16-01-12 Love Lifestyle Weekly Showcase

09-01-12 – Love Lifestyle Weekly Showcase

You’re probably reading this on the worst day of the year.

Yes, it’s ‘Blue Monday’. Not as in 80s splendiferous New Order dance classic – but as in ‘it’s horrible weather, and I’ve got no money, and I’ve not paid for Christmas yet, and the house looks all sad without the tinsel, and I think I want a divorce, and I might just murder all my colleagues’. 
The third Monday in January is well known for being the gloomiest day of the year. But before you reach for the arsenic, just think. Yes, it’s cold and windy and we could paper the bare walls with credit card bills. But at the same time … there is much to make us feel Extremely Cheerful. 
The children are back at school, which means we can get enough work done to clear said credit card bills. There are snowdrops outside the front door. And best of all: it’s getting lighter every day. This Monday, it will be light when I collect my children from school. Yippee!
And if none of that convinces you, then there’s one more thing to feel cheerful about. Yes: it’s the lifestyle Showcase. So ignore the wet and the wind, fetch yourself a mug of something hot, and banish the blues with this week’s great new reads …

Introduction kindly written by Maid in Yorkshire.

How To Be a Happy Housewife – 6 Good Reasons To Embrace Your Inner Slut

6 Good Reasons To Embrace Your Inner Slut

People who don’t know the sorry story have asked me why I felt let down by The Bish. Without going in to all the sordid details, let’s just say HE EVICTED US FROM OUR HOUSE. Well, technically it was his house and we were his tenants and he wanted it back so he could visit it himself when he wasn’t doing Bishoply things in London, but even so. The chutzpah of the man.

And then just when I thought I had the measure of him, he goes and says the most beautiful thing.

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The White Approach – The Bathroom Renovation

The Bathroom Renovation

One memory that stands out from the many on the day we moved into this house was the sight of my good friend sitting upstairs in the filthy cast iron bath scrubbing like a woman possessed and crying her heart out that we had made a terrible mistake and we couldn’t possibly live in this filthy run down house with our 6 month old twins. At the time I admit to putting on a brave face and brightly exclaiming that it would all be fine once we gave it “The Jones effect”.

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Skulls & Ponies – Emotional Manipulation and Why Not All Women Are Crazy

The message from this article has been swimming around in my head for the last few days and last night when meeting up with two of my closest female friends, became a discussion point. In summary the piece talks about emotional manipulation and how subtle and underhanded it can be.

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SaveEveryStep – family stories past and present – A tatty old box full of memories

A tatty old box full of memories

I came across this tatty old box yesterday.

This was my mother’s Scrabble – the board on which I learned the game, upon which my mother introduced me to her masterful word-play and grammatical dominance.

This ridiculous, shabby old box signifies my growth from child to adult and mum is in its bones.

“I really should get rid of this old thing, ” I announced nonchalantly to my husband.

Today I have taken it out of the bag, photographed it and cried. It’s a keeper. Throw away a piece of my mother? How could I?

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making it as mum – Tips for a stress free house move

Moving house people often say is one of the most stressful life events along with divorce and bereavement. I think though like anything its alot easier if you know how to go about it and what to expect. I think its also really good even if not moving to have the occasional life laundry and have a fresh start as clutter and mess is stress

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Polythene Pram – Madonna, Betty Boop and My Nan

What do these three in common?
Apart from being extremely sexy, powerful and sexy women (yes Nan – I include you in that!). They are also my role models.

Read why here…

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Right from the Start – I am a writer

I am a writer

A few years ago I read a book by Ken Robinson called The Element. The book talks about how finding your passion changes everything. Everyone has their ‘element’, some have more than 1 and some people never realise it. I wondered at the time what my ‘element’ was and now I know, it is and always has been writing.

I am a writer.

People tell me they like what I write, people tell me they like the way that I write, people even sometimes tell me that they are inspired by what I write.

I am a writer.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – inspired


Each week I’m going to share five pictures of little things that I’ve seen and liked.
Things I want to have a go at,
would like to have
or am simply sharing with you all.

This week, with a beautiful boy that has his first birthday looming,
I’ve been thinking a lot about his party.
We’ve booked a hall to have his party in
because we simply don’t have room for everyone at home.
So I’ve been seeking party inspiration this week,
and here’s some of the loveliness I found.

