16-01-12 Love Craft Weekly Showcase

 16-01-12 – The Craft Weekly Showcase

I found my sewing machine!! At last after the last few weeks of chaos, I am reunited with my faithful old beast. I even managed to started and complete a project this week, made for a special birthday and given to the boy in question – all without photographing it! Well I hope you lot have all had a more successful making week. What a week its been on here, so much activity and talk humming about the groups.  I hope you’ve all had the chance to look it over and join in. 

I am as always looking forward to my Monday morning crafty coffee and catch up and I trust you will all join me. Happy crafting !
Introduction kindly written by Mary from  Keynko

Trouble Doubled – How to make a shoebox aquarium

How to make a shoebox aquarium

Today we made a shoebox aquarium. Trouble two (3yo) is always making stuff. Our house is full of bits of paper glued together which we randomly find on things. I am trying to find more creative outlets for her decorating passion.

Bored and lacking attention, she decided to take things into her own hands and make a ‘fish-thing’ out of a baby food jar.

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Science Sparks – Making bird feeders

Making bird feeders

Winter can be a tough time for birds. Whilst we are tucked up under our blankets drinking hot chocolate, birds are out there facing the harsh conditions of winter. Although many stay in this country the hardened cold weather can put them at risk. Food is in shorter supply and if an ice frost creeps over it can harden nuts and berries and make it impossible to eat them. Birds can starve to death after three days if a frost or snow continues and many rely on bird feeders as their only source of food.

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momstown arts and crafts – Cotton pad snowmen

Cotton pad snowmen

What you need:

Cotton pads
Construction paper
Googly eyes
Any scrap wrapping paper, ribbons, shiny paper

Have kids cut out circles to form the snowmen (good cutting skill practice!) and glue them onto the construction paper. Then, glue on the cotton pads to create texture and a snowy fluffy effect. You can pull on the pads to fluff them up a bit!

Add googly eyes, use scrap paper to make a hat, scarf, and any other embellishments your snowman may need!

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Red Ted Art – Bathroom for the Dolls’ House

Every homemade dolls’ house needs a bathroom… check out the bathroom and the rest of the house.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – You Get the Picture – with Chatty Baby

You Get the Picture - with Chatty Baby

Just to clarify, this is a rockhopper penguin, made from a proper vintage cotton reel (it’s wooden and the thread length was only in yards!) and plasticine. He’s living very happily in a little box now and is allowed out onto his pool with supervision.

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Here come the Girls – Sensory Bottles: The Seasons

Sensory Bottles: The Seasons

Of course you’d expect wine to be in a wine rack wouldn’t you. All probably being a mother, gin. But no, in my wine rack there is no wine. When we were planning our kitchen many years ago before we had children or even thought about children a wine rack was of course a place for keeping wine. It looked very pretty on the bottom layer of cupboards, close to the ground, filled with different bottles. Those of a parental disposition will notice the problem in the previous sentence. Close to the ground.

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The Princess and The Pickle – Recycled ‘junk’ toys

Recycled 'junk' toys

I made these ‘toys’ from empty pots of Plum baby food and stuck in photos of family members and pets. Again, we would never leave The Pickle unsupervised with these but he loves them. He bangs them together, looks at the pictures, stacks them inside each other, puts things in them and takes them out again… hours of fun, a way of recycling the pots and it didn’t cost a thing!

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Rainy Day Mum – Cotton Wool Ball Snowmen

Cotton Wool Ball Snowmen

J really wanted to help from the start with making the snowmen (he’s a bit obsessed and as typical English Winter we’ve had about 10 snow flakes so far so making snowmen out of anything and everything is our big thing at the moment) so we used two different sized bowls and he drew around them and then I drew around them and cut them out.

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beepbeep designs – Emily’s Blanket

Emily's Blanket

I was looking for the post where I first talked about Emily’s blanket and I can’t find it; obviously I didn’t write one! Woops. Anyway. Emily’s blanket, which I’ve been mentioning for the last month or so, is being made as a throw for her Big Girl Bed, which she doesn’t have yet but should do by the summer. I thought if I started early, then it might be finished in time. Maybe.

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I’m Counting UFOs – Pretty Little Hooky Things For My Valentine

Pretty Little Hooky Things For My Valentine

One of my new years resolutions was to make a proper go of Pretty Little Hooky Things, and what better way to kick of the year with the Hallmark Holiday of lurve that is Valentine’s Day.

So, may I present to you my first ever card series, available to buy over on the PLHT Folksy shop.

