16-01-12 Love Books Weekly Showcase

09-01-12 Love Books Weekly Showcase

Here it is. My very first introduction to the very first ‘Books’ showcase and let me tell you, I am nervous about it. The introduction that is, not the showcase! 
I’ll be honest, my book-reading credentials are somewhat sparse at the moment. When I was growing up, I was never without a book and I would happily while away a day curled up in an armchair devouring whatever my latest read may have been. However 2 babies in 2 years has put paid to those lazy days and now I’m lucky if I can find time to brush my hair, nevermind read a book!
I also have to confess I’m a newbie blogger of 2 months and while I feel very privileged to have been accepted so enthusiastically onto Mammasaurus’ Love All Blogs team, I’m feeling the pressure to live up to the high writing standard they’ve already set.
So rather than spending this introduction waffling at you, I’d like to start a conversation and the question I’m asking is what’s your favourite opening sentence/paragraph of any book and why? I’m hosting this discussion over at the Love All Blogs community network in the ‘Books’ group so come and join me! You can also find me tweeting this question on twitter using the hashtag #faveopener. If you haven’t come across me yet, I’m @the_last_slayer and I’m always happy to chat!
Just before the big ‘Books’ showcase reveal, I’d like to let you all know about the 3 books linky hosted here by A Mummy Too,which is about sharing the three books you love most from your time as a chid, adult and parent. Go and take a look and then add it to your to-do list. Don’t forget to enter your post into next week’s showcase!
Now, without any further ado, lets find out what the showcase has in store for us (and whether it received more entries than the other categories!). I know it’s going to be great.

Introduction kindly written by A Hell Of A Woman.

Mel Comley- Author – Cruel Justice

Friday August 30th, 2007

The pain from the welts on the woman’s naked back intensified. She had no concept of time, no idea how long she’d been tied up. Her hands had lost all feeling from being tightly bound to an old wooden chair.
Is this how her life would end?
It had taken a while, but her nostrils had finally grown used to the vile stench permeating her temporary cell.
Time, all she had was time. Time to think, time to ask the same question over and over. Who was he? And why was he holding her captive?

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Skulls & Ponies – Book Review: A Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing

Book Review: A Busy Girl's Guide to Sewing

I was really excited when my copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing landed on my doormat! Busy is a concept I understand well and I was eager to see how Carrie Maclennan – co-owner of the creative enterprise Made in the Shade made the journey into ‘sewing goddess’.

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Three Girls and a Pen – On Writing: Why I love Stephen King (and my husband…sometimes)

I’ve just reread Stephen King’s On Writing. I’ve now read it four times start to finish. It’s simply one of the best books I’ve found on the writing process and being a writer. King chats with his reader, as if over a coffee and slice of Victoria sponge, generously imparting his immense knowledge and encouragement. It’s an inspirational kick up the jacksie for all of us – writers or otherwise…

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Actually Mummy… – Top 5 Tips for Reading and Writing

Top 5 Tips for Reading and Writing

Before I started school Mummy tried to get me reading simple phonics books. I.Was.Not.Interested. About 3 weeks into my Reception year however, I was hooked; I badgered her to help with my tricky words, and never looked back. Now, I have finished all the school reading books and am working my way through the library. Last week I brought home Harry Potter to read in my room, demolishing Mummy’s romantic notion of us reading the entire box set together.

So if you are struggling here are my top 5 tips for getting to grips with reading and writing:

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Yellow Days – Fiction Friday – An Ouch in my Pouch

Fiction Friday - An Ouch in my Pouch

Fiction Friday is a new meme from @Homedad where we can share our favourite kid’s books and this is my choice. This is the story of Willaby Wallaby who can’t get comfy in his pouch and so goes off in search of another one. After encountering some other animals he returns home and it turns out that the ouch is actually his new baby sister Jillaby. Mum says that there is room in her pouch for two but Willaby decides that now he’s a big boy he doesn’t need to be in the pouch after all.

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from fun to mum – Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

My favourite shops in the world are book shops. You might have not expected this from me, a firm lover of Bond Street, Via Condotti and the likes, but book shops are just magical worlds full of possibilities.

Not far from where I live, there is one lovely independent book shop, England’s Lane Books, that is always welcoming and has Kids Story Time twice a week. I just like it there very much especially when Helena is there welcoming Little Miss G and I with a smile and good advice.

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That Book You Like – TBYL Book Club is up and running!

TBYL Book Club is up and running!

I’ve rubbed my bleary eyes, shaken off my hangover(s) and come to terms with the fact that 2011 whizzed by too quickly, and another year has started with a bang.

I’m very excited, because the start of 2012 brings the beginning of our TBYL Book Club. Our brand new online book club officially kicks off this month and so I thought it might be a good idea to give a little run down on how it will work.

It’s pretty simple really, just a couple of simple steps and you’ll be connected with lots of bookish people, sharing some excellent novels…

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Life, Love and Living with Boys – Can I Call Myself about Author?