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Margot and Barbara – The Year of the Dahlia

The Year of the Dahlia

So, I realise that 2012 is going to be the year in which lots of things happen. The London Olympics, the end of the world (if you believe the long-dead Mayans) and more importantly than that, my first trip to Rome. Did I mention that I’m going to Rome? I did? Sorry. I’ll stop. For a while, anyway.

2012 is also the year in which I am going to plant more dahlias on the allotment. Lots and lots of dahlias.

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My Life as a Strife Survivor – The harshest lesson

We pulled up at the house and walked down the driveway. I trudged up the stairs with my bag. Dad told Mum and my Stepfather what I had done. They all decided, that as a punishment, I needed to get a ‘belting’. My Stepfather went and got his belt from the bathroom, but Dad would be the one who had to give me the punishment.

They made me go downstairs into the middle of the front yard. Dad looked at me and his voice was husky as he said,”This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you”.

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Mummy Musings – 2012: What I Want To Do

2012: What I Want To Do

I’m not really one to make resolutions but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some things I’d like to achieve this year. My list is fairly realistic, let’s see how many of them I manage.

1. Get rid of my wobbly tummy – I’m sure I’ve said this one before but I’m determined this time! I’m eating healthier and following the Mutu System (more of that to come) so I will do it.

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Minibreak Mummy – Magpie Monday – Midwinter plates and jug

Magpie Monday – Midwinter plates and jug

This week I’m showing off some of my favourite ever second hand purchases. These are some plates from the Midwinter Stonehenge Flowersong range. My mum got a few in a charity shop and then I bought a few more on eBay.

We use these plates every day. The yellow and orange flower is so cheerful. I particularly like the tiny plate (which is about 10cm or 4″ across) – and so do small children!

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Views From The Lounge Window – Am I made of the Wright Stuff

Am I made of the Wright Stuff

As I climb into bed tonight with a ridiculous smile on my face, and reflect upon my unusual day; I’m reminded of a couple of expressions people often say in life.
‘Do something that scares you every day’ and ‘Well think of it as a good deed’.

Today (my unusual day) I did both!

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I need curtains for the window in my head… – A bit of spit and polish…

A bit of spit and polish...

This morning, for some weird reason, I really got the cleaning bee in my bonnet. I set about sorting out all my kitchen cupboards, chucking out things that were out of date and decanting half bags of stuff into jars…..once that was all done I realised I needed more storage for all my baking stuff (have REALLY got into making my own bread now!) and for other bits and bobs.
I thought about it for a bit and then decided to give myself a bit of a job for an hour or so!

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You’re not from round here. – Time for a tummy tuck?

Time for a tummy tuck?

Is it time for a tummy tuck? A couple of days ago, someone I am friends with on facebook posted asking if anyone knew if the NHS offer tummy tucks, or if they don’t, how much one would be. This lady had a baby four months ago.

I posted that her best bet was exercise and a good diet but not to beat herself up because she hadn’t long had a baby. When I looked at her status later, others had posted that if it was something she really wanted then she should save up,

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I Want My Mummy – Pass Me A Shovel

A blog is what you make of it. It is your own ideas and passion that will lead you to wherever you are hoping to go, not what someone will tell you in a workshop that you have to pay to attend.
Am I wrong?

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Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond – Alphabe Thursday H for Hebe Hellebore and Heather

Alphabe Thursday H for Hebe Hellebore and Heather

Wandering around the garden for some hint it hit me! Even though it is Winter I had plants in the garden that were flowering, why not take photos of them?

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Gill’s Chickens – Buying an incubator

There are an awful lot of incubators on the market now for the small hobby breeder. In the past I have used a wonderful home made one that my hubby put together out of chipboard, perspex, wire mesh and an old baking tray. Astonishingly it worked but the most we ever hatched was single chicks as we could never manage the humidity and temperature properly.

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Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife – Suited and Booted

Suited and Booted

2 minutes from Coombe Mill and I was cursing leaving my camera behind! Making do with the Blackberry in the fading afternoon light was far from ideal, but still worth showing for this week’s Country Kids post, as the children had such a wonderful, if exhausting time.

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