09-01-12  Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

Hello and welcome to the first Love Fashion Blogs Weekly Showcase! How are you all this cold and wet January? Raring to join in with Love All Blogs, I hope. If you’re going to keep one resolution this year, make it to join in, get involved and come chat with us here at Love All Blogs. We’re a friendly bunch and I’ve been told there is the promise of biscuits…

 So, 2011 was the year in which John Galliano had a drug and alcohol induced public meltdown and was sacked from Dior, Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and we all wanted to wear a Gudrun and Gudrun jumper like Sarah Lund in ‘The Killing’. What will 2012 bring us? At the very least, Harper Beckham will own more clothes than my entire family, I will lose one of every pair of my socks and we will be told ‘something’ is the new black. If you get told that, don’t believe it. The fashion editors will still be wearing black when they’re trying to get you into day-glo prints. Me? I’ll probably still be typing in my pyjamas…

 Anyway, on that sartorial note, I’ll hand over to you lovely, talented bloggers. If you haven’t entered this week, then I hope you will join us very soon.

Introduction kindly written by Liz from Margot and Barbara

Actually Mummy… – Dress your Age

Dress your Age

Don’t get me wrong, you do have style. But the things you desire look better on me. Frills, lace, feathers, they’re chic. But make sure they’re my size – I can carry them off. I love your clothes, I want them for me . I can’t wait till I fit in your wedding dress – you promised, remember?…

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from fun to mum – The Sales Game: How to Play it

The Sales Game: How to Play it

I admit it, I am usually a bit suspicious of Sales. They are, after all, made to get rid of stock that is either very seasonal (think sparkly red Christmassy dresses) or stock that will soon to be out of season as it is too summery or wintery.
Having said that, there is a recession out there and unfortunately the retailers are suffering badly with many having closed down or being in the brink of it as we speak. This can be good news for someone who want to shop the sales and come out winning

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KyNa Boutique – Talking to Ava&Luc

Talking to Ava&Luc

After exploding onto the market with their stunning Pyjama’s, Ava&Luc have followed this up with a spectacular range of long sleeved T-Shirts. We took the opportunity to catch up with Janice from Ava & Luc to find out a bit more about them.

KyNa Boutique: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
Ava & Luc: I have always been interested in fashion and have worked in different aspects the industry for 15 years.What really jump started Ava&Luc was after I had my first daughter and was quite frustrated with what was out for baby girls.

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Here come the Girls – School Run Chic

School Run Chic

Before this year I hadn’t heard the phrase School Run Chic. Last year it was all about celebrities with their baby bumps and then their seemingly miraculous weight loss post baby. Now it seems we can’t get enough of looking at celebrities taking their children to school, or so the tabloids tell us. This week I was lucky enough to get a much needed night out at a blogging event for tinyme. As it was my first such event as a mummy blogger, I approached it with a little trepidation.

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A Hell Of A Woman – Commercial break : vintage threads

Commercial break : vintage threads

There’s a new meme in the erm, wardrobe and it’s all down to that Mother Venting who wants to know the stories behind our oldest items of clothing.

Well, Mother Venting tagged the lovely Mum Of One and Mistress Mummy who in turn tagged me so get ready to change your opinion of me once you see what’s been hiding in my wardrobe!

I promise that if you click to read the full post my taste in clothing won’t make you go blind or crazy, although it may make you want to visit the zoo!

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Father, Son and the Odd Blog Post – Vintage Threads…

Vintage Threads...

Oh no, it had to be on the one thing I know very little about, yep vintage clothes. I ask you, is there more of a challenge that you could set a bloke, let alone one that’s actually just a hand, other than to ask them to write about what’s in their wardrobe.

#1 –Paisley Romancers

So yep it’s true, I was born in the sixties albeit at the very end of the sixties. A decade of free love; Mods and Rockers, Jimmy Hendrix, 1966 and of course paisley patterns. Now these little beauts above are Father Fingers romancing gloves

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Mum on the Run – SUNDAY STYLE

Keeping it super short today as I have to get back to eating my own body weight in chocolate!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

This is our three pixies watching Rapunzel.

Miss V
Top&Dress: Joules
Headband: Topshop

Mr A
Top: Ralph Lauren

Mr V
Top: Gap

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