06-02-12 Love Writers Weekly Showcase

Last week was the first showcase for this category and we got off to a cracking start.  Well done and thanks to all those who submitted.  We got a fairly broad selection which was good – there were a couple of stories about children, a guide to getting your blog on the Kindle and even something about a time-travelling toilet.

Highbrow literature all round.

Writing can be a funny thing to be honest.  If someone asks me where I get my ideas from I really don’t know how to answer it.  I just want to shrug and say “dunno mate”.  Sometimes an idea can just pop into my head when I am busting a gut down the gym.  In fact I have had plenty of interesting thoughts pop into my head whilst staring at my bulging, red face in the mirror.  Sometimes an idea will spring up when I am in the middle of typing a sentence.  Other times it will be when I am reading a Garfield cartoon whilst sitting on the toilet.  I guess everyone has had their own, unique ‘eureka’ moment at some point in their life.

So then.  Have you penned the beginnings of a classic?  Suffered from writer’s block perhaps?  Make a post on your blog about it and let us know!

Introduction kindly written by the dashing Michael Cargill

The Creative Outpost – Footprints in the Snow

At peace for the first time in years, she fell asleep quickly only to be abruptly awakened by noises coming from downstairs. Paralyzing fear gripped her as she eased out of bed. Frozen by indecision whether to hide or investigate, she opted to hide. Minutes felt like hours. Never had she been so scared. As she sat huddled in her closet, she vowed if she survived the night her handyman’s first task would be to check the locks on the doors and windows.

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My Personal A to Z Challenge – My Personal A to Z Blogging Challenge

My Personal A to Z Blogging Challenge

Now, it’s time to take it a step further and issue my Personal A to Z Challenge to all bloggers.

You can adapt your Personal A to Z to suit your topic, whatever that might be. So if you blog about art, for example, your personal A to Z might include posts about artists you love and hate, techniques or materials, time of day, mood, anything you want. The point is that it’s personal and therefore unique.

If this sounds like fun to you, find out more about how to get involved, share your posts and exchange links

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Is This Publishable? – the journey of a cynics realisation

the journey of a cynics realisation

This lowly place was a public toilet. As a stand alone statement I realise that this doesn’t make much sense and some of you sharper readers will be wondering immediately why were there bloggers in a public toilet? Luckily there weren’t and it was something much simpler than a blog that made me realise that writing cannot and should not be confined and contained, it must be explored in every form and everywhere. It was whilst I was washing my hands I found myself reading this statement that someone had scrawled onto the walls.

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Evolution Of Insanity – The Insanity Aquarium

You ever have that feeling that you’re drowning? Ever think that your chest is about to explode because you just can’t catch your breath?

I have that feeling everyday. I’ve had it since the moment I was born, it made me struggle with even the most easiest tasks. Washing the dishes, taking out the trash, baking cookies. You name it, I had problems with it.

I used to tell the teachers at school that I was having trouble concentrating but in those days they took a cane to your hands for slacking.

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the year i quit my life – the benefits of quitting

When we were kids we delivered junk mail; dad figured it’d be an ideal way to foster in us those wholesome qualities parents want for their children; a healthy work ethic, a sense of responsibility. Lured by the prospect of having a couple of bucks to spend at the school canteen, my siblings and I consented, however by the time the novelty had worn off, the pamphlet run had established itself as an integral part of our weekly routine. In hindsight, distributing advertising material did teach us accountability, though more significantly, we learned the fundamental rules of survival…

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