16-01-12 Love Photography Weekly Showcase

09-01-12 Love Photography Weekly Showcase

Last week saw bumper numbers of you join in the Love Photo Blogs Showcase. And it made me very happy. There was such a huge amount of photo gorgeousness on display. Clearly you lot are very talented with your cameras. But it got me thinking… I have been known to confess on more than one occasion, that the real magic happens to some of my photos after they have been taken. Don’t get me wrong, I think that getting a good picture is an art form, but I’m pretty sure that I can’t be the only one that sits back proudly when a little bit of photo editing turns an okay photo into something really darn pretty. I often like the editing process as much, sometimes more, than the taking process. And there are so many good pieces of photo editing software and apps out there now that you can be pretty spoiled for choice. So just for fun this week, I’ve started a discussion thread on the Love All Blogs Community Site where you can share your favourite tools of the trade. I have a great long list the length of my arm, and if I’m feeling really friendly I might even reveal my best ones, but only if I get some little gems, tips and suggestions from you lot in return. So have a good old look through this week’s lovely showcase and then go and share your photo editing tricks of the trade. Introduction kindly written by Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy
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