09-01-12 Love New Blogs Weekly Showcase

Navigating bloggy waters
The “post-Christmas recovery party” in Australia generally revolves around devouring obscene volumes of ham and cranberry sauce sandwiches while collapsed in front of the telly, totally transfixed to the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  Somehow the hypnotic to and fro of the waves lulls us back to our pre-Christmas season state and we finally relaaaax!!  Ahhhh … so lovely.  I personally looove the moment when the hull of a racing yacht first tastes the salty water.  It bobs around precariously until its sails finally pick up the gusty wind… causing the crew to erupt into a flurry of activity, pulling ropes and generally looking wonderfully windswept, as they try to follow the course they carefully plotted on their trusty nautical maps. 

Oh ok then… it’s confession time: I’ve never really understood nautical maps.  Have you? Surely they’re just big blue painted poster sheets with “I have no freaking idea” scrawled across the top?  Where are the street signs?  It’s just… water.  How do you map that?  And really, that’s how I felt when I first starting blogging 5 months ago.  “I have no freaking idea”.  I knew that I loved to write but I just had no idea how the whole blogging gig worked.  So naturally, I starting cyber-stalking other bloggers to seek out their opinions, experiences and advice on how to best navigate my blogging journey. 

But bloggers who have joined the Love All Blogs website in the last week have all that handed to them on a beautifully decorated cyber-platter!  Since going live only one week ago, the new forums and groups created on the Love All Blogs website have already helped connect and provide guidance to many new and emerging bloggers.  My favourite topic so far has been how to squeeze more blogging time into your life without turning your partner into a Sir Grumpy Pants.  I like it.  A lot. 

So If you feel like you’ve been thrown into the middle of the blogging ocean with only a big blue piece of paper to help you navigate the swirling, bloggy waters, then pop over to the Love All Blogs private community pages and start posting your pressing questions!  In the meantime, check out these amazing new bloggers who are clearly blogging along just swimmingly!

Introduction kindly written by Misha from The Bling Buoy

Brand new! 0-2 months

Parenting on the Front Line – Know your enemy: Head-lice and nits

Know your enemy: Head-lice and nits

Head lice – the little creatures who decide to invade your little treasure’s hair within a week of returning to school after the holidays. They are relentless little buggers who are indiscriminate in their choice of who to attack next.

Facts about head-lice
1 – Nits are the eggs of head-lice. Nits take about a week to hatch and become fully-fledged head-lice
2 – Head-lice develop to the……….

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from fun to mum – Bye 2011, Hello 2012

Bye 2011, Hello 2012

October 2010: Hello Little Miss G! Nearly 2 weeks late, but here at last! Hello 16 weeks of solid crying! Goodbye Sleep and Sanity!

November 2010: Little Miss G and I project managed our home redecoration at last! Thank God for that and my NCT friends who provided enough distractions from the crying or I would have lost the plot.

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent – A New Year’s promise

A New Year's promise

Dear Sophia and Dexter,

2011 has been a fantastic year for our family. Dexter, you forged your way into our home and hearts from the moment you were born and I have enjoyed every minute of being with you both at home. We have had some great little adventures; visiting the Alton Towers waterpark, swimming, taking you both to the zoo for the first time…

…But now 2012 is here and it will soon be time for me to go back to work…But, I have a plan. That’s why I am making this New Year’s promise to you.

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Small Town Mum – Climb every mountain

Climb every mountain

Ah, the woods. The days of going on a nice, jolly bear hunt are long gone here. Now it is all about making sure the Orcs (Lord of the Rings) don’t catch us or competing to see who has the best stick. Tall blonde decided he just needed to run today so round and round he went for ages while the rest of us ambled. We watched birds of prey soaring high above us, we tried to persuade Curly and Small to be quiet so we might see deer or rabbits and they found some magnificent sticks!

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A Hell Of A Woman – My 2011 highs and lows

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?

I had a gut feeling my second son would be born before his due date. What I didn’t expect was for him to arrive 3 weeks early and for the labour to be so quick that I delivered him in our en suite bathroom before the paramedics had chance to arrive. Very unlikely and not an experience I’m keen to repeat!

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3-6 months old

Dear Beautiful Boy – New Year, New Adventures

Did you miss me? I’ve been gone for more than a week, which is the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started just about six months ago.

