09-01-12 Love Tech Weekly Showcase

09-01-12 Love Tech Weekly Showcase

Ever since the dawn of time humanity has strived to better itself, from the invention of the wheel to the humble ball point pen. Some men change the world by selling Apples in all sorts of shapes and sizes others by selling Windows. Some wish to find god in an accelerator or create the worlds first self igniting flatulence.

Why there was even an Hippo who took an Apricot, a Guava and a Mango. He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango. The Rhino said, “I know we’ll call it Um Bongo.”
But, was this the drink to rule all drinks? The drink that would vanquish thirst for ever? Alas no……

Oh sweet Um Bongo, how I miss thy divine beauty, thou heavenly taste. You were truly the Ambrosia the Gods did talk off. As perfect as the waters from the fountain of youth, but without the fountain…… or the mystical youth giving qualities, but you were mine…MINE!!!! How I miss thee.

I feel I must leave now as it is becoming far too painful to carry on. Enjoy the Tech, may you find all that you seek….


Till next time…

The voice has spoken.

Introduction kindly written by Adrian from The Voice from the Abyss

Here come the Girls – Top 5 Gadgets

Top 5 Gadgets

It’s amazing how reliant we have become on gadgets. There are so many things we couldn’t have dreamed about owning when we were little. I have a love hate thing going on with a few of my gadgets. I love my smart phone, but the actual phone bit is such a pain, people can always reach you. Luckily I have a habit of leaving it at home or in the bottom of my bag so if someone – shock horror does try to call then I don’t have to answer. Problem solved.

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geekmummy – My confession: I’m a window shopper

My confession: I’m a window shopper

I have a confession to make – I am a window shopper when it comes to houses. Despite being very happily established in my own family home, I can’t keep away from show homes and estate agents. I love to have a good old nosey at other people’s houses. And the great news is that in these days of smartphones you can walk down a road, see a “for sale” board, and have the house details in the palm of your hand within seconds.

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JoanneDewberry – Public Safety Warning

Public Safety Warning

Have you taken the plunge? Are you now the proud owner of the new Facebook Timeline? When I first saw it I thought ‘hummm another change we really could do without .. maybe the tech guys should go on holiday instead of continuously altering things we really like.’ Come on! I know you agree with me! Remember the back lash the first time they changed our beloved profile. And don’t get my started in the likers .. I still refer to them as fans well it is a ‘Fanpage‘! ….

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Adventures of an Ordinary Parent – Technology: A world-wide addiction

Technology: A world-wide addiction

I recently fell victim to a computer virus. Two to be precise and both designed to scam you out of money. I didn’t fall for the con but I have been left high and dry without my laptop (albeit only temporarily). What’s worse is that I don’t really know how to pass the time without it, such is the importance we place on it in my household.

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Mammasaurus – How to upload and edit video in Windows Live Movie Maker – part one – the basics

How to upload and edit video in Windows Live Movie Maker – part one – the basics

Mr Charles Onion Smythe here again! Last week I spoke to you about creating your first video post aka ‘facing the fear’ and now I am back with ‘How to upload and edit a video using Windows Live Movie Maker’

So you have recorded your first video ey? First thing’s first- upload it to your computer!

Open Windows Live Movie Maker and you’ll be greeted with this…

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