the side of the road…

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2 comments on “06-02-12 Love Mummy weekly showcase

  1. actuallymummy says:

    Eek! Forgot the link for the Cheese on Toast recipe! Here it is:

  2. oh how i would love some chocolate now! but on a diet so will have to be happy with some yogurt instead 🙂 Lovely intro by the way!

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