06-02-12 Love Music Weekly SHowcase

Do you get criticised for the music you listen? Well I am criticised sometimes! I’m not angry . At most I’m actually annoyed! You see sometimes we put our iPhones/iPods on to listen music at work. I have quite a lot of music on my iPhone. I’m a person that can’t live without her music but I’m not snob about it either. I like many kinds of music and I’m sure I told you about it before It all depends on my mood. I listen to a particular kind of music because something attracted me in that tune.

Some of my colleagues however are very particular. If a song is sad one of the girls will comment that she will slash her wrists if I’m not changing the song or if is a Romanian song they comment about how bad the tune is and they say I should just change it. I should probably not get annoyed but sometimes I do. So today…at work…after listening to her complaining I just said – ok then let’s listen to your music and I turn off my music. In the end they begged for the music to come on again as I have the best music in the office. Hahaha but was I overboard? When people criticise my music is like criticising me as a person. You understand what I mean? Like they are criticising my taste in music and so on….Is it wrong for me to get upset you think? I would love to hear your opinion about this so feel free to leave a comment.

I’m looking forward to read your posts this week ah..and thank you Seasider in The City for your MP3 Shuffle idea. It was really interesting to see what music the blogging world is listening to.
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Here is for another week of Music!!!

Introduction kindly written by Romanian Mum.

Yellow Days – What’s on your MP3?

You’ve probably seen lots of people posting the 5 songs that come up when they shuffle their iPod. After seeing Motherventing had come up with 5 groups I’d never even heard of I was feeling pretty old and out of touch. I fear my iPod is likely to confirm this but here goes:

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I Can’t Brain Today; I Have the Dumb – Gigantour 2012

Gigantour 2012

We’re kicking off my new feature – Music Monday – with a review of last night’s Gigantour concert in Lowell, MA.
My oldest son (JP, he’s 16) won tickets from a local radio station this past Friday for the show and he asked me to go with him. Not surprising since it’s my fault he’s turned into a sullen, long-haired metal-head.

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musodad – Learning to Uke – Re-released with exclusive live track

I confess, I haven’t really been keeping up with my uke playing. However, I wanted to re-release this blog post as an exclusive to readers of Love Music Blogs to show you what could have been (one day I might be known as the ‘Pete Best’ of ukulele players).

So, please sit back, re-read my original ‘Learning to Uke’ blog post, and then enjoy yours truly performing ‘Jolene’ at his final ukulele lesson. You have a 2 in 6 chance of guessing which one is me in the video.

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HPMcQ – what’s on your mp3?

seaside in the city has in her own words shamelessly stolen this from the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1. but like she says it’s a bit of silliness and that i like, so therefore i will join in, it is friday so what the heck!

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – MP3 Shuffle

I was hanging around on Love All Blogs this morning whilst blogging myself when a blogger I’d not met before asked in the live chat whether anyone fancied taking part in a quick meme. I thought, why not! I’ve already posted today, but this one sounds like fun. Seasider In The City heard about this on the Radio One breakfast show this morning. It’s a simple concept but surprisingly… surprising! All you need to do is grab your mp3 player, stick it on shuffle and then tell everyone what you got! I don’t know about you..

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One comment on “06-02-12 Love Music Weekly SHowcase

  1. musodad says:

    Great intro once again, my dear. I’m totally with you regarding criticising people on their music taste. Everyone is different and if we all liked the same music the World would be a very boring place. I’m not too fond of Scouting for Girls (okay, I admit, one of their songs is quite catchy) but if people like them then it’s up to them. There must be something about them or they wouldn’t be so successful. They obviously mean a lot to a lot of people. ‘Cause of that, I’d never criticise someone else’s taste in music. Ps would love to hear some of your Romanian music – please can you send me some recommendations.

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