06-02-12 Love Relationships Weekly Showcase

So we are now in February which makes me happy me several reasons. Firstly it means there is only a few weeks left of Winter. I am not cut out for temperatures of -8!

Secondly it is the month of Shrove Tuesday, I know you can eat pancakes any day of the year but it just doesn’t feel the same.
And thirdly it is the month of Valentines Day. I know people have mixed opinions about it and I completely agree that it is a bit of a money-making ploy but it’s also fun and you don’t have to spend any money. It’s just a nice excuse to make an extra effort to show your OH’s how much you love them. I think I am going to do something extra corny this year like make an entire meal out of heart shaped things and I might even cook it naked!
So how about you, do you do anything on Valentines Day?!

Introduction kindly written by Jessica from  Mum2BabyInsomniac and  The Perfect Romance Experiment.

Romanian mum in London – Love and marriage

24 years old , Bucharest, single and working in HR. My life was split between work and going out. My only worry was my next outfit for the next day or what i should wear that night for not going out! I always had this complex about looking fat! Well I have always been a bit rounder than any of my friends or sister, but now i realise that I was looking quite good then. Talks me now that weighs 20 kg more than then… I know I know that this is after a pregnancy and all but still…

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Evolution Of Insanity – The 1st Anniversary

The 1st Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary since I started going out with my girlfriend, Fiona. Quite the landmark moment in my eyes as it’s the longest I’ve been going out with someone for about a decade. The past ten years have been mainly spent whoring my way through Chesterfield and Sheffield. I met Fiona quite a few years ago as she used to go out with one of my best mates Will.

The two didn’t work out as Will ended up dumping her in front of us lot, he’s not very good when it comes to women obviously

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Personal Facts – How To Stop Your Girlfriend From Making You Watch Jersey Shore

How To Stop Your Girlfriend From Making You Watch Jersey Shore

If you are tired of referring to Thursday as Jersday, then my step by step guide will help committed men who are forced to watch Jersey Shore with their girlfriends never be forced to watch the reality show atrocity again. No one should ever be forced to watch something they don’t want to watch…let alone anything with Snooki in it.

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The Accidental Mogul – Always the bridesmaid…

Always the bridesmaid...

Always the bridesmaid…and never the bride… That’s how the saying goes. Truth be known, I really don’t know why, after seven years and three beautiful children the better half and I are still not married…….

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Misterdoctorbeckymark2 – my dad & other things

So my dad has come over from Germany! I picked him up Tuesday afternoon from gatwick. First thing that was interesting was he actually commended me on my driving. I was quite prepared to hear some derogatory remark about it. When we arrived back home it was also nice to see that he seemed to behave differently from as I remember? Probably has something to do with the fact that he is at our place rather than at his home & the grandchildren usually make the grandparents act slightly differently anyways.

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Yellow Days – What’s stopping me murdering my husband?

Husbands, hey? They can be infuriating. Mine is undeniably in the better than average area of the spouse spectrum but even so I occasionally harbour fantasies of drugging him and leaving him bound and gagged on an army ammunition testing range or volunteering him to work in a Chilean mine. That’s pretty normal, right? These occasions include, but are not limited to:

■When every week he refuses to take the first full bin bag out mid week and just keeps squishing everything in even though it clearly WILL NOT LAST UNTIL BIN DAY!

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Snoo & Me – Weakness


Despite it all. Despite what it became. Despite the fear.
I remember that I loved you. We created a child together. Sometimes I cannot escape that without you I would not have her.
That’s when it hurts the most.
In all this time, I have learnt to say, to think “My Daughter”.
“Our Daughter” are not words I allow myself to consider.

She is mine now, you have made your choice. But sometimes, the knowledge that you are out there somewhere still, pierces me, sickens me. We could have had everything. We were happy for a while.

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