12-12-11 Family

Romanian Mum in London

Classy Polenta

The biggest difference between this recipe and the traditional one in wrote here before is the use of milk.


3 cups of milk

2 tsp salt

2 tbsp butter

1 1/2 cups yellow corn meal,coarse or medium ground

6 oz. Telemea cheese or a good feta cheese

1 cup sour cream

In a Ceaun,heat the milk,salt and 1 tsp butter over medium heat until it begins to bubble.

Sprinkle about a tbsp of cornmeal into the milk. As soon as the milk begins to bubble again pour in the rest of the cornmeal all at once, and stir with a melesteu or the handle of a long wooden spoon for about a minute. Then add the cheese and the rest of the butter. Turn the heat down to low and continue stirring vigorously always in the same direction. Again as for the traditional mamaliga you will begin to see the polenta thickening and releasing from the sides of the pan.

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Kamel’s fun food

Healthy fishballs

Kamel's fun food

It is cold and damp, the wind whistles around the house and beats the trees. Drops hang from red noses and coughing sounds everywhere. Appetites are minimal, just now when we need our vitamins most. A good thing that mama knows a trick to get vitamins, minerals and healthy fats into toddlers and pre-schoolers. We are going to hide vegetables and fish in crispy little balls. Tijm comes running as I put the ingredients down on the worktop. ‘Mama, can I help?’
Off course he can. Food made with your own hands tastes the best.

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Me and My Shadow

On the Radio – BBC Weekend Kitchen

Me and My Shadow

Did I mention I was on the radio this weekend?

No, actually I probably didn’t. So terrified was I of screwing up and humiliating myself that I tried not to let on. The idea being, if it went well I could let people listen on iplayer, and if it didn’t I’d keep my trap shut.

Well, guess what – it did go well. Considering.

Considering that speaking in public is one of my biggest phobias. That I was freaking out I’d blurt out a tourettes style string of expletives and blasphemy. That I was nervous one of my family would ring in and out me as a take-away lovin’ fraud. That I was in the same studio as amazing cooks and chefs who would make my pile-it-high food look like something from a pig’s trough…

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Cardamome et Compagnie

Comfort Food, Our Greatest Hits

Cardamome et Compagnie

I imagine that most families have dishes that are a part of their family identity, even family history and as such reside in our hearts and stomachs as comfort foods. More than just providing that inner sigh of satisfaction that occurs with the first mouthful, its food that becomes synonymous with time and place.

Whenever I eat paneer (Indian cheese) I remember Thursday night dinner in my family home. The once a week vegetarian meal that consisted of chapattis, fried aubergine, dhal and paneer. Sitting on the kitchen counter chatting to my Mum whilst she rolled out less that circular chapattis.

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Pinkoddy’s Blog

Simple Chocolate Cakes

Pinkoddy's Blog

You may notice that I like making cakes with my children.

It is a very simple recipe that even my 2 year old is able to get involved in, and a slight variation can make it seem less dull.

I believe making them together has all manner of benefits for my children – bonding, counting, economics, weighing, self-confidence building – to name a few.

First put on an apron

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The Princess and The Pickle

Marshmallow Winter Wonderland

The Princess and The Pickle

I made this Marshmallow Winter Wonderland with The Princess for the Sudocrem Christmas Superchef competition. It’s easy enough for the kids to help with, but be prepared to get very very messy (and be careful with the cocktail sticks)!

Marshmallows (LOTS of marshmallows!)
Food colouring
Tubes of icing
Fizzy shoelaces
Giant chocolate buttons
Cocktail sticks
Any other sweet treats you would like to use (as you can see from the picture I bought way too much… don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste – hubby and I disposed of it during Saturday’s X Factor final!)

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