06-02-12 The Fatherload

Before I became a father, I didn’t really like children very much. Despite being one, many years ago, I didn’t really have much experience of younglings. I didn’t have any friends with children, didn’t really spend any time in the company of children, and had never changed a nappy. I didn’t know what they were all about. I could see the noise they made, hear the endless energy coursing through their veins, and certainly never knew what ‘overtiredness’ meant. I thought it was something to do with how parents felt once a child came into their lives. And the phrase sounded mental. How could one be overtired? Was it like being hungover?

Then I became a dad. I think I officially started to think like a dad the moment Dr B told me that the stick thing had done the thing and, erm. Well. But I constantly question myself. Am I going to ba a good dad? Am I a good enough man to be a dad? And how does one learn these things? I didn’t know. I didn’t know my dad. I met him a few times and that was enough. I learnt one thing from him about being a dad. Not to ever, not bloody ever, never ever, never ever not bloody ever, no, never be like him.

But, if these amazing dads and bloggers had been my dad, I would’ve learnt so much more. Fun. Love. These men, through their blogs and writing, teach me something new every day. They educate me and they help to make me the best father and person I can be.

Introduction kindly written by SAHDandProud

Hackney Holiday – Today we drink!

Or at least we could if there was a reason beyond the sheer love of alcohol. For today is the first of February and the end of January’s self imposed no drinking rule.

And yet it seems such an anti-climax. Probably because it is a doddle for me these days. I’ve been doing no-drink Januaries for years and it definitely gets easier with practice. Last year I went for a couple of months without drinking in (enforced) solidarity with my wife after the birth of our second son.

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Dales84 – The things kids say…

The things kids say...

Last week was quite a lovely week. Recently I feel as a family we have tried make a more conscious effort in going out and doing things together, spending more quality time together and creating some happy memories, with also the side bonus of taking lots of pictures. It is obviously hard to balance work life with family life, that I am sure many people can sympathise with. But recently on my days off we’ve seem to do more and be more active rather than just lounge around the house.

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musodad – Mix-Tape Monday #3 : When you’ve got that lovin’ feelin’

Last week I chose the penultimate song that was played at our Wedding Reception.

This week my Mix-Tape Monday choice is the final song that was played at our Wedding Reception.

It’s the ultimate love song that brings back some very happy memories…

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Business, Bee Keepers and Pork Bellies – A Pug and Our Pregnancy

Playing the fiddle sucks. Other than the triangle, there may be no lamer instrument. Playing third fiddle….well, that’s as low as it gets. And ever since the lady and I found out we were having our first child, I was knocked out of the starting lineup, and into the role of full-time fiddling.
The pecking order seems out of whack lately, thanks to the pug. They say that dogs can sense a pregnancy. And ours is acting stranger than usual……

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slightlysuburbandad – Cooking Doesn’t Get Tougher Than This

Cooking Doesn't Get Tougher Than This

Boy can be some help especially if there are Yorkshire Puddings to be made for, with a bit of help, he’s an excellent batter maker. Baby, however, hinders. She will open the pan drawer you just closed and close the vegetable draw you just opened. She has a habit of coming in and demanding to be picked up which is difficult when one of my hands is holding a sharp knife and the other has just been inside a chicken (odd as we’re having beef).

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First-Time-Daddy – Show me YOUR money

Show me YOUR money

I believe if it was not for the great people at Wheatfields Hospice, we would have had to say goodbye to mum much sooner than we did. Although we knew the cancer was terminal, the care they provided allowed her to concentrate on enjoying the time she had with the most important people in her life, her children.

So, the reason for this post is not to simply tell you a story, it is to ask for your help. I honestly believe that charity begins at home and as you can see Wheatfields Hospice, is very close to my heart.

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#Dadfit – Baby Steps

When people set themselves a task, they can end up defeating themselves before they even get going. If you set yourself a massive target, the likely hood is the target will be far beyond reach and when you see that you are a whole world away from achieving it.

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SAHDandproud – Love is…

Sometimes I forget stuff. Where I put my shoes, my mobile phone, my keys. The day. Right now have no idea where my bag is, which is annoying as that little bag has travelled around India and back, but somehow is lost in a small-ish room with little chance of escape.

Something I can’t forget is love, and what that is, despite what goes on. I‘ve decided to list somethings that make me feel or think of love.

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