16-01-12 Love Beauty Weekly Showcase

16-01-12 Love Beauty Weekly Showcase

This week was the launch of the Love Beauty Blogs (and my own beauty related blog) and I have to say that as a beauty loving mamá, I enjoyed seeing what everyone has been trying and using to make themselves look absolutely fabulous. 
As mothers is it important to try to make time to do what we like and to give ourselves a chance to look and feel our best. If that means wearing killer red lipstick on the school run, or painting your nails a bright blue, accentuating your cheeks or making your eyes pop with a new dark liner…then go for it!  So what if you still have a few pounds to lose? That shouldn’t stop you from looking amazing in other ways. 
So have a gander, give some comment love and I suspect there are a lot more beauty related posts floating around out there. Look out for a recipe to make your own moisturiser on Very Busy Mamá (www.verybusymamablog.com) that I’m excited to share. 
Now I’m off to celebrate Little M’s third birthday…and I’m wearing my new lash pumping mascara! J  See you next week!
Introduction kindly written by María  from Very Busy Mamá and Mummy’s Busy World.
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Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy – Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander

Magic Minerals Makeup by Jerome Alexander is a mineral makeup designed for the paler skin. As I am firmly in the ‘pale skinned’ camp I was really interested to try this makeup.

The kit includes:

The Magic Minerals Compact complete with application mirror and sponge

A powder brush

Extended Lash Black Mascara

The Magic Minerals makeup contains loads of different coloured pigments that blend together to give you the ultimate coverage. The translucent base, pink to brighten your complexion, mint to dull redness and conceal discolouration, lavend

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Glowstars.net – OPI’s Gone Gonzo

OPI's Gone Gonzo

You might remember that last month I put OPI’s Gone Gonzo (from the Muppets collection) on my Christmas wish list. Luckily Santa came through and this little baby was waiting in my stocking.

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superamazingmum – Mac Pro longwear – this baby rocks!!!

I’m always on the hunt for that multi tasking, long lasting product and this lipstick ROCKS

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Mrs W – Diet Diary – Chic Cheeks and Virtual Makeover!

Chic Cheeks and Virtual Makeover!

Whilst my weight loss is ‘work in progress’, I am looking at other ways add a little sparkle to my day and a spring to my step (aside from the craft glitter dotted about the house, and bounding around after the children!!) As the above image from the Topshop site suggests it’s a case of smoke and mirrors to achieve this!

I’ve always admired the shiny, sculpted cheekbone look. Not keen on plastic surgery, I have found another risk free and very affordable way to do this.

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Margot and Barbara – We Love Lush.

We Love Lush.

Last summer, I took my lovely mum out for the day in Leeds for her birthday. We ended up in Lush. To be honest, I’d not been in the store for ages. Which, I see now, was a big mistake.

We had a potter around and I came across a shower scrub called Rub, Rub, Rub. Like a large proportion of the population, I have those little red bumps on my upper arms (keratosis pilaris) and it’s been something I’ve been self conscious about for as long as I can remember.

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love . inspiration . style . happiness – 10 years younger!

10 years younger!

My friend told me last week she spent an astonishing 800 euros in one go on creams for her face. I nearly died on the spot.

I swear my husband does not know how lucky he (or should I say his wallet) has it, although I do like reminding him! Nivea face wipes, that is my beauty regime :/

Call it lazy, call it slovenly… I can and do leave the house regularly without makeup. Recently this is starting to change though.

I’ve found a new makeup – Bare Minerals.

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Mari’s World – Natio Meditate

Natio have brought out a new range of products called Meditate, a body care collection perfumed with Indian Attars, the mood enhancing scents of yoga. The range was inspired when the founder Max Ross visited India and discovered an Attarwalla, a natural perfume maker using age old techniques and copper stills to extract the scents.

Through the ages, the scented Attars have been used in temples and ashrams to purify the atmosphere and turn the mind within. And Natio have combined the philosophy of meditation with the unique benefits of all-natural Attars in a gorgeous bath and body range.

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