06-02-12 Love Special Needs Weekly Showcase

Last week the spring flowers were all blooming in the sunshine here in Dublin.  This week, they’re drooping in the frost, and so are we.  The cold weather does not work well for aspie boy and Smiley.  My son refuses to wear jumpers or hoodies as they do not pass the ‘comfy’ test,  and Smiley just gets cold really easily as she sits in her wheelchair.

It was a chilly week in other ways for the special needs community, as savage cuts were made to disability payments in the UK despite herculean efforts by those affected, and blogs such as Aspie in the Family and Rainbow Over The Wall  described the fearful future facing many families.  Then yesterday the very existence of autism was denied in a national newspaper here in Ireland  and bloggers are just starting to respond.  We fear that this will lead to similar cuts here.   

But I’m posting up an old but positive post this week as I’ve hit a patch of writer’s block.  Hopefully it’s just me…’

by Blue Sky

Introduction kindly written by Looking For Blue Sky.

The Bright Side of LIfe – Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!

For those of us who want to create awareness of our children with special needs, the internet makes it incredibly easy. Whenever I write a new post, I have in mind the *young mothers*. The mothers who haven’t been on this journey for very long. I want them to be aware that life gets better! YES, there is still the odd blue day, however, post a simple sentence on facebook and have your day brightened by the support that is shown.

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The life and times of Team Kitchen – I would not change a thing…

“you know you are a special needs mum when you would not want to change your child for the world, but want often to change the world for your child.”

This is a phrase that is circulating currently on social media networks and it is mostly true. I would probably change a few little things if I am honest – things like getting more than the odd poo in a potty, that I could take away his neck ataxia so his talking was clearer and maybe if I finally got the chance to do some playdough…

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TherExtras – A computer is like a closet.

A computer is like a closet.

Intention and knowledge are primary to organizing a computer closet. I would not expect young children to have the forethought to prevent disaster from opening a too-full closet producing an avalanche of stuff. [Heh. Teens seem to lose or lack this ability, too.]

What kind of knowledge do you think a child needs to organize a closet?

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Rainbow over the wall – Why I give a f***

Yesterday was one of the most disgraceful, shameful days in British politics. A day when the most vulnerable in our society were delivered a blow so harsh that it shook my faith in democracy.

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Looking for Blue Sky – Can’t walk, can walk

Can't walk, can walk

Of all Smiley’s problems, the one question that most people ask about is ‘will she walk?” And the answer is: yes she can! She has always been able to walk, it’s just that she needs help. As a toddler I would hold her up and her little legs would do exactly what legs are supposed to do, except that she would fall if I let go as her knees would buckle.

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Random Pearls Of Wisdom – i-want

He is very much into his i-pod, but has decided that an i-phone is now a necessity. With reasoned judgement he complains that he is the only one in the house who doesn’t have a touch screen smart-phone

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Tricky Customer – If you meet Samuel

If you meet Samuel

If you were to meet Samuel, I’d ask just a few things of you.

Whether he is sleeping, awake, or even on his food pump, come over to him and hold his hand. Samuel is good at holding hands. Stroke his hands and look at his beautiful little fingers.

Look into his big beautiful blue eyes and if he’s having a snooze, look at his beautiful long dark eyelashes.

Stroke his hair and feel how soft it is and see what a lovely blonde colour it is.

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From Slummy to Yummy Mummy – Wriggly Bum: Sensory Processing Disorder & My Son

…The girl next to me is scratching her legs. Why are scratchy legs so loud? I can’t hear the teacher because she’s soooo noisy. Why won’t she be quiet? I’m going to hum my Cars 2 song and then it’ll all be ok. I don’t think the teacher likes Cars 2, she’s making a big sighing noise now and telling me not to keep wriggling about.

It’s hard to stay still though. These are my scratchy trousers. I’ve told mummy I don’t like wearing pants and trousers but she says I’m not allowed to run about naked…

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Its A Crazy World – That sinking feeling

At the weekend OH and I had the wonderful opportunity of having a whole night away to ourselves in a luxury hotel! It was bliss!!! No children! No worries! Well OK, yes I worried a bit about FD. I knew she was in good hands staying with my lovely mother in law but mummy brain always kicks in and I spent a lot of time thinking about her. Anyway, despite being a daft old bat I managed to have a fantastic time. We had a lazy lunch, followed by a massage in the health spa…

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Little Mamma Said – Six months on from an epilepsy diagnosis

When the diagnosis of epilepsy finally came, I expected to feel relieved. A name. A reason. A known enemy. And more importantly, something that could be treated. But in reality I was scared. If it was epilepsy then it meant it would keep happening again, at least until we’d got it under control with medication that is. Little did I know how devastating epilepsy could be. Little did I know that I was nowhere near scared enough!

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One comment on “06-02-12 Love Special Needs Weekly Showcase

  1. i haven’t posted this week – sorry! difficult week last week with work and when one thing goes, everything seems to topple to the point that I was sobbing in the aisles of tesco! today is a little brighter though and i’m off to potter – have a good week everyone x

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