06-02-12 Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase

Love is….

I know I’m a week early, but I really wanted to be the first to shamelessly capitalize on the Valentine’s Day hype.   Now before you all start frenzied ordering of exquisite flowers, decadent chocolates and heart shaped helium balloons with naked cupids dancing awkwardly on them…. I want you to know that what I really want for Valentine’s Day is something that is free.  Yes, free.  And no, this is not the misplaced intro to the new Love Sex and Erotica category (which you should definitely check out!).   What I really want… is love.   Comment luuurv.   It’s what all bloggers want, isn’t it?  You pour your heart and soul into your blog and all you really want in return, other than a $23 billion dollar exclusive book contract, is to know that someone has read your blog.  And loves it.   Loves it enough to leave a thoughtful comment.   John Lennon, you were totally right… “all you need is LOVE!”
So if you read a blog that you love, in honour of Valentine’s Day, please sprinkle a little comment love… and live forever in their bloggy hearts.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Love New Blogs,
Is ready for you!
PLEASE LOOK!  ->Mummy from the Heart is hosting a New Bloggers Fortnight starting today, it’ll be packed of super information and tips for newer bloggers so be sure to pop over and get yourself some great advice.

Introduction kindly written by Misha from The Bling Buoy

Brand new! 0-2 months

From Slummy to Yummy Mummy – Counting down the hours

Counting down the hours

It’s only been 48 hours but I’ve been driven demented already. I’m at my wits end and counting down the hours. What on earth have I done to deserve this?

“What is the problem?” you wonder. It’s not the children (this time), who are being very well behaved just now. It’s not the state of the house (though perhaps that’s not helping. If a burglar was to break in today he’d simply turn around and walk back out, assuming that my house had already been burgled before he got there). The problem today is…

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Snoo & Me – Normal


Normal is such a strong word.
So many people claim themselves to be ‘not normal’ you can buy t-shirts proclaiming it. I know too many people who would describe themselves as ‘a bit random’. Well done you.

So what about when someone else says you’re ‘not normal’ or that something about you, perhaps something you’ve said, something you think, the way you behave is ‘not normal’. To many being Normal is shorthand for dull, mediocre, run of the mill. I have no fear of being any of these things.
Normal, in my opinion, is underrated.

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3-6 months

Me He & Them – Are Our Children Happy?

A recent UN study (from an article read in The Week magasine) found that British children are at the bottom of a well-being league table! It identified that parents in Britain have less time to spend with their children, and find it hard to stop themselves from buying everything they see in the shops. Parents want to make sure their children are happy and think that one way of doing it is to buy what their little friends have and make sure they don’t fall behind their peers on the consumer good front.

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MotherWifeMe – Space monster attacks husband

Space monster attacks husband

I don’t think I am in my husband’s good books. In fact I know I’m not. Why? Well, I asked him to join me in taking the Tinkerous Toddler to her first ever dance class. I promised him faithfully that he wouldn’t have to join in. Then, 20 minutes later, I watched as the lively dance mistress ticked him off for sitting on the sidelines and literally threw him headlong into the throng of mums and toddlers writhing around the room pretending to be space monsters.

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Nearly Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Separation

Imagine your child can’t be with you. Imagine leaving your child, having to say goodbye and walk out the door. It’s hard isn’t it? I’m not talking to go to work, to have a haircut, to have five minutes peace, but walk off for the night and not return until the morning leaving a vulnerable child.
Because leaving your child at bedtime and not coming back is, well I can’t find words for it.
Guilt inducing.
Never have you feared silence so much, never have you so keenly felt the emptiness of your arms.

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A Mummy Too – What my children mean to me

What my children mean to me

As part of a campaign to promote children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent – and Yummy Mummy Week (10th to 18th March 2012) – Nickie has asked, “What do your children mean to you?” and “How have they changed your life?”
My children are my proudest achievements. They’re the reason I’ve smiled more in the last four years than I smiled in the full 25 years before that.
They’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. They’re proof that I can at least do two things right.

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7-12 months

Yellow Days – Speak up and Speak out

Did you know that even in the 21st Century in the UK over 50% of British Muslims have experienced a direct verbal attack? And of course this isn’t just an issue for different ethnic groups. Did you know that according to Mencap 90% of people with a learning disability have endured verbal or physical harassment or that only 7% of teachers respond if they hear homophobic language? We’re being asked to remember that these words can be powerful but so can ours.

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DorkyMum – The Lost Art of Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Look at this. I got a letter the other day. A proper, handwritten letter – bursting with news – that someone had taken the time to sit down and write, put a stamp on, and take to a postbox. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? And isn’t it sad that it’s such a novelty to get one these days?

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House With No Name – The tooth fairy

The tooth fairy

Looking back, I got off lightly in the tooth fairy stakes. I paid a Scrooge-like 50p for my daughter’s baby teeth and when it came to my son I didn’t pay a penny. Why? Because in his down-to-earth and logical way he announced at the age of five that he didn’t believe in the tooth fairy at all. “It doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “How can a fairy arrive in the middle of the night and leave money under your pillow? How do they know I’ve lost a tooth?”

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Mammasaurus – Gin Monster W?W

Gin Monster W?W

I have a confession to make… Last night at 10pm it dawned on me – What?Wednesday! I had forgotten all about it. Bad Mammasaurus – BAD! So with no little people around to help me and armed with nothing but a bit of odd card and a roll of sellotape and what I had immediately to hand I got busy. Jiggy with the craft. And behold! The masterpiece that I shall be placing in Southampton City Centre this morning…

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I Want My Mummy – Love And Hate

I fall in and out of love with night, over and over until I’m spinning in circles.
Love is because I am the only person in the world. Surrounded by darkness and silence I’m free to think, to exist, by myself.
Hate is because I am the only person in the world. Surrounded by darkness and silence I am alone, unreachable and untouchable…

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HPMcQ – am i always going in the opposite direction?

so here i am, my first day in delhi out of 6. it’s a familiar place for me. i have been travelling to delhi, twice or trice a year for around 10 years now. much has changed over the years and the city has grown at a rather ridiculous pace and it is very different to the early days of my travelling experiences. i love it and hate it. the mix had always been slightly heavier weighted toward the love of it but in recent years that has been changing to more to hatred of it each time i return.

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An Essex Wife – The Power Of Social Media – A lot can come from one little tweet………

A lot can come from one little tweet………

Tuesday Aug 30th 15.03

“@AnEssexWife: Is 27 too old for a change of direction? Could I get internships at my age? Just wondering out loud – but any feedback would be great?”

One little tweet, just putting my current thought into 140 characters, who knew anyone would read it let alone be interested in helping me??
I had an overwhelming response, people telling me to go follow my dreams and that 27 was no age at all. r

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Margot and Barbara – Odd Food Favourites and a Bit of Nostalgia…

Recently, I’ve been a bit off my food. I know, it’s clearly a first world kind of problem and I am very grateful that I have a fully stocked fridge. It’s just that I’ve spent the past few days unable to taste a bloody thing because of a rotten head cold and so unless I’ve had a really growling tummy, I’ve just not eaten with the same greed as usual! This is probably A Good Thing, but it’s making me a bit miserable.

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Actually Mummy… – Versatile 7×7’s

Now, I am very bad at responding to tags, and these people will confirm that for you as they all gave me either the Leibster or the Versatile Blogger award about a million years ago. So I’m going to include them all here and give them the link I should have given way back then. And tag them back 😉 So, 7 bloggers I love (and a few more):

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