09-01-12 – Love Lifestyle Weekly Showcase

Microscopic – but mine.

All the hoo-ha this week about free-floating silicone breast implants has got me thinking about my own, um, chest.

I say ‘chest’ advisedly. For it would be something of an exaggeration to say I have been thinking about my breasts, given that they are so non-existent that they might as well not be there at all. 

I am the only person I have ever met who has been sent away red-faced by the M&S bra-measuring lady. ‘Oh my goodness, yes, you are very small,’ she said, reaching for her magnifying glass. ‘I’ll see what I can do.’

She squinted more closely. ‘And you’ve got a funny dip in your chest. That will make it even harder.’

Tell me about it.

Ten minutes later, she returned with several strange items that looked like some form of  mediaeval torture. I believe they are called bras.

A hot, sweaty and futile half hour later, she admitted defeat. ‘We do have some nice vests with built-in support,’ she offered. 

‘I’m not sure there’s anything in need of support,’ I replied mournfully. She did not disagree. 

In truth, I would ideally like to have a more ‘womanly’ figure. I would particularly like to be able to wear dresses (I can’t, as nobody makes dresses that accommodate wide hips and no chest). Then I could be Mrs Glam, and everyone would want to talk to me at the parties I would go to if only I had top-notch skyward-pointing bosoms. 

But when I hear the stories circulating now – and even discounting the element of media hysteria, countless women have had dreadful silicone experiences – I am glad that I’ve never had that much self-esteem located in my breasts. Mine may be microscopic, but at least they are healthy. For that, I am very thankful.

Introduction kindly written by Maid in Yorkshire.

The Baby Wife – 30 posts, 30 Days – Day 1 ‘Introducing Me’

30 posts, 30 Days - Day 1 'Introducing Me'

I’m still young enough at 27 to be id’d for alcohol, but old enough to get excited over things like fresh bedlinen and Kitchenaids. Young enough to not feel archaic in a nightclub, but old enough to pack a pair of pumps in my handbag for walking home in. Much to my horror, I am no longer young enough to drink more than two glasses of wine without a hangover, a fact that I occassionally forget when facing an opened bottle of the pink stuff.

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An Essex Wife – 1950’s Housewife, Stepford Wife or Modern Wife – Where do I fit in?

A few weeks ago I read a great tongue in cheek piece on Good Housewives looking at being a modern housewife as opposed to a 1950’s one and it got me thinking – what kind of housewife am I?

My first port of call was to ask my husband, his answer ‘A fantastic one poppet’, but then I’m the one who cooks his dinner and raises his children (and keeps them a safe distance away from his XBox) so what other answer could he give?

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circusmums – Fareshare- Tackling Hunger and Fighting Food Waste

Fareshare- Tackling Hunger and Fighting Food Waste

As I entered Fareshare’s Bermondsey warehouse, I gave everyone a cheerful hello and was met by rather hostile or non committal glances. Needless to say some of the volunteers were not that welcoming at first to their new day’s batch of corporate volunteers, but who could blame them? These are the people who come in weekly and in some cases daily to give their time come rain or shine and here was I miss Jenny-come-lately stepping into ‘their’ world.

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planet-cards.co.uk blog – Inspiration: A Colourful Birthday Party

Inspiration: A Colourful Birthday Party

It might be nearing the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a colourful birthday party! Go crazy with the colours: colourful food, colourful baloons, colourful party hats, colourful cakes. Kids love to colour and make things, so why not have a facepainting activity or a make your own party hat activity.
At the end of the party, thank your little guests with a party bag full of goodies, including a little colouring in book with crayons!

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And Then All I Thought About Was You – Time To Say Goodbye

As we walked in you looked so small, so fragile and childlike. If it wasn’t for the years showing on your face with wrinkles and grey hair you would not know you were an adult. A tiny one at that, curled up asleep in bed.

Struggling to breathe the oxygen taking the effort away from you, keeping you going one breath at a time.

You didn’t stir, you didn’t even move. You just laid and waited, you were waiting for your time. It wasn’t far away and we all knew, no one wanted to believe it. But we were silently waiting too.

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Hot For Writing – ESPN Lists a Horse as a ‘Top Female Sports Star’

ESPN Lists a Horse as a ‘Top Female Sports Star’

Oh ESPN. You did well at the end of last year. Though not everyone was convinced, you launched your new website, ESPNW, which drew attention to the differences between coverage of male and female sports, and provided dedicated online space to for discussion and coverage of women’s sporting achievements. What went wrong? You were really doing good things… and then you went and named a horse at number 4 in your list of top 10 women’s sports stories for 2010.

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CherrySue, Doin’ the Do – Dear 19 Year Old Me

Dear 19 Year Old Me

Dear 19 year old me.

Swit swoo look at you! No, really, look at you – you’re the most beautiful that you will ever be, loathe as you are to see it. Typical teenager, eh? Not quite. You’re a mother to two beautiful boys already when you still need mothering yourself. I’m writing to let you know that what you’re doing now, as insignificant as it feels, is the most important work you will ever do. The events that you are experiencing will shape your life and change your path forever.

