06-02-12 Love Politics weekly showcase

After a stonking week for the Showcase last week I’ve been a bit disheartened by politics this week. Silly Chris Hunhe and his speeding fine, a hoo haa about wind farms, more moaning about banks but no action, another professional body objecting to the NHS bill but no real chance of changing it and the PM forgetting they turned down Plymouth’s application for an enterprise zone. This is not exactly the stuff energetic debate is made of, is it? Is it any wonder people are often bored by politics?

This has made me wonder what it is that keeps me interested in politics during weeks like this. I think it’s the potential for these little things to throw up something huge when you least expect it. Some tiny detail suddenly turns it into the issue of the moment. That’s what keeps me tuning in even during a week like this. Well, I wouldn’t want to miss anything!

Have a look through all our submissions and don’t forget if you’ve written anything political you can link it up for next week’s showcase via the Join In button above. We’d love to have you.

Introduction kindly written by Cat from Political Mummy and Yellow Days.

In A Bundance – Scotland: my creeping unease in the country I call home

Scotland: my creeping unease in the country I call home

Scotland I love, I was at school and university here and never really left. But it wasn’t apathy, I went away and chose to come back again, more than once. And even the other place I would think of as home is only the nearest county over the Border.

I have always felt at home here, well, almost always. There were the times when someone would say “oh, you’re English” with that combination of disdain and pity.

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Grenglish – The day Sarah Brown mentioned me on Twitter

The day Sarah Brown mentioned me on Twitter

My husband is a financial journalist. He writes about business, he writes about the economy and sometimes, when it is a slow news day, he gets to help out on the sports desk and cover sporting events too. Mainly football matches. On Saturday afternoons. When his team are playing. Funny that…

I think it is a pretty cool job, although it does take him away from home from time to time.

This week, he was assigned to be at The World Economic Forum in Davos, while I took on the solo parenting gig at home.

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You’re not from round here. – Would you like to be a student?

So, would you like to be a student?

Yesterday it was announced that University applications have fallen by a reported 9%. This is pretty unsurprising. Applications from mature students has fallen more dramatically. In the age group that I was when I applied last year (25-29), it has fallen by 21%. This figure rises to nearly 28% for applicants who are over 40.

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