09-01-12 Love Pregnancy Weekly Showcase

09-01-12 Love Pregnancy Weekly Showcase

“I’m officially 7 months pregnant… but why does saying this sound like there is a lot longer left than when I say “only 9 more weeks to go”?

Right now, I’ve had my flat since October, haven’t slept in there once; haven’t plugged in the fridge, washing machine or cooker; haven’t made up the furniture; have just about managed to get the decorating finished; have stuff from 2 other properties waiting to be moved; and yet I find time to write a regular blog and tweet (O_o) – I think this is a sign of the harsh reality I am about to face once Shy is born!”

Introduction kindly written by  A Real Mummy Diary.

Forest Bump and Beyond – SPD

Ok, time to write about my other pregnancy affliction; Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), otherwise known as Pelvic Girdle Pain. In every pregnant woman, hormones cause the pelvis to loosen and widen to prepare for birth. In some women this goes too far and pain results.

For me, it started at about week 20 with a slight pain in the front of my pelvis when I got out of chairs. This rapidly progressed to sheer agony when:

Getting up
Rolling over in bed
Getting into the bath
Any movement that involves seperating the legs!

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Edspire – 20+3 Anomaly Scan Shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta

20+3 Anomaly Scan Shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta

Today we saw our daughter on screen. She is a lively little thing. Kicking and wriggling all over the place she was. She was (or is?) in a breech position, looking out of my tummy. I guess she likes to face the way that she is going. I am a bit like that on a train! Everything is perfect with Matilda May. The potential problem lies once again with me!

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Babushka Mama – Words from the Womb

Words from the Womb

Suck the marrow right out of me if you must, my child. My love for you stretches far beyond my capacity to understand the process, the miracle. It is richer than mother’s milk, birthed in my bloodstream for this very moment, and the moments to come. May the roots of my love grow deep and stretch as vast as the sea, as you take the very pieces of me and your papa and allow the Creator God to form you. Hand upon skin, pressing into the deep, dark place of the womb, feeling your rump, the bony edges of you.

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The Baby Wife – Merci Michel and Madge!

The day that I was asked to write a guest post for The Baby Wife’s blog, I was
in a picture postcard English village in Hertfordshire waiting to listen to one
of the legendary names in natural childbirth – Michel Odent author of the famous
book ‘Birth Reborn’ and more recently ‘Childbirth in the age of plastics’.

We listened to fascinating talk of neocortical inhibition, fetal ejection reflex
and the role of the various hormones involved in the process of childbirth.

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Actually Mummy… – Share your birth story

Share your birth story

Last week Mummy decided to write my birth story. And she asked you to write yours too. If you have one already, please link up using the Linky tool at the end of the post. I will tweet every new link-up. If you haven’t written yours yet, but would like to, you can link up any time you like. We are open to new links for a year!

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Here come the Girls – Twin Pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy

“So are there twins in the family?” the sonogropher asked. She didn’t need to tell me I was expecting twins because I had already worked it out. There were two large round circles on the screen, two sacks, I knew without being told.

I had already had some suspicions. I was in hospital on a drip after becoming incredibly dehydrated through extreme morning sickness.

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A Baby on Board – Due date: in which we discover exactly when Baby C will be born

Due date: in which we discover exactly when Baby C will be born

My EDD is 31st January. Which, as my football-loving husband keeps joking with me about, is also the football transfer deadline day (for those of you lucky enough not to know what this is, it’s the date when the footballer club-to-club transfer window shuts in a flurry of last-minute moves, and a big fuss on Sky Sports News).

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