09-01-12 Love Politics Weekly Showcase

Hello and a hearty welcome to the very first Love All Blogs politics showcase. I’m so excited to have all sorts of current affairs shizzle to share with you so grab a cup of tea, or a small glass of sherry should you feel so inclined, and retire to your library to peruse a wonderful selection of thought provoking blog posts.

 I’ve been a bit of a politics geek for years now but sometimes it seems like most of the rest of the world has got bored of politics. Do you remember that ‘If you don’t do politics…’ advert from a few years ago? The guy says to his friend that he doesn’t ‘do’ politics but then goes on to moan about the traffic, the litter, the cost of things while his friend points out that actually everything he is talking about comes down to politics in one way or another. Well that’s pretty much how I feel. For me politics is not just about Westminster debates or European directives (much as I quite like that stuff as well) but also all these other things that affect our daily lives and how we function as a society and I hope that variety is what we’ll see reflected in the politics showcase every week.

So if you’ve got a politics related post, be it an analysis of the impact of quantitative easing, a rant about the state of your local playgrounds or a round of ‘shag/marry/kill’ with the party leaders, then link it up by midnight on Fridays and Annie’s elves will get it into the showcase for the following Monday. So I’ll see you the same time next week. In the meantime check out this week’s submissions below. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire a post in there.

Introduction kindly written by Cat from Political Mummy and Yellow Days.

Pint-Sized Rants – Some questions for David Cameron

I honestly didn’t ever think that my opinion of David Cameron could get any lower. I really believed that there were limits to how awful and smug and out of touch with reality I could think he is.

Well, I was wrong. Please have a look at this Q & A section in today’s Guardian with him. Read it right through, if you can bear it. It actually took me ages, as I kept having to bang my head on my desk so hard that I forgot what I was doing.

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Political Mummy – Should council houses be for life?

As it stands at the moment, if you are lucky enough to be allocated a council house it’s yours for life. They can even be handed down to your children. The idea, of course, being to provide council tenants with long term security. But, with so many people desperately in need waiting years to get a property, is the house for life principle sustainable?

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Here come the Girls – Just because you’re paranoid

Just because you're paranoid

Last night we had a blackout. The lights went out and all the alarms went off in the local area, so I knew it wasn’t just us. I had spent the evening watching the news, with a rising feeling of fear. I’m usually fine with blackouts but last night I felt cold, hard fear. I honestly thought that somehow the looters had managed to attack the power grid. It seems a bit silly in daylight but at the time it felt like anything was possible.

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DorkyMum – Help End Extreme Hunger with Save the Children

Help End Extreme Hunger with Save the Children

I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that DorkySon has been trying really hard to understand what DorkyDad’s new job is all about. He wombles up to me at least three or four times a day and asks ‘What is Save the Children? What does Daddy do at Save the Children?’

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Yellow Days – Is it wrong to send my son to private school?

I went to a state school, a good one. I did well, passed all my exams and got to a good university. I always assumed my kids would go to a state school but now we have to pick a school for E I’m not so sure.

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