16-01-12 Love Fashion weekly showcase

16-01-12  Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

You’re probably reading this on the worst day of the year.

Yes, it’s ‘Blue Monday’. Not as in 80s splendiferous New Order dance classic – but as in ‘it’s horrible weather, and I’ve got no money, and I’ve not paid for Christmas yet, and the house looks all sad without the tinsel, and I think I want a divorce, and I might just murder all my colleagues’. 

The third Monday in January is well known for being the gloomiest day of the year. But before you reach for the arsenic, just think. Yes, it’s cold and windy and we could paper the bare walls with credit card bills. But at the same time … there is much to make us feel Extremely Cheerful. 

The children are back at school, which means we can get enough work done to clear said credit card bills. There are snowdrops outside the front door. And best of all: it’s getting lighter every day. This Monday, it will be light when I collect my children from school. Yippee!

And if none of that convinces you, then there’s one more thing to feel cheerful about. Yes: it’s the lifestyle Showcase. So ignore the wet and the wind, fetch yourself a mug of something hot, and banish the blues with this week’s great new reads …

Introduction kindly written by Liz from Margot and Barbara

Blossoms and Dolls – The Blog Prince

The Blog Prince

At the beginning of the year I set my self the rather odd task of watching all the animated Disney films, so naturally I started with the princess ones (I’ll admit I’m a bit of a girly-girl).

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DorkyMum – A Hole in my Jeans

I got a hole in my jeans last night.. The cause was nothing dramatic; just too much time spent crawling around on the floor helping DorkySon build traffic jams. So my beloved pair of Levis now has a big rip across the left knee.

This is not a good thing. Holes in your clothes are never a good thing, but this is a particularly not-good thing because they were my last remaining pair of unripped trousers, so now I have to go clothes shopping. And I hate clothes shopping.

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Not Just A Mummy – Shoe Porn

Shoe Porn

I got thinking about this when Mistress Mummy posted an image of her shoes and wowed everyone. Then i saw lots of posts about shoes, then when i was in Plymouth last week i was stopped in my tracks when i saw lots of lovely shoes in the window of Shuh, the sort of shoes my mum calls ‘bedroom shoes’ and i call ‘sitting down shoes’, i cant manage in heels very well, and i cant afford to buy them much either although i found this morning i don’t have a bad collection!

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The Shoe Blogger – Hamilton wedges with peacock print

Hamilton wedges with peacock print

This season the phrase animal print takes on a whole new meaning. A snapshot of the animal is no longer good enough; we have to get the whole animal in there somewhere.

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Mum2BabyInsomniac – Vintage Threads

Vintage Threads

The mother of venting herself has tagged me in a meme where I have to reveal an item of clothing that I have owned forever but still wear. Unfortunately I am going to have to disappoint her by revealing that I don’t have anything older than about 2/3 years. Not that I go shopping and buy new clothes all the time, quite the opposite, it’s more the case that I buy something and wear it until it falls apart and then have to throw it away.

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Margot and Barbara – Vintage Threads

Vintage Threads

I’d love to share a piece of beautiful vintage couture with you, or perhaps something that has been handed down by my mum, from when she was at the Isle of Wight Festival watching Jimi Hendrix. Alas, I have neither. I do, however, have the programme for that festival, but that’s another story.

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Minibreak Mummy – Two teal finds

Two teal finds

Teal is my favourite colour to wear. It seems to bring out the colour of my eyes (which are grey-blue). So I was extremely pleased to find two lovely teal items in local charity shops recently. The first is a pretty silk blouse, which was £6.99 from Oxfam (was originally Kaliko) and looks as though it has never been worn and It is a perfect fit. There are interesting tucks round the neckline forming a sort of rose shape, plus pretty covered buttons on the cuffs and the back.

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Mari’s World – Davina for NEXT and keeping fit in style

Big news here in Mari’s World! With my last MuTu post and the video where I’m wearing some old decorating leggings and an out of shape t-shirt to do my Mummy Tummy system, NEXT took it upon themselves to step in and up the ante so to speak.

“Mari – we want you to be part of the Davina for Next campaign, road test her gorgeous kit and tell us how you get on.”

You know when you watch a cartoon and the jaw of the figure you’re looking at crashes to the ground, that was me!

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