09-01-12 Love Reviews Weekly Showcase

Seasider in the City – My New Boots

My New Boots

You may have previously read about my total lack of footwear,I t hink the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought was a pair of orange football boots which cost about £40 7 years ago! You will usually find me in trainers.

However I knew this had to change as I do tend to struggle for something to wear on my feet for most occasions. When Fuelmyblog asked if I wanted to pick from Next’s range of ladies boots I couldn’t say no, I also couldn’t choose! I could have done with some way to scan

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Life, Love and Living with Boys – BoobieMilk & Carriwell Nursing Bra

I have to admit, I have always had a thing for bras. Being tall and thin (pre-babies anyway) with size 9 feet, underwear is the one item of clothing I can actually get to fit. During both pregnancies, my bust probably doubled in size and it is hard to know where to start when it comes to maternity and nursing bras…

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Angela – This is Life – Edible Coconut Candy Scrub

Edible Coconut Candy Scrub

Have you ever used a beauty product that smelled so delicious you just want to eat it, but worry about what it will do to you afterwards? When Essential Care contacted me about their Organic Coconut Candy Scrub, they described it as ‘taste amazing’. According to them, the body scrub is edible and taste great on crackers. It’s like given the green light to eat a beauty product: ‘yea go ahead it won’t harm you; you can eat in the bathroom no problem.’ !!

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Actually Mummy… – Blaggers


Ok, ok, I know this one has been done to death, but a Twitter interaction last night has caused me some angst, and I want to do one last post, to set the record straight, to reassure some people, or just to dispel the attitude once and for all that bloggers who do regular product reviews are somehow the cockroaches of the blogging world….

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Mumto5-Chelseamamma – Chelseamamma’s New Years Honours List

Going into 2012, I wanted to celebrate some of the companies I have been introduced to by twitter that have shown exemplary service and some bloomin good products.

Here are my top 10:

1. @Childcareisfun – http://childcareisfun.co.uk/ – a funtabulous for littlies and their grown ups with the added bonus of a FREE parenting advice service. I have used their sleep training guide with massive success with my toddler.

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An Essex Wife – Boys&Girls Clothing Range Review

As my little lady is growing from a toddler into a little girl I am noticing that at time some clothes I pick out for her to wear all of a sudden look to ‘babyish’ for her new grown up attitude. Instead of dwelling on the loss of by baby into a beautiful young lady I am embracing this change, in true Essex girl style, as an excuse to go shopping.

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Mari’s World – Artistry Intensive Skincare

I mentioned a while back on Maris’ World Facebook page that I had been lucky enough to receive a tube of Amway’s Artistry Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum well I purposely didn’t write about it straight away as I think any good skin cream needs three weeks on my skin to see what, if any, effects there are and I’m very impressed!

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent – Review – Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy

Review - Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy

Last week, my husband, toddler (plus favourite teddy bear) and myself braved the M25 to go and see the ice skating spectacle “Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy” at Wembley Arena.

We weren’t sure if Sophia, our nearly three-year-old, would sit still for the whole of the show but decided to risk it. We were lucky enough to get front row seats…

…I don’t think Sophia really knew what to make of it all, but as soon as Mickey and Minnie Mouse skated onto the ice, she was spellbound…

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Jennifer’s Little World – Legoland Windsor with Babies and Toddlers

Legoland Windsor with Babies and Toddlers

We’ve been taking Harry to Legoland Windsor since he was about a year old. It’s a fantastic place for really little ones, and I’ve put together some tips for how to make the most of a day at Legoland with babies and toddlers. This guide is aimed at children that are shorter than 0.9m and therefore don’t meet the height restrictions for many of the rides, yet there is still plenty to do to keep them entertained.

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Me and My Shadow – Burn Baby Burn – Acriflex to the Rescue!

Burn Baby Burn - Acriflex to the Rescue!

Some time ago I was sent some Burn gel called Acriflex to review.

A tough one really – what should I do…follow people around expectantly with the tube hoping some scalding calamity will occur? Deliberately put my hand in the fire so I can test out the product? No. Thankfully, it has sat, unopened for some time.

Recently however, we have had cause to use it a couple of times. The old man foolishly touched his drill bit after drilling holes in the wall – ironically to put up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom!

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The Princess and The Pickle – Cute as a button – The Pickle’s outfit by Designer Christenings

Cute as a button - The Pickle's outfit by Designer Christenings

The Pickle’s Christening suit was handmade by http://www.designerchristenings.co.uk and the design I chose was the ‘Prince William’. It consisted of a romper with contrasting top and bottom half, so it gave the illusion of a shirt and trousers but in fact was a one piece. This meant it stayed in place and looked smart, without having to worry about tucking a shirt back in and making sure everything was straight for the photos. The waistcoat with tails was a separate piece, and the cravat tied with ribbon around the collar. To complete the outfit was a matching hat..

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At Home With Mrs M – Abba: You Can Dance

Abba: You Can Dance

Ubisoft sent me a copy of their new game Abba You Can Dance to review and I was over the moon as I’d considered buying this recently. I’m a lifelong Abba fan and seemed to have passed than on to my children who love nothing more than settling down with the DVD of Mamma Mia. This game is perfect for Mamma Mia fans – it will completely appeal to you if you loved all the singing and dancing in the film as all the favourites are included in this game.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – The Cheetah Keeper and his sister review Fimo (with a bit of help from me!)

The Cheetah Keeper and his sister review Fimo (with a bit of help from me!)

When @MerrilyMe put the word out on Twitter that she was looking for some bloggers to review Fimo for her I jumped at the chance. Fimo was such a favourite of my childhood – to the extent that we’d just rediscovered the brooch of a piano keyboard I’d made and treasured – the chance to share this enjoyment with the Cheetah Keeper and his sister was too good to miss.

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Jellybeans Music – Baby Sing Christmas

Baby Sing Christmas

Musically, this CD is beautifully, possibly deceptively simple. The vast majority of tracks feature just one female vocalist and an acoustic guitar and it is this simplicity and intelligence which makes it stand out. Too often, it would seem the mere mention of the word ‘Christmas’ encourages excess of all types. Music For Baby have wisely let the beauty of these songs shine through, a decision that this veteran of 11 years of christmas music making with toddlers frantically shaking bells to ‘Jingle Bells’ much appreciates.

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Here come the Girls – Walk The Plank Review

Walk The Plank Review

Ahoy there shipmate. Do you want to play the best game in the world EVER – according to my 4 year old? We’re a bit into pirates at the moment. My daughter spent lots of happy days over the summer playing pirates and sharks with her cousin, there was a pirate day at her school and two of our favourite parks have playgrounds in the shape of pirate ships. So this game, from the wonderful Orchard toys is perfect.

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Multiple Mummy – An Elephant Tribute! Pink Chillies – A review

An Elephant Tribute! Pink Chillies – A review

We are a family totally obsessed with elephants. Elephants are my Mother in Laws favourite animal and she has been to Africa a number of times to see them on safari. We sponsored an elephant for her for her birthday one year as well…..

When I got approached by Pink Chillies to review some of their Elephant themed products I could resist after looking at the website and especially as I found out they give money to elephant charities.

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A matter of choice – It’s all Greek to me!

I’ve just finished my third live Studio session with Rosetta Stone. Studio sessions form a large part of the learning experience with the new TOTALe software and I find them both brilliant fun and nerve racking at the same time!

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Mammasaurus – BigJigs Cake Stand Review

BigJigs Cake Stand Review

When the lovely people at BigJigs sent a wooden Cake Stand for me to review there was a ripple of excitement in the Mammasaurus household – this soon turned into a wave of excitement when I took the Cake Stand out of the box ! Bean is not a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination but the BigJigs cake Stand is so colourful and instantly engaging that she literally gasped ! ( and I instantly became slightly hungry as those cakes look mighty tasty!)

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Pen Mighty Out and About – ‘The Homecoming’, Swan Theatre, 8th October 2011

She brought a genuine erotic charge to the drama. Poor Aislin had to cop off with goosy Jonathan Slinger yet again but at least that probably eased the tedium of the play for her. For us, however, the nasty taste of misogyny was hard to stomach. I wonder, again, if people were so in awe of Pinter in his hay day that they were unable to criticise, particularly from a feminist point of view. So, why the humour then? Pinter’s play is the equivalent of the rape joke; women rarely find it funny.

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Tired Mummy of Two – Doggie Doo is it a Doggie Do or a Doggie Dont?

Doggie Doo is it a Doggie Do or a Doggie Dont?

I fed Doggie Doo five times, he became constipated twice and had really bad wind on the other three times, not sure what I mean then check out this video and make sure the sound is on (Do not watch this whilst at work!)

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Child-Led Chaos – Bigjigs Wooden Roadway

Bigjigs Wooden Roadway

Wooden railway sets are fantastic – there are so many different shaped track pieces, practically all the different brands are compatible with each other and there are accessories to fit every budget – from stations and engine sheds to shipping docks and cement works. Plus all the engines and rolling stock. The main brands are Brio, Thomas Wooden Railway, Plan City and Bigjigs.

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easytoddler – Travel Tips for Car Journeys with Children

Travel Tips for Car Journeys with Children

10. The snack n play tray can be attached to the carseat and gives the kids an area to put their toys on, eat from, and be used to do activities on.

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