In six months this blog has burrowed it’s way into me. I think about it. I talk about it. I never get bored of it. I dream about it. I dare say, I might even love it a little bit. So I’ve missed it. And I’m very glad to be back.

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musodad – ‘Daddy’s Beard’ – the debut single by Groovy Conker

Today O. wrote a song for me totally unprompted. I was very touched, not just because she wrote me a song, but because of the lyrical content as well. She is only 4 years old and it is brilliant. If she keeps going like this, my dream of retiring at the age of 50 could well become reality.

Anyway, without further ado here is the song. Please do not attempt to plagiarise it, this blog post is dated so you won’t win in a Court of Law (but we could maybe come to some kind of out of court agreement).

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A mums internal monologue – can there be 4

My baby is hurtling his toddle truck towards his first birthday. Before he came along I wanted 6 children, a huge brood, some biting at my ankles while others did sticking and colouring on the table, and others were messing up their bedrooms, perhaps 1 would enjoy helping mum and would do the hoovering and ironing with me (all totally ridiculous – I don’t even do any hoovering or ironing). Having my first at 35 made it doubtful I’d reach the 6, and after having 1 I’m doubtful I want 2…

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Jennifer’s Little World – A tale of two baby books

A tale of two baby books

Harry has a baby book. It is a detailed journal, stuffed with photographs, mementoes, drawings, observations, locks of hair, hand and footprints and so on. His milestones are described in loving and intricate detail down to the very day that they were passed, days out are chronicled, everyday life and routines are commented on. The main journal we bought only covered his first year, so I started for him a second book which is an A5 sketchbook, where I got him to draw ‘pictures’ and I wrote about some of the things that we got up to.

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Kids love parties – 3 top tips to reducing the stress of organising a child’s birthday party

Here are my top 3 tips for reducing the stress of organising a child’s birthday party.

1. Have someone else invloved ..dad or grandma or a good friend will be useful for bouncing ideas off, helping practically and covering in emergencies. If no-one but you has any clue what is happening you could end up in a pickle. I gave birth 3 weeks early the day before my son’s third birthday because grandama had been fully involved it still went ahead and she knew what was what.

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Here come the Girls – How I Really Cope With Twins

I posted last month about what replies I’d like to give to the silly questions about having twins. One question isn’t actually that silly and that’s: how do you cope with twins. When Molly was born there was a set of twins at our postnatal group and I remember wondering how the mum coped especially as I was feeling completely out of my depth at the time. It’s a natural question, I guess. Having one young baby is hard enough let alone two. So here are a few things which got me through the last 18 months.

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Simplyoutnumbered – A blessed time of year

Christmas truly is a time for family, friends and faith and it’s around this time every year I start thinking about how incredibly lucky we are have all 3 of those. Every year I wish we were closer to family and friends we love but I can’t remember once thinking I wish I had more faith at this time of the year!

It’s a time that inspires faith! It’s a time that makes us remember what makes our/my chosen religion is so special and a time to remind ourselves of why we believe and how we came to that decision!

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Chapters of Claire – C9: I know my choo-choo jumped it’s track …

C9: I know my choo-choo jumped it's track ...

We stood on the curb, our big moment approaching, much like the huge bloody car coming round the corner just as the director called “rolling”. Of course we stood there like a couple of idiots waiting for it to pass like we’d been taught by the Tufty Club back in nursery school.

Does anyone else remember the Tufty Club!?

Apparently mid-90s BBC Television directors do not remember it and don’t care how many teenage girls they have to throw in front of cars so long as they get their scene filmed while doing it.

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Military Dad – I Miss Pickles

A couple years ago, my wife and I decided to give up red meat for health reasons. Basically, my wife has a history of high cholesterol in her family. I didn’t really have any medical reasons to join in on the boycott, but I decided that eating a prime rib in front of her while she was gnawing on a chicken breast would be bad for my health in a completely different way.

It was actually incredibly easy. I just mostly miss pickles. For those of you looking at your computer screen a little oddly, let me explain.

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Mummy Plum – New Year, New Groove

New Year, New Groove

A new year; like a blank sheet of paper, the story yet unwritten. A realm of unknown opportunities and possibilities awaits. Exciting? Yes, this year I think so. I feel positive about this year. To tell the truth, I’ve been raring to get here since early December. And here I am at last. Hurrah for January!

