06-02-12 Love Video Weekly SHowcase

It’s a new week and time to announce a new blogging linky – with a twist!

Today sees the start of the Chez Mummy “Show Real” Video Challenges. That’s right, a new, original meme for all us video bloggers out there.

I came up with the idea because I’d love to encourage more people to use the medium of video; it can be so fun and creative. Plus, you don’t need to be a film genius to do it (I am a case in point!) You don’t need a special video camera to record your videos; you can use the video camera on your phone. Don’t have any video editing equipment? If your computer doesn’t have Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, you can always use YouTube’s video editor.

Why have I called it the “Show Real” video challenges? Simple, because I’ll be asking you to show-off an aspect of your real lives on film. The idea is that every couple of months (I’ll make it more frequent if it proves popular); I’ll set a new ‘challenge’. You can film whatever you like as long as it’s relevant and then link up your post on my blog. I’ve also got a cool badge you can grab and proudly display.
The Chez Mummy

<a href=”http://www.chezmummy.com/p/show-real-video-challenges.html&#8221; title=”The Chez Mummy “Show Real” Video Challenges by ChezMummy, on Flickr”><img src=”https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7158/6814062639_ef474b9885_m.jpg&#8221; width=”240″ height=”200″ alt=”The Chez Mummy “Show Real” Video Challenges”></a>

To kick us off, the first challenge is called ‘One Fine Day’. Your video can be about anything that turns an ordinary day into a great day for you; is it taking the kids to the park? Having a lie-in or a cup of tea/coffee in bed first thing? Getting some child-free time to relax or let your hair down? Having a rant to get something off your chest?

You can make your video as long or short as you like and film it however you want – there are no restrictions and it’s completely up to you. And, if you’ve already made a vlog along these lines, feel free to link it up too!

Pop on over to Chez Mummy to see my contribution to the challenge and link up your video posts. Oh, and don’t forget to submit them to this wonderful showcase too!

See you next week x

Introduction kindly written by Laura from  Chez Mummy.

Kate Takes 5 – The Best PR Delivery in the World Ever.

3D Home Entertainment and a look at how TV has changed since I was a kid. (It’s also my directorial debut…)

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Tired Mummy of Two – If Carlsberg made toy fair films…

They would be better than this, but still a great video and why have I never heard of Toyology Tv before?

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Mammasaurus – *A World Exclusive* THe X Factor Judges sing System Of A Down

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