09-01-12 – Love Mental Health Weekly Showcase

Welcome to the first ever Mental Health weekly showcase on the new look Love All Blogs! Hasn’t Mammasaurus done a sterling job snazzing everything up? I’m honoured to be here, writing about mental health issues is something extremely close to my heart. I have been blogging about my battle with postnatal depression (PND) for the last seven months and being able to open up so candidly about what I am going through has acted as a form of therapy and been a huge support. At times when I haven’t been strong enough to write, I have found some amazing blogs that cover mental health so articulately and found comfort in their words.

Mental health can be a real part of everyday life, and deserves as much recognition and understanding as the other blogging categories. It’s an extremely exciting time to be part of this category in blogging; not only are there some excellent mental health focused blogs out there, there are also big things happening in the online community. Ruby Wax is the face of The Black Dog Tribe, there are so many people finding support in writing and by doing so every single one of you is helping remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

So sit back and enjoy the first of many mental health showcases. If you have a post that you would like to include next week, then you can submit it here. If you feel inspired to write about your own experiences then let us know, we’d love to read! There is also an excellent,active mental health group over on the LAB ning community, drop by and say hi (if you’re not already a member of the community sign up here, there are loads of fantastic groups that cover every aspect of blogging).

See you next week!

Introduction kindly written by  I Want My Mummy (formerly Boo and Me).

Mammasaurus – Pulled from beneath the ‘Rug of shame’ for a jolly good beating

Pulled from beneath the ‘Rug of shame’ for a jolly good beating

When I was 12 years old I opted to learn Latin over German purely because my peers told me that Latin was a dead language and there was no point. I was also strongly advised to take GCSE Physics instead of Chemistry, by the Chemistry teacher himself as I ‘lacked any basic knowledge, was a walking disaster should not be allowed within 5 feet of a bunsen burner’. I love a challenge and my defiance to my peers saw me favour GCSE Chemistry over Physics.

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Mrs Shorties Mind – Time Machine Anyone?

This is a post I wrote back in May 2011;

I’m not looking to change the world, or change things in history (well not exactly) I would just like to go back 1 year to May 2010 and say NO when they say I need to be induced, ignore their suggestions that baby was not growing and it could be born undernourished. If I had said ‘NO’, then I would not have spent the past 12 months trying to come to terms with a difficult birth and subsequent PND that I am still trying to beat.

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Our Pea Green Pod – Damn Sentimental Me

Damn Sentimental Me

An important journey that I embarked upon last year & shall be continuing on this year is one regarding my mental health. I’ve been suffering from anxiety & the subsequent depression which has been ruling my life for the past year or so. It was only about half way through that I realised that it was a real problem. I thought for years that this was just me…

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Skulls & Ponies – This Time Last Year….

This Time Last Year....

This time last year I was in a very bad way as I was battling with both anxiety and depression. Unfortunately I’ve experienced both of these things throughout my life, but this time it was worse than it had ever been before. When it first came about I did what I had done previously and went back to counselling. This helped for a while and kept me functioning, but it also made me realise how bad things really were.

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Multiple Mummy – Just because you can’t see it, does not mean it’s not there

Mental health is a sensitive topic. People do tend to shy away from it, even today with the fear of the association and stigma attached. The worry that your making it up, you’re not a coper or ‘it’s all in your head’ make mental health a taboo subject. I think the problem with Mental health is that it is not visible or tangible. However, just because you can’t see it, does not mean it is not there. You can’t see or feel oxygen but we accept it is essential for life

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Kate On Thin Ice – Do You Fancy A Sparkling New You?

How do you fancy a whole new you? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if 2012 just felt a bit more joyful and saw you with a spring in your step and a positive mindset?

Here is my weekly post that encourages mums to change their lives in ways that make sense to them large and small.

You can read all about how Grooving Mums works by clicking this link http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/

Myself and the other groovy mums would love you to get involved.

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I need curtains for the window in my head… – My Name is Jules

I have been dealing with my bouts of depression for 11 years now.
One of the hardest things I have faced with it is the stigma around mental health problems.
I have had varying reactions from people when I have told them about what’s wrong with me.
There are those who are understanding and kind and offer their help but there are also those who tell you to “pull your socks up” or “sort yourself out”.
To those people I say “If it was that bloody easy no one would be depressed!”.

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Mummy’s Busy World – Mami is sad again

Been quiet lately.

Mami and I have been dealing with our own “issues”. She has been staying late at work and I think I may be getting more teeth. How many more do I need? I have a mouth full!

Apart from late nights at work, mami has been sad again. Really sad.

