06-02-12Love Tech Weekly SHowcase

Over the years we have had many format wars between various manufacturers. Wether it was 8 track vs 4 track vs racing track, VHS vs Betamax vs V2000 or maybe DCC vs Minidisc (both of these failed though minidisc did find a market in asia) there is always going to be rivalry between competing technologies. It was only a few years ago that we had HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, the winner of course been Blu-Ray. They do however reckon that this will be the final physical format to be accepted by the mass market as the future looks set to be digital downloads. Some how though I cant see my 3 year old getting excited over an i-Tunes voucher, give her a Disney Blu-Ray however and she’s very happy. With this in mind I think it’s a little too early to start predicting the death of the physical formats. Sorry Mr Gates, maybe you should throw a Blu-Ray in the next Xbox.

But what will the future format wars be. Perhaps the competing technologies mean we are either to be wet wired directly into a minute processor driven device connected wirelessly to the web and have movies downloaded directly into a chip in our brains cyber-Punk style.

OR… maybe fed to a coal burning / electric valve driven hybrid Visicomp that is connected to a helmet made of copper coils and valves which then transmits the information into the mind of the wearer Stem-Punk style.
Only the future will provide the answers (though smarties reckon they have the answer).

Till next time

The voice has spoken

Introduction kindly written by Adrian from The Voice from the Abyss.

Letters from your Mum – Once upon a time we didn’t have smart phones

Once upon a time we didn't have smart phones

As I got in the car to go and meet my friend yesterday I knew that we were going to be at least five minutes late, as usual. I’d better let her know I thought and reached for my phone to drop her a text.

Then I started thinking; what did we do before we had an iphone attached to our hands?

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – Behaving Yourself – sometimes known as “Doing the Right Thing”

Behaving Yourself - sometimes known as

Yesterday I was interviewed by an assessor who was looking at the use of ICT in my children’s school.

For those of you yet to embrace this code it means “Information and Communication Technology” and we were talking about all sorts of stuff – the development of the ‘tech’ that the children have access to, keeping up with that ‘tech’ in a home and school environment, the way my children see “ICT” as a positive (well ignoring the fights over who’s going to go on which website first) and how fantastic it is that the school integrates technology…

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A Mummy Too – See you Cybher 2012?

See you Cybher 2012?

I’m very lucky to be going to Cybher in May, where I’ll meet lots of lovely, talented bloggers.
I’m also very pleased to say that I’ll be there as a speaker, sharing some of the experience I’ve gleaned in my day job. In case you didn’t already know, when not taking a break to raise small people, I work in online communications, including acting as Head of Digital for an East Midlands communications agency and a stint as digital content manager for BT.com.

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