12-12-11 Special Diet


Having fun with Christmas thmed baking


Was looking for something different to do with Bob as regards to Christmas. Why should he not have something Christmassy like every other child going?

As I only have them for a few short hours after school I decided on Sunday that I would make the stuff for them to decorate as we don’t have time to make, bake, cool and decorate in a few short hours.

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Good Food Girl

Onions make me cry.

So, last Monday I reintroduced onions.

Before low Fodmap I loved Onions. I would have proudly worn a t-shirt stating ‘I Heart Onions’. Did I realise my love for onions when I could eat them freely? No. Did I take the lowly onion – used in pretty much every tasty dish you would ever eat – for granted? Yes.

If this is you, and you are not low Fodmap, then I beg you stop taking them for granted, go home smell them, fry them, soften them, cook with them everyday, just bloody well enjoy them.

My love for onions was my reason for choosing this to be my first reintroduced food. My top missed foods have been onions and garlic. The plan was this:

Monday – add 1tbsp to my dinner.
Tuesday – add 2tbsp.
Wednesday – add 3 tbsp.

Monday night I happily chopped away at my onion, carefully dividing into tablespoons to be used over the coming nights. That night I was adding 1 tbsp fried onions to my home-made cheeseburger with home-made chips, perfect Monday night comfort food. My dinner was delicious and the following hours to bedtime absolutely fine, it was all looking good.

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Buckwheat & almond chocolate cake


I was attracted to Béa’s chocolate cake primarily because for the simplicity of its ingredients and method, but also because it is gluten free. A number of friends, including Jessica’s childminder, have coeliac disease and its great to have a quick and easy chocolate cake up your sleeve that everyone will enjoy. I served it with crème fraîche, but its moist enough to scoff straight from the plate.

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