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Mammasaurus – “Mummy there are fairies in my head” RED RUM RED RUMMMMMM

“Mummy there are fairies in my head” RED RUM RED RUMMMMMM

Do you recall the scene in ‘The Shining’ when the boy says ‘RED RUM RED RUM’ ? Or how about the bit in ‘The Exorcist’ when the girl starts projectile vomiting and her head spins round ? Freak you out a bit ? Me too. So when my 3 year old Kit stood next to me yesterday and said to me in quite a distressed tone “Mummy I’ve got Sammys voice now – I don’t want Sammys voice mummy – make it go away!”

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A Mummy Too – 1/52: Shadows and light

1/52: Shadows and light

This photo really sums up the first week of 2012 for me. Out in the park, running through the trees, hiding in the shadows, bursting out and frightening passing Sunday walkers. Bliss.

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The Singing Mummy – A New Beginning

A New Beginning

So today it became official. After 7 years and I have no idea how many months, my husband is now officially redundant. I guess the timing could have been better, but it could have been worse too!! As of 2 pm this afternoon he has no longer got a job.

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7-12 months old

Our Pea Green Pod – Damn Sentimental Me

Damn Sentimental Me

An important journey that I embarked upon last year & shall be continuing on this year is one regarding my mental health. I’ve been suffering from anxiety & the subsequent depression which has been ruling my life for the past year or so. It was only about half way through that I realised that it was a real problem. I thought for years that this feeling was just me…

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Actually Mummy… – Blaggers!


Ok, ok, I know this one has been done to death, but a Twitter interaction last night has caused me some angst, and I want to do one last post, to set the record straight, to reassure some people, or just to dispel the attitude once and for all that bloggers who do regular product reviews are somehow the cockroaches of the blogging world….

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You’re not from round here. – Inspiration


Where do you get your inspiration from? What makes you tick, makes you feel worthwhile or makes you want to go out and change something?

For me, my inspiration comes from a film. Legally Blonde. This is the best film in the whole wide world. Shame on you if you haven’t seen it. I have probably watched it about twenty times. I have also seen the musical twice.

Slightly odd?
I am.

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Johnson Babies – New Year’s Resolutions: 2012

New Year's Resolutions: 2012

Ok, so a little late, but I like to think well thought through… or something like that!

These are my New Year’s Resolutions (the title gave it away didn’t it?!), I’m not usually in this boat, I don’t really like the whole ‘New Year’ thing, my philosophy being- it happens every year, you expect it, how about celebrating something which you had a little bit more influence over, and making resolutions when it matters to you, not the calender- but hey, I’ll make an exception, this year it is the right time.

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bluebirdsunshine – Happy New Year!

I love the last day of the year. There’s nothing like it for closure and it allows you to get all sentimental, sit back and reflect on the passing of time, make promises to yourself about things you want to do, and things you don’t want to do again or do any longer.

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The Princess and The Pickle – 52 Fridays

52 Fridays

Each Friday throughout 2012 I will attempt to sum up the week in 52 words, along with a photo I have taken during the week.

1/52 – Bitten lips and candy sticks…

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Melksham Mum – Project Shack

Project Shack

Big relaxing sigh – the children are now back to school and preschool I have reclaimed my Fridays – hoorah! Although it’s still only January I am looking ahead to Spring and Summer in the garden. I have accepted that I need to fall back in love with my house again – see here – and with the house loving comes some garden loving and, more specifically for me, some shack loving! T

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Older Single Mum – Sassy-itis!


It’s a long time since I’ve heard the word ‘Sassy. The lovely Older Mum used it introducing my guest piece on her blog as part of her ‘Being an Older Mum series.’

Combined with a couple of other things this week, they conspired to remind me, in part, of who I used to be. The brilliantly original and ubiquitous Mammasaurus and other bloggers were setting up a drinks party for Friday night and it is the sort of thing the old me would not have missed for the world, but now…?


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Kate Says Stuff – Authentic


…I want to be myself. I spent a lot of time last year stressing about some arbitrary schedule I had set in my head that required me to post nearly every day. That isn’t going to happen this year.

I need to be accountable to my family and to myself. I am going to blog as I am driven to, not to meet any agenda.

I am who I am. Take it or leave it.

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