16-01-12 Love Education Weekly Showcase

16-01-12 Love Education Weekly Showcase

Welcome to this, the first Love Education Weekly Showcase – thank you to all taking part! 

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Littlesheep Learning – How to Help your Child to do well

How to Help your Child to do well

This week there have been several news articles about what makes children achieve at school (e.g. about routines and exercise) so here are my top five ways to help your child do well at school.

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Rainy Day Mum – Sweet Sorting

Sweet Sorting

It’s party season for J at the moment and one of the things that we keep getting in the party bags are mini sugar coated chocolates (smarties, asda own and M&M’s) – now I don’t mind a few occasionally but with 3 parties in 1 week there was a lot of chocolate flowing around so I decided to use them for some fun

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NLP Mum – Thinking for Kids

Thinking for Kids

My hubby just came downstairs and gave me that withering look again. There I was with my chalk, scribbling away….. I need it for my blog …. I explained. He looked at me again and went back to whatever it was he was doing upstairs. You see, I’ve just been reading a post about “thinking big”…. only it wasn’t about thinking big, it was about just thinking. And it got me to thinking about how we teach thinking in schools…. or not….

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Mama Jax – How to talk to kids about sex; A guide for teachers

There is some controversy surrounding teaching children as young as 6 the scientific names for the less talked about parts of their bodies. Among the penises (penii?) and vaginas is the humble clitoris, which has causes ruffled feathers among the teaching profession who think this is a body part too far. My argument though is that we are training up a future generation who will be so rubbish at dirty talk (“Sexual intercourse my vagina…oooh yeah baby!”) that if we don’t teach at least the boys about the clitoris, we as a species will definitely die out.

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A boy With Aspergers – Autistic boy aged 9 bagged up like trash

I’ve heard some pretty horrifying stories involving the mistreatment of children with autism spectrum disorders & special educational needs, yet this next story just angered me that little more.

A week or more ago I was sent yet another link reporting a disgusting act of abuse inflicted on a child diagnosed with autism and special educational needs. The worse part of this story was that such abuse occurred at a place most consider to be a safe and caring environment, the child’s school!

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Romanian mum in London – 2 year old evaluation

Well now..tomorrow I have a meeting with boogie’s key worker at nursery! This kind of meeting happens twice a year or so! The purpose is to discuss and evaluate boogie’s development. Last week I received this big RED folder that contains all my daughter’s information since her first day in nursery!
This folder contains pictures and commentaries about Boogie’s development. They analyse her personality and her creativity, her motor skills and they keep a track of how good she is with numeracy and problem solving etc.

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Science Sparks – Making a catapult – looking at elasticity

Making a catapult - looking at elasticity

Elasticity is the ability of a solid to return to its original shape after being subjected to strain. Most solid materials demonstrate elasticity, up to a point called the elastic limit. When the load is higher than the elastic limit damage to the material occurs.

To demonstrate elasticity we made a catapult.

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Right from the Start – The changing face of literacy

There are a number of things that I really appreciate about the way my children use technology to play and learn about literacy.
■The children freely choose the literacy apps and never feel like they are learning literacy skills. Everything they choose to play is fun and interactive.
■The apps are an added dimension to their experience of literacy. They still love books and choose to read traditional books more often than e-books, still love to write, tell and listen to stories

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Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! – Reading and Dinosaur footprints

Reading and Dinosaur footprints

Z started school last September. After October half term he came home with an envelope full of words to learn, each on a tiny bit of paper. The initial enthusiasm for practising his words has started to fade as they have become harder. The main problem is that we do his reading at bedtime when he is tired and the girls are around. Baby H starts throwing them and little S folds them up into tiny pieces to ‘help’.

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Here come the Girls – Fun Ways to learn high frequency words

Fun Ways to learn high frequency words

If you have a child in Reception, they will no doubt have come home with a big list of high frequency words to learn by the end of the year. Some children are very keen to do homework, others are very reluctant. One thing is sure: learning by rote can get very boring. However, to learn these words you have to just read them many, many times, until you can read them so quickly you don’t have to think about it.

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Actually Mummy… – Learning to Read

Learning to Read

The Bug (who started school in September and is now 4 and a half) brought home reading books today. I said they didn’t look very interesting and flounced off, because honestly, they didn’t.

Mummy carried on wittering (it is wittering, right?) on the laptop and paid no attention. Then somewhere in her consciousness she registered this:

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too – It’s only a chocolate heart

It's only a chocolate heart

Yesterday Roo came home from school unhappy as one of the dinner ladies had told her off for having a chocolate heart in her lunchbox. Can I just clarify the situation by stating that the said chocolate heart was the size of a 10p!

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