16-01-12 Love Music Weekly Showcase

16-01-12 Love Music Weekly Showcase

Hello my lovely fellow lovers of music! Hope you all had a nice week! Mine was a bit of a medium one but hey, one thing that kept me smiling though was reading your posts.
I learned new things about music this past week and I even discovered new blogs. I discovered new music links and funny music videos. It fascinates me how some people are so good at creating videos. I’m not very good at it! Not at all I should say! For me the knowledge of music limitates at adding my favourite music to iTunes and then to my iPhone.

Music! What will you do without the music in your life? Do you connect feelings with certain songs? Looking forward to read your posts again this week!
By the way if you ever want to contact me with any questions find me on twitter @romanianmum or the LAB community website in the Music Group.

Introduction kindly written by Romanian Mum.

Music For Baby – Trials of a gigging mummy

Trials of a gigging mummy

I have to say I still absolutely love playing live, I don’t play my electric violins so often these days – they certainly don’t get out of the cases unless I am gigging, and while I play I’m not thinking about what I’ve bought the kids for christmas, how many chairs we’ll need when everyone comes round, when I’m going to fit the food shopping or doing the business accounts in. I’m absorbed in the music and I am not Karen the mum, wife or business woman, I’m just Karen playing her violin again for that period of time.

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Romanian mum in London – Ouch and what a crush

I’m so happy that this week Mix-tape Monday is coming back! I missed it!

The love lady that had this wonderful idea is blogging under a new name as I want my mummy. Go over to her blog and check this meme.

The theme for this Monday is
“A song by your first pop-star crush”.


It can be only one!

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The Diary of a Lagos Mum – Good Music

Since we’ve been here (in Dubai (on holiday), I’ve had the opportunity to listen to a *lot* of music. English, Indian, Arabic. The lot.

It has been *so* good to listen to old and new music – songs that I’ve not listened to in a long while and songs that I’ve heard for the first time (although they’ve not necessarily been new).

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musodad – What is the optimum number of songs to put on a playlist?

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before (I really can’t be bothered to read back through all the posts – they are a bit rubbish after all!) but I believe that the optimum number of songs you should put on a playlist (in my case, a Spotify one) is 24. My justification for this dates back to the old TDK D90 cassette tapes (D60s were too short and D120s were too long / expensive – nearly £2, I think!) when you could fit roughly 12 songs on each side. 12 x 2 = 24 – there you go.

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Alicia’s hiding place – She is a Beatles lover!!

She is a Beatles lover!!

Her name is Honey Pie, like the beatles song, cause she is truly a fan of this english group.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – Soundtrack of Life: Song 2

It’s safe to say that this one was Mummy’s choice.

She listened to this song with you on the first day that Daddy was back at work.
She was feeling a little bit overwhelmed.
And she was feeling more than a little bit emotional.
It was the hormones from carrying you in her tummy.
Those hormones made her a little crazy.

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A matter of choice – Music as therapy

Once upon a time I listened to music a lot, in the car, at home and even if I had the TV on it would usually be on a music channel during the day. Nowadays due to the protests of a certain little man it’s usually restricted to in the car, and even then it has to be ‘not big loud Mummy’ On the rare occasions I end up indoors on my own, the first thing I do is to turn my ipod on and listen to my favourites.

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Minibreak Mummy – Straight lines are tempting but real life is messy

On Suzanne Vega’s eponymous debut album is a song called ‘Straight Lines’.

This song tells the story of someone who tries to get her life straightened out and goes too far. She cuts off her curls and cuts out lovers and (if I’m interpreting the lyrics correctly) finally cuts herself to the bone.

It is a bleak song but to me it contains quite a helpful idea: real life is messy and the only way to completely stop it being messy is to stop living. A bit of disorder is not only acceptable it is to be welcomed.

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Butwhymummywhy – Changing Tracks: Fix You by Coldplay

I have been inspired by the music memes and link ups I’ve joined in with recently to write a post about a song that has played a big part in my life.
A few years ago Jo Whiley used to DJ on Radio 1 and every Sunday she would host a segment called Changing Tracks. This was where a listener would write in and explain how a certain song had a big impact on their life, even to the extent of changing the course of their life.

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The Princess and The Pickle – Take That – City of Manchester Stadium – 8/6/11

Take That - City of Manchester Stadium - 8/6/11

Well, it rained, it poured, then it rained a bit more! We had queued in it for 6 hours, along with the hail stones, the thunder and the lightning. And now they were about to open the gates and let us into the City of Manchester Stadium to watch the tour everyone was talking about – Take That’s “Progress”…

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OneDad3Girls – 20 Random Tracks

This all came about because I was bored.

It’s a game where to put your iPod on shuffle and write down what the 1st 20 songs are. No cheating and skipping a track.

As you’ll see I have some strange tracks out of the 2000 or so that’s on my iPod.

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Mammasaurus – Dancin’ like a freak for Mix Tape Monday

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