I am very pleased to announce that my book has been published!!! Break open the champers – you’re all invited to the launch. I’m thinking a minimalist London Art Gallery with champagne, fancy canapes and filled to the brim with my contemporaries…Oooh! and Cakepops! There absolutely has to be Cakepops!

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Margot and Barbara – Books


I didn’t really know how to title this post. It’s not that I’m anti-Kindle or (insert other e-book device here) it’s just that I’m pro-books. Actual books. The smell (from sharp new academic texts, to fusty old, mouldy ones) the feel of the paper, the design of the cover, the choice of typeface; cannot be beaten.

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The Princess and The Pickle – New Releases from Priddy Books

New Releases from Priddy Books

Last week we received a lovely bag full of books to review from Priddy Books. I’d barely opened the parcel and The Pickle was already eyeing up the contents – he loves books! The Princess loves reading too, as soon as she gets home from school her daily reading book is out and we all sit on the sofa while she reads to me and her brother…

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Book reviews for mums – If you had hours to eread what books would you choose?

When I was a child some of my best holidays were spent in tents and on caravan
parks by the English seaside. Not because I didn’t love the sunshine but because of the English weather, I’d spend hours reading as it would often rain, but these wouldn’t be snatched moments between activities oh no. They would be hours of reading because there was no TV and nothing to do except scrabble or monopoly

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Minibreak Mummy – ‘Babies love books’ by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

‘Babies love books’ by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

I like sharing books with my son Aled, and this is one we really enjoy reading together. It is called ‘Babies love books’ by Catherine and Laurence Anholt.

Aled loves shouting out the names of the places where books can be shared. Earlier this year I did an audioboo recording of us reading ‘Babies Love Books’ together.

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Lakes Single Mum – 100 books in 2012

I am challenging myself to read 100 books in 2012 – last year I managed 90! Anyone else want to join in?

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Here come the Girls – Can You Trust The One You Love?

Can You Trust The One You Love?

How much can you ever really know another person? Can you trust them, and should you?

The Secrets Between Us by Louise Douglas poses these questions. I was sent this book as part of the Transworld Book Club which I joined because it gave me a great excuse to read more books. This was a great book to begin with because you have to keep reading to find out what happens next. It’s narrator, Sarah, is believable and engaging. You instantly identify with.

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Tired Mummy of Two – Night Watcher – Chris Longmuir

Well Hubby did as he was told and I got a lovely new kindle for Christmas, I also got £40 to spend on Amazon and so on Christmas day I did what I had promised myself I would do and I bought and downloaded all of Chris Longmuirs other books. The first book read on my kindle was Night Watcher. It was good, not as good as Dead Wood but still very good.

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Child-Led Chaos – Six Books

Six Books

Six picture books from my childhood that I bought for my children.

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Musings of a stressy mummy – #3 Books – My Three Books

So the lovely Emily from A mummy too has inspired me to have a think about my favourite books. I have said in previous posts that books have played a massive part in my life. As a child, I always had my head in a book. Being an only child, it seemed that there was no better way than whiling away the hours in whatever imaginary world I was reading about at the time. I was a massive Enid Blyton fan and by the time I had finished primary school, I had read all of her books.

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making it up – is Harry Potter really all that?

I’ve said in person, and possibly before on here, that I don’t consider Harry Potter great literature. It’s a bunch of ripping yarns, fair enough, but as it gets to the end of the saga it could really have benefited from a much sterner editor. But by then who had the courage to tell JK anything? And yes, I’ve read them all nevertheless – scurrying to read the final couple ahead of Big to be sure of what she was about to encounter.

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Mammasaurus – The one where I attempt some grown up writing about ‘The House at Pooh Corner’

The one where I attempt some grown up writing about ‘The House at Pooh Corner’

Dog eared from years of my fumbling, the inquisitive prying of eight curious childs minds and countless house moves it looks like a well-loved book should look. Open it up and you can smell the lovely old book smell – never underestimate the allure of the smell of old books. I am pretty sure I could make millions if I patent the smell of old books into a spray for Kindles.

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A Mummy Too – My #3Book – what are yours? [LINKY]

My #3Book - what are yours? [LINKY]

To give me the kick I need, to reignite my passion for books and to encourage me to just read more, here are my #3Books

The premise is simple – share the three books you love most from your time as a child, adult and parent.

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Romanian mum in London – My love for Paulo Coehlo books

I discovered Paulo Coelho books when I was a teenager. I fell in love straight away of his first book “The Alchemist”. Back then I read the book in Romanian and finished reading it in less than a week. The book is written so well and I found myself identifying with the main character. While I was reading the book my heart was pounding and words like the ones below will stay in my heart forever:
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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Vivien Sabel – My latest independent parenting (book) review

In agreeing to review these books I received a neat yet weighty parcel and inside I discovered some hidden gems. These books are unique, creative and educational. I have to say, I absolutely love them! I have so many good things to say about them I’m just not sure where to begin!

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The Baby Wife – Light Reading – Learning How to Make a Baby

Light Reading - Learning How to Make a Baby

i don’t undertake anything in life without a little bit of research and reading. Any excuse to buy books is good by me, with my heaving bookcase being testament to that!

Currently gracing its shelves are –

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