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Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! – Pom Poms!!

Pom Poms!!

Z was very disappointed not to have snow before Christmas, so while we keep our fingers crossed for a cold snap, we decided to make a snow tunnel and snow man for Baby H.

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A Spoonful of Sugar – Dust Cover

Dust Cover

If you would like to make your own dust covers to protect some of your out of season clothes or kids clothing/costumes, here are the instructions:

Dust Cover:

Measures: 21 inches x 29 inches (53 x 74 cm)

* If you want to leave off the monogram, just follow steps 3 and 4.

· 1 yard printed cotton
· 6 inch square of white cotton homespun fabric
· scrap of contrasting fabric for monogram
· 20 inches of wide ric rac trim
· co-ordinating thread
· appliqué film (e.g. vliesofix)
· 5 inch square lightweight fusible interfacing

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Alicia’s hiding place – Angelic Pincushion – Tutorial

Angelic Pincushion - Tutorial

Hi, today is the last day of march and I don’t want to finish this month without a new post.
So today I want to share with you a pincushion I did; It was originally made in felt but i chosed better to do it in plain and floral fabrics, and I did all the embroidery in colors that matches with it. The result was very nice. It is a scissors case too, because it has a back pocket where you can keep the scissors and take them in any bag wherever you go with your needlework.

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The good life mum – Felting birds

Felting birds

For Christmas i got the Kirsty Allsop Craft book a clover tool and mat as i saw some really cute robins on Kirsty’s show and really wanted to try the craft for myself.
I have never done felting before but it looked like fun and wanted a stab at it (lol felting joke). After i made the easy Robins i wanted to try something a little harder so had a go at making a Chaffinch and a bluetit.

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Our Little Love – DIY Glittery Headband

Want to add a little extra glamour to your newborns’ wardrobe? Here’s a lovely little ‘how to’ create your very own Glittery Flower Headband!

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Jenni Cresswell – Textile landscapes

Textile landscapes

Textile landscapes: my 2012 focus

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Jennifer’s Little World – Felt Food Sandwich

After making my felt biscuits a few weeks ago I’ve been thinking about all the other possibilities for felt food. Something that I thought looked fairly simple was a felt sandwich. I like the fact that you can keep adding to it, and there are so many different ways that you can make it up. We have some plastic food bits in our play kitchen, but when you put them together they just slide about and fall apart. Felt lends itself much better to play food because the pieces will stick together.

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love . inspiration . style . happiness – Sew impressed!

Sew impressed!

I made my first thing EVER with a sewing machine yesterday. Well I made a stocking a few years ago but that doesn’t really count as you can’t wear it! I was inspired by my sisters new hat/scarf/mitten thing (is there a name for these?) which littlelish thought was amazing. I thought I’d make a tutorial for you all, watch this space!

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Minibreak Mummy – Cross-stitched Elmer

Cross-stitched Elmer

I love Elmer the elephant! I also love cross-stitching, so I was delighted to find some Elmer designs in a book called ‘More Storybook Favourites in Cross-stitch’ by Gillian Souter. Here is a photo of the cross-stitched Elmer picture I made. It was fairly easy to do, because the design is basically a series of blocks of lovely bright thread colours.

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chouxchouxbedoo – Christmas Round Up…

Christmas Round Up...

I love making gifts for people. I think it’s so much nicer to give something a little more personal than shopping off a wish list of some kind, although they are handy at times! So I thought I’d do an end of year blog and record the gifts that I made for loved ones this Christmas. There are already plans for things I’d like to make people, more food related gifts next year, so long as I’m organised enough.

This year the gifts were either sewn or assembled with love.

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Red Ted Art – Quick, cheap DIY iphone case

A very quick and easy iphone case. I included mircofibre lining (on request of my brother who received this gift), so you can clean the screen with the case….. A great gift for Valentines or for Father’s Day or just “for him” (or you). It cost me about £1 to make – the cost of the microfibre bought in a pack of 5 on ebay!

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making it as mum – Make your own typography wall art

Make your own typography wall art

Inspired by the old bus canvas signs subway art / typography is a lovely finishing touch for any room.

I love quotes how lovely to have in your home something on your wall to see everyday that inspires you and is personal to you.

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Forest Bump and Beyond – My First ACT (Sherlock Holmes)

I’ve created an ATC at last. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but never got round to it. I saw a Sherlock Holmes themed swap on http://swap-bot.com/ and, as I a huge fan, decided to have a go. I took a video, edited using Windows Movie Maker and published it to youtube.

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