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making it as mum – Nautical boat bedroom on a budget recycling and upcyling

Nautical boat bedroom on a budget recycling and upcyling

I have always loved the timeless charm of the nautical theme especially for a Little boys bedroom as it can easily be added to and updated and be made more grown up over time.

So when the time finally came to say bye bye to the nursery in favour of a toddler friendly boys room i set to work to create a nautical boat bedroom on a tight budget.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – Home


My best place in the whole world.
Our bedroom.

It’s my haven.
I love our big comfy bed.
I love to get all snuggled up under the weighty blankets.
I love cuddles on weekend mornings with hubby,
and with the little guy too.

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Minibreak Mummy – Magpie Monday – handmade blankets

Magpie Monday - handmade blankets

I love the idea of Magpie Monday, which was kicked off by Missie Lizzie on her Me and my shadow blog. The idea is that you show off your second-hand treasures, whether found in charity shops, car boot sales, eBay or whatever. So here are three different handmade blankets I purchased from Oxfam shops in Beeston and Bromsgrove.

The photos show the relevant blanket draped over the settee in my caravan, where they help provide a bit of colour against the sea of beige…

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Here come the Girls – The Gallery: Vintage

The Gallery: Vintage

I don’t own anything that is real vintage. I love the look but go for the convenience of modern copies. I particularly love children’s clothes to have a vintage feel to them. My favourite clothes range for girls is Molly and Jack at Boots. Sadly, they no longer stock this range but I think it is so pretty and has a timeless quality about it.

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Working Mammy – Where have I gone?

Where have I gone?

My birthday is rapidly approaching and, maybe I am feeling my age, but I am feeling very boring! I am a shadow of my former self – my fun, clubbing, young alter-ego of yesteryear. This is the girl who, in days gone by, wore shoes with heels shaped like daisies. Who went out drinking with Red or Dead sunglasses on. Who had a bag styled like the front of a boat. Who had hair that was 6 different shades of red. Who could identify any dance song after 4 beats. Where has that person gone? And will she ever return?

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Mama Loves Pretty… – Reviewed: Rockalily Lipstick in Pompadour Pink

Reviewed: Rockalily Lipstick in Pompadour Pink

I have been itching to write about this lippy for weeks but life – and a torturous amount of coursework – has conspired against me. Now, with my file finally FILED (praise the Lord), I’m as free as a bird to blather. So blather I will. I stumbled across @RockalilyLondon on Twitter. ReeRee, the founder of the lipstick range, kept twirling around my timeline with intriguing tweets so I decided to have a nosey at how Rockalily rolls; which is with a big nod to Rockabilly and a saucy wink to vintage, pin-up style.

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Beautiful Clutter – Postcrossing


I’ve rambled on about how much I ♥ vintage postcards before but this time I’m sticking firmly to the present. Coming home to post on the doormat, or hearing the rustle and snap as the postie pushes it through my door makes me very happy, then comes that little rush of anticipation; what could it be? More often than not a couple of disappointing plastic-windowed envelopes or a handful of junky flyers look up at me expectantly, in my experience if an envelope has a plastic window the contents are either dull or expensive – not a winner.

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Three years, one stone and then home – Thou shalt not online shop

Anyway, this is the month that ‘thou shalt not online shop!’ It had come to my attention that I’d started to treat the weekly copy of Grazia that I get sent over more like a catalgue than a magazine. A pair of hideous, bronze, cropped, and generally ill-fitting trousers ordered and kept, actually KEPT!, led me to thinking that this rash behaviour must stop.

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Maggie Ayre – Why New Year’s Resolutions Are A Cause of Anguish and Despair

Why New Year's Resolutions Are A Cause of Anguish and Despair

If you’re 14 or 15 when people ask you want you want to be when you “grow up” they are looking for an answer.

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were 15?

Are you still doing that job today?

In my experience there aren’t many teenage girls that know what they want to do and a significant number actually clam up, or become aggressive when asked to think about the future. But why?

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partyplanwithchocolate – So…. a chocolate party

This is a blog about what is involved in my party plan business. Showing what happens at our parties and what your guests can expect when they come to the party.

A brilliant insight into the world of party plan.

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Female Fitness Revolution – Strong Link Found Between Exercise and Academic Performance

Strong Link Found Between Exercise and Academic Performance

An article published by the BBC yesterday tells us “exercise may help [grades] by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain.”

In fact, researchers were able to conclude that there was “strong evidence of a “significant positive relationship” between physical activity and academic performance.”

14 Studies Involving 20,000 Children Over 5 Years can’t be Wrong….. Can They?

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Finland gained its independence in 1917 but had to fight with Soviet Union to keep it during the Second World War.

Thanks to all men and women who fought for our county, we remained independent. And because of that I am now speaking Finnish to my three children. Not that it is the most useful language in the world as there are only 5million people in the whole of Finland, but it is part of their identity and I hope they will be proud of that growing up.

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Mummy Vs Work – Week 1 of Get Healthy

So week 1 of Get Healthy is over and I survived!

I admit I wasn’t perfect and I’m going to admit I have had a few sneaky treats on Saturday but that’s fine, I was good the rest of the week and didn’t over indulge on Saturday. On the plus note I went to my sister in law’s to drop her birthday card round and I resisted the chocolate cake! !

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