06-02-12 Love Pregnancy Weekly Showcase

Hello y’all – it’s me! No I’m not pregnant don’t get excited but as a mother of eight I think I am probably qualified enough in the ways of pregnancy to be writing this quick intro 😉
Pregnancies vary from woman to woman and baby to baby. Some women find themselves retching into the loo for weeks on end and others saunter on through ‘blooming’ and generally annoying those who are aching and vomming their days away. However rough or smooth the pregnancy goes though there’s one thing that unites us all in the end – becoming mothers!
Nothing quite prepares you for childbirth or your feelings when you first see your baby – it really is a scary and magical time.
So sit back, grab a cuppa and have a read of some pregnancy posts, whether you are pregnant or a parent of a teenager chances are you may well relate to one of these…

Introduction written by  Mammasaurus

Blog by Baby – Two Years Ago Today

Two Years Ago Today

The midwife looked at me with a worried look on her face, she asked my reasoning by using the exact words ‘Why the hell not?’. I explained how I was in no hurry to give birth. Now this is the same midwife who has told me off a few months previously for wearing my 5 inch heels…I was working in an office, and I had driven to my appointment, it wasn’t like I had been walking for any more than 20 metres maximum. I had left the appointment feeling like an embarrassed child, and made a mental note…

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My Rusty Halos – Sitting on the dock of the bay

… watching the tide roll away

I used to sit at the harbour mesmerised by the sea. What ever mood I arrived there in would be overcome by an excited feeling as I watched the waves woosh over each other. I would walk away knowing deep inside that whatever life threw at me I would keep going. I’m now sat in the doctor’s waiting room, watching the various sizes of bumps, new born babies and toddlers with a similar excited feeling…..

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A matter of choice – A perfect pregnancy?

Perfect pregnancy or good old rose tinted glasses?

I feel I was very lucky with my pregnancy compared to so many people I had such an easy time, I was never actually sick just felt a bit queasy for a few weeks the main downfall of that is now the smell of ginger ale makes me feel sick! I had no dramas at all and it generally went very well.

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