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MummyBarrow – Depression Really is a bastard

I don’t know Gary Speed … But it did get me thinking about depression. I wanted to write about my personal experiences with depression but they are too personal and I can’t do it. One of my Twitter buddies said “I will write something anonymously for you” and so here it is.

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crankymonkeys in London – Baby Blues or something darker?

Baby Blues or something darker?

I’ve heard from others that sometimes postnatal depression hits you like a bus – from the day you give birth you cannot stop crying, you throw things or completely withdraw and you feel detached from your baby.

I know from my own life that sometimes postnatal depression doesn’t hit you like a bus – it just kind of creeps up on you.

You can take care of the baby, you’re affectionate and loving towards your baby, but you feel like your head’s in a cloud…

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – You’re Beautiful

You're Beautiful

What have you seen that’s beautiful today? Please leave me a comment or a link to your post or photo. Perhaps we should do a regular Linky – what do you think?

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Not The Tiger Mum – Not The Person You Know

We have occasionally touched on exactly what my husband considered doing. He tells me he has written things down in his darkest hours. I am yet to read them as I think I’m a bit scared still. I am relieved he’s getting better but I still have my guard up, waiting to see that dark person rear their head again. When he’s been late home from somewhere I have tried not to panic, tried not to imagine what he might have done.

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Mummy from the Heart… – I Want To Get Off: A Tale of Late-Onset PND

I Want To Get Off:  A Tale of Late-Onset PND

Admitting there was a problem and that I wasn’t coping was one of the best things I ever did. Speaking up when you feel there is something wrong is so important. Trust your gut.

My twins were born in July 2007and all I ever heard was how amazing I was. It became very important to keep up that image of being able to cope. I think the fact of not being at work played some part, parenting was what was defining me then and therefore I had to succeed at it. Succeed at any cost, even my health.

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I Want My Mummy – Slippers On, Feet Up…Things Are Changing

Slippers On, Feet Up...Things Are Changing

…‘She’s different now isn’t she?’ I said. ‘She’s suddenly much more affectionate with me’. Over the last few weeks I have definitely noticed her wanting my attention. When she’s playing she will come to me and pass me toys, she often cuddles a teddy and then brings it to me to cuddle too. She’s been laughing more, and the simplest thing will have her in hysterics if I play along. She’s started to get upset when I leave the room and does a funny over exaggerated squeal when I come back, before racing over to climb up my legs…

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Him, Me & Three – Depression and suicide: My story

When you have depression it’s an illness that mustn’t be talked about. But why not?? It’s an ILLNESS, no different from flu, unless it’s manflu of course!
So many people told me that I’d get over it, or I was just having a bad day, but you never get over depression. Yes, there are black days, weeks or months but you never fully recover….

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Goldilocks And My Three Bears – Who Am I?

Writing 10 Ways To Keep Calm When The In-Laws Annoy You was really refreshing for me. Looking back, it’s been ages since I wrote a post that wasn’t bleak, past-obsessed, depression-ridden dribble. In a way, that’s ok (haha – rhymes). The past can still hurt sometimes for everyone but it’s about time I dug myself out of this hole!
It’s been a long time since I got in touch with my former self properly, so bear with me…

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Here come the Girls – Support Black Dog Tribe

Support Black Dog Tribe

Before the New Year I featured a video made by the superlative Mammasaurus promoting the Black Dog Tribe, a new website that aims to fight the stigma of depression and get people talking about mental health issues. I recently received an email from them asking if I could promote their website and giving further details about what it is.

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Romanian mum in London – Black Dog Tribe

This week I was remembered once more why I started blogging in the first place and why I love the world of mummy bloggers so much!
The mummy bloggers community is really nice and there’s a real support between us. I feel like we are online friends. One of these wonderful ladies is Mammasaurus.
She is supporting the Black Dog Tribe – an organisation(I hope I am choosing the right word) that wants to bring awareness on mental illness. Mental illness can mean anything from anxiety, depression to bipolar.

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Thinking Chimp – Mental Health?

Is it healthy to be mental? Is it purely incidental
this paranoia experienced in social situations with other people who are mental,
having managed to finally pull yourself from the confines of your house and lock yourself out
of your comfortable zone…

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Love in the Nest – I’m ready to live again! #kickingPNDsarse

I'm ready to live again! #kickingPNDsarse

What a week this has been. This time last week EVERYTHING made me cry, I was sobbing at the drop of a hat and having some truly awful thoughts running through my head. What is the point of me? What am I good at? I don’t have any friends around me, I don’t see my family often, I’m not good at anything…. Is it worth me being here?

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