09-01-12 Love Travel Weekly Showcase

Welcome to the brand new Love All Blogs Weekly Travel Showcase ….and a very big welcome to a brand New Year too! 

2012 stretches leisurely out before us, with months and months of travel opportunities ahead!  So, whilst the decorations have been packed away for another year, and Christmas has disappeared in a flash of tinsel, a scrunched up cloud of wrapping paper (and has left most of us with houses that resemble Hamleys), I for one can’t wait to get the guide books out and get planning some travel for the year ahead! 

This category can be used by every blogger, so fasten your seatbelts and please pay attention to the following announcement –

“We want all of your upcoming travel posts this year….in any shape or form! 

Whether about holidays closer to home, or in far flung tropics,

experiences good and bad…

Holidays past, trips present, or plans for future holidays of a lifetime! 

Please submit them upon landing!”

Inspire the wanderlust in us all and we will give you pride of place in our sparkly new Weekly Travel Showcase! 

Thank you for your attention, please enjoy your journey!

I will now hand you over to a few wonderful bloggers with the travel bug already!  Thanks so much for your fantastic posts – keep them coming, and please spread the word! 

Introduction kindly written by  A Bavarian Sojourn.

A matter of choice – The Original Agia Napa

Agia Napa is known to many as one of the big party resorts in the Mediterranean, it is famous for it’s clubs, partying and drinking, and thousands of people visit every year for just this reason alone. But there is another side to Agia Napa….

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Actually Mummy… – Vineyards of Catalonia

Vineyards of Catalonia

We had visited the Codorniu vineyards and wine cellars at Sant Sadurni d’Anoia the previous day. Whilst I will admit to being a tiny bit interested in the damp, eerie caves, and the hoard of ashen Cava bottles, silently gathering the dust of maturity, I was not eager to repeat the experience; I had collected the requisite facts and brochures for an informative ‘show and tell’ at school, and there was nothing more I needed to know.

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from fun to mum – A night walk in Cesena, Italy

A night walk in Cesena, Italy

After some fun and family filled days, it felt like a nice thing for Mr H and I to leave a sleeping Little Miss G and go for a walk in town at night. Not to shop, not to meet anyone, just to stretch our legs and have a chat under the Christmas lights.

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Mari’s World – Italy by rail

Everyone knows I love Italy so I wanted to talk about seeing Italy by rail as an interesting adventurous alternative that is also family friendly.
Italy renowned for it’s beautiful art cities that are dotted around the boot is always high up there on the Bucket List as a possible destination but travelling from one place to the next often puts up barriers especially with the Italian’s infamous reputation for mad driving and that’s where escorted trips come into the equation.

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Here come the Girls – Top tips for enjoying your stay at Butlins

Top tips for enjoying your stay at Butlins

Here are a few top tips for enjoying your stay at Butlins, Bognor Regis. This is a brilliant place to go for a break with the family. We went with three young children under 5 and the facilities really suited our needs. There is enough to do for a week and the accommodation is unexpectedly luxurious. It is a great place to visit at Christmas as there are several Christmas themed activities and lots of fake snow.

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Tired Mummy of Two – Christmas at Butlins

Christmas at Butlins

Fake snow drifted down from the top of the Spar, the trees and gardens featured snow and snowmen and the twinkly lights certainly put me in the mood for christmas. Butlins changes is schedule at christmas to include many new shows including Bjorn the Polarbear (which was amazing to watch) and Bjorns snowstorm (the kids loved throwing the snowballs). Both Billy bear and the Skyline gang had special christmas shows and even the puppet castle had christmas shows on as well as one of our all time favourites Under the sea (Shoo Sidney Shoo we’re sharks too!).

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DorkyMum – Painting the Town

Painting the Town

I’d only been to Portsmouth, NH, once before this holiday. So I wasn’t sure if the amazing artwork painted on buildings around the town was a permanent feature or a special exhibition. A quick Google search on my return revealed that they were part of the Street a.k.a. Museum exhibit, curated by the Portsmouth Museum of Art.

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Mammasaurus – Making A New Life

Making A New Life

Our honeymoon, a new beginning with a new life that I thought was impossible growing inside of me. My inner calm was restored and I built myself back up slowly with my husbands support into the strong woman that I am today. Our honeymoon was a turning point for me, Reykjavik, Iceland remains the most beautiful, inspirational place that I have ever visited.

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