16-01-12 Love Fitness Weekly Showcase

16-01-12 Love Fitness Weekly Showcase

So it’s that time again – making New Year’s resolutions…and breaking them 5 days later. Many people resolve to “get fit” – have you? I’m getting back into running this year and plan to enter a few races to give me something to work towards (note: they may be called races, but in my case it’s less about speed and more about actually making it to the finish line!). 
I’d like to create a virtual running group on Love All Blogs. Whether it’s running, swimming, aerobics or something far more exciting you’re into, please join our community , where you can join the Fitness group, share your concerns and progress, and maybe we can help each other achieve what we hope to. From hardcore fitness fanatics to those who are still mustering up the willpower to make it to the gym, everyone who wants to write, chat, moan or learn about fitness is welcome.
On that note, welcome to the very first Fitness weekly showcase on Love All Blogs. If you want to join in, you can submit a post for next week’s showcase by clicking on the “Join in” tab above. 
Thank you for all your submissions – see you next week! 

Introduction kindly written by Claire  from  At Least Daddy Can Cook.

Mummy Whisperer Blog – Get Healthy, Fit And Slim The Easy and Fun Way

Get Healthy, Fit And Slim The Easy and Fun Way

Do you fancy getting healthy, fit and maybe a bit slimmer for 2012? Without rubbish diets, fads, or boring exercise routines? It’s totally possible, it’s just that it wouldn’t make good TV or newspaper articles or expensive weight loss regimes if everyone knew how!

I’ve been blogging all last year about losing weight, because I struggled for years before I understood how easy it could be. So by blogging I could motivate myself and share it with everyone else.

My first objective was to hit a healthy weight, which meant losing 1 stone, then to get fitter, which meant another 1/2 stone……….

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Mummy on the Edge – Zumba!


NNnnnnn, hhhhmmffff, oooof ! one leg, ffffffwwwwwooomp two legs. Now all I needed to do was find a hoist in this bedroom to lift the rest of me out… No matter, I managed to heave myself up to the cries of “shreddies mummy!”
“in a minute” I reply,
“but I’m staaaaarrrving noooooooow”.
Ah, well, at least I managed a few minutes left in bed after Andy went to work this morning.

Last night…..
I was very well prepared for my first aerobic exercise class in over 5 years (oops!).

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Yes! We do have a TV! – Belly’s Gonna Get You!

Does anyone remember that old Reebok advert, where a huge belly is chasing a man down the road?I’d completely forgot about it, until it was dragged from the depths of my brain in a weird combination of flashbacks of said advert and grave realisation of my own body.

Let me begin, last night, I decided to have a lovely relaxing bubble bath. The children were in bed early, dinner had been eaten and dishes had been washed, heck, I even had a new magazine to read, Grazia if you’re interested.

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idontevenlikerunning – Not a new years resolution

I’ve always envied those who went for a run just for pleasure. My experience of running is limited to cross country at school (only until the teacher was out of sight) running for a bus or if my parking ticket was about to expire. I’ve seen friends posting on Facebook about their PBs (personal best times apparently!) and others telling me how great it is for relaxation… really? I just don’t get it!

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Life Ninja cat and everything else – Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf

Yet again my friend dragged me off to a fitness class. I had flu , my nose was dripping, I sounded like
Bonnie Tyler but with out the hair and the money. Now I have a few fears in life the usual spiders, glass lifts, sliced cheese in sandwiches ( it has to be grated). I had put my swimming costume on before I had got there. I restrained from using my husband’s razor to trim any wayward hairs before I went. Its not really to leave curly wurly hairs on his razor now is it?

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Not The Tiger Mum – I Love Running!

I Love Running!

I love the way running makes me feel. When I’m having a good run I feel invincible. I love the way the body moves when running, it feels natural and what our bodies were built to do. It makes you sweat and it makes you red, but I love that I don’t care. I love coming home from a run and sitting at the kitchen table having my water. I love that I don’t always shower straight away

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At least daddy can cook… – Run, Mummy, Run!

Run, Mummy, Run!

This is an extract from my diary back in September 2009:

“I want to run. I want to run along beaches, up and down hills. Maybe one day along deserts, up and down mountains. I want to run from coast to coast and city to city, in the blistering heat and the freezing cold. I want to do the Race for Life, the Great North Run, the London Marathon.

Ok. First things first. I need a pair of trainers.”

Well, I got the trainers. Reading that back, it’s apparent that I also needed a large reality check.

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Run Angel, Run – That awkward moment when life kicks you in the nuts ..

That awkward moment when life kicks you in the nuts ..

I carried on with the run, frightened that I had hurt something so then couldn’t concentrate on anything, my chest already full of cold then decided it would tighten (in hindsight the adrenaline had worn off) and before I knew it with only a couple of miles into the run I was walking home. I got in, threw myself of the floor, sent some pity party tweets, turned my phone off and cried like a baby. There was some snot involved.

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A matter of choice – Health and Fitness

I’ve never been a fan of sports or going to the gym, from my school days until only recent years I would go out of my way to avoid doing even the smallest amount of exercise, I was the big kid in the class, the one always picked last in games and I used to dread every PE lesson.

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Father, Son and the Odd Blog Post – Go straight to hell, do not pass ‘Go’ …do not lose 200 lbs

Go straight to hell, do not pass 'Go' ...do not lose 200 lbs

it may have taught you how to use them and provided a programme, but it won’t have primed you for your first experience of ‘real’ Gym life! Armed with water bottle, head phones and newly purchased gear, you turn up like a virgin at a sacrifice. Full of hope and expectation but soon to be vanquished and left bloodied, battered. You vow to carry on and begin your warm up, you look around to familiarise yourself with your environment and fellow gym goers and suddenly realise how far you are from the sporting idyll of what had been promised.

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Mutterings of a Fool – If Pilates saved your life

Oh have I got a treat for you today people, you see I had a flash of inspiration while at the gym the other day and have composed one of my little song/poem for you. However given that the last one was about communal showers I’m not sure you should get your hopes up just yet.

The Fun Lovin Criminals are one of my all time favourite bands so in the finest tradition I have butchered one of their great songs and created my own version to pay tribute to role that Pilates has played in getting me back running.

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Here come the Girls – Great South Run – Week 1

Great South Run - Week 1

I have just heard that I can run the Great South Run for Tamba (twins and multiple birth association see http://www.tamba.org.uk/). I have exactly 3 months to prepare. I’ve been doing bits and bobs of training up till now – but would ideally be a bit faster and more comfortable. I was thinking of applying a few months ago. I was getting back into exercise after having twins but need a goal to keep me motivated.

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Mrs Shorties Mind – New Year New Me

I have had an issue with my weight for years, I grew up with a mum that was always on a diet, she tried all sorts of different things, but one that always sticks in my mind is one that was a strange-looking drink that started as a powder! She would sit and drink that as we all ate our meals. She has always gone on about size, her’s and other people’s, and this is something that has rubbed off on me.

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Mari’s World – Davina for NEXT, Mutu system and Slimpod!

MuTu System progress report – After my Christmas set back and discovering I had put on 4lbs when I thought I was being really good (imagine if I had really let myself go?) I got back on track and have managed to complete 4 out of 5 workouts last week and I hope to do all 5 this week. I am loving the fact that I’m on Phase 4 of the core exercises and coping really well, I struggle with the full plank for more than 30 secs but slowly I’m getting there.

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Dales84 – How to succeed in Fitness

How to succeed in Fitness

It’s a new year and we all know what that means, endless talk fo new goals, a new year, a new you. Up and down the country thousands upon thousands of people are dusting off their gym kit that hasn’t been used since last January and saying this year will be my year to get into shape, to get fit

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swim-2-win – Swimming facts…

Swimming started in the 1st century.
Over 50% of world-class swimmers suffer from shoulder pain.
Swimming has been a part of the Olympics since 1896.
Peanuts are a source of energy for swimmers.
The shorter your hair is the more chance you have for swimming faster because there is less friction
Swimming can be done for competition and it is helpful in survival.
Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs
Swimming works out all of the body’s major muscles
Going swimming is very relaxing and has been compared to yoga and meditation in terms of its soothing effect on the mind and body.

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