16-01-12 Love Politics Weekly Showcase

16-01-12 Love Politics Weekly Showcase

Roll up, