09-01-12 Love SEN Weekly Showcase

Well happy new year and welcome to the special needs category of Love all blogs.  I can’t actually believe I’m doing this, but it’s all very exciting and I’m hoping that everyone who has joined will discover lots of new blogs to read.  And there’s other stuff here too, from great advice for bloggers to a brand new community being developed, right here!

It’s back to school time in Ireland, with the little darlings returning on Monday.  You can probably hear the cheers.  The Christmas holidays have felt soooo long, but I’m sure I’ll be missing them by mid morning.  And then there’ll be the fun of dealing with them when they get home and you find out how well they adjusted to going back.  Or perhaps your kids went back last week?  I look forward to finding out and reading as many of your blogs as I can manage – though like all other special needs parents, spare time is something missing from our lives!

Introduction kindly written by Looking for Blue Sky

Vivien Sabel – OK so I am Deaf

So after a little consideration and some frustration I decided I would like to know how deaf I am? I already knew I was deaf, but just how deaf am I? I visited a private hearing aid company and discovered (what I already knew) I am deaf.

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Looking for Blue Sky – Smiley and the iPad : Our Favourite Apps

Smiley and the iPad : Our Favourite Apps

Currently Irish Autism Action is running a great fundraiser that also provides families with iPads in return for old mobile phones. And I’ve seen many requests for information on what Apps to get. So perhaps someone somewhere might find our list of favourites useful for a young child or an older one with a moderate or severe intellectual disability, especially if they have a motor impairment as well…

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mummy2five – When all your hopes and dreams change

When all your hopes and dreams change

It was November 30th 2001 my sons due date when I went into labour, the labour was only short and I was home the next morning with my baby boy my daughter was almost 21 months old when her baby brother was born so life was hectic for a while, little did we know how hectic our lives would become. In a way I’ve always known Thomas was not like his sister but it was when he was around 6 months old that he stopped breathing whilst sitting in his pram it appeared like he had chocked on saliva.

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Its A Crazy World – This is Not My Life. I want a Refund.

This is not my life! I did not ask for it. I do not want it! Surely there’s been a mistake somewhere and I was given the wrong life! This life belongs to someone else. Someone stronger. Someone smarter. Someone more beautiful than I. Someone calmer. Someone more confident. I do not see this person when I look in the mirror, though I am told she is there if I look hard enough.

This is not my life. I did not ask for this child who needs so much. Her needs are greater than what my heart can cope with.

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TherExtras – A Park Especially-designed for People with Special Needs

A Park Especially-designed for People with Special Needs

I felt the air was rarefied at Morgan’s Wonderland, giving me a freedom to breath and.just.be. Thank you for coming along with me as I take you through my first visit with commentary ~ some might call a review. But reviews are supposed to reveal a balanced composite of both good and bad characteristics. Which leads to my second disclaimer: I cannot find much of anything bad to say about Morgan’s Wonderland. So there you have it, my bias right up front, on the table screen.

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The Bright Side of LIfe – Joyful January

Joyful January

Over the years I have had a few choices;

1. Become a misery and let my situation rule my life.
2. Be obsessed with autism to the detriment of family.
3. Bore everyone to tears about the woes of autism.
4. Pick myself off the floor and keep moving.
5. Take on board my son’s disability and all that it entails.
6. Accept my son for who he is and embrace his individuality.
7. Provide the right input to insure progress.
8. Pull this child into my arms and love him, no matter what…….

I choose to celebrate my son.

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Here come the Girls – Showcase SEN Bloggers

Showcase SEN Bloggers

I’m on a mission this week to submit a post for every category on the lovely shiny new blogging community Love All Blogs There are 19 categories in all and the only one that has given me pause has been SEN bloggers. I do not have children with SEN so I am reluctant to step to wade in and write a post saying what I think just for the sake of it.

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Little Mamma Said – How my child has changed me.

18 months ago, I could never have imagined the life I lead now. To feel so vulnerable and yet to appear so strong. To feel such love and to simultaneously feel such fear. To plan so far ahead and yet live day to day. To feel at times happier than I have ever felt and yet also so very very sad. To use words like life limiting and life threatening and hospice in day to day conversations and yet still feel truly blessed.

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touch & tickle – The Bugaboo Blues

A perfect family with a bugaboo hiding the perfectly imperfect truth of disability, trying and wanting to remain unnoticed and anonymous. But it’s time to say goodbye to our dear bugaboo and face the truth: can we hold our heads up high and comfortably approach acceptance? I hope so… I really hope so…

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PatchworkBoy – Trapped by a Lifestyle

I’d written an entirely different blog post that I’d intended to post this evening… but then theBoy chucked an almighty tantrum that left both myself and TheChimp in tears.

TheBoy only spends 28.5% of his time with me. This is broken into chunks here and there, which means any changes I attempt to make on his routines or habits doesn’t have the slightest impact. A typical trait of autism is routine, and once one is set, it’s very difficult to adjust it or correct issues. Similar applies to behaviour. To ease understanding, we’ll lump all this together under lifestyle….

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Aspie in the family – Dear friend …

Dear friend ...

Thank you for the Christmas card. It was nice of you to send me one though I couldn’t help but wonder if your card was just a polite response to the one I sent you. I read your comment about “catching up in the new year” but I don’t think you mean it and even if you did, I’m not sure I have anything to say to you anymore. Ever since we were new mums you were always the one who said you would call but never did or …

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Just Bring the Chocolate – The Difference Between You and Me

The Difference Between You and Me

When I first started blogging, which is all of 9 years ago now, I promised myself that I would record both the beautiful and the ugly side of parenting. I wanted to remember what it was really like, not what I would perhaps rather pretend it was like. Since Dominic came along, the definition of all aspects of my parenting journey has shifted in a way that I would never have imagined

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AutismWonderland – Looking Back: A Year After Diagnosis

There is not a book in the world that can prepare you for parenthood. I know because I’ve read more than a few while trying to do so. I believed I prepared myself for Norrin’s diagnosis, it was still a complete shock. There was that small part of me that thought the doctor would say Norrin was “typical.” If there was ever a moment in my life that I could actually feel my heart break, it was that moment when the doctor said: Norrin has been diagnosed with Autistic Disorder and Global Developmental Delay.

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Kate Says Stuff – Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues

I am learning a second language at the moment. It’s a language where I recognize the letters but not always the words. A language made up of roman numerals and more acronyms than you could poke a stick at. A language based on science that affects your heart the most of all. A language where you think you’ve finally got it, then realize you’ve only covered the first couple of chapters of a book that could take your entire life to get through.

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Thinking Chimp – In-communication

It’s the raw emotion that defines autism. It’s that total speechless candor of expression at that exact point in time regardless of meaning or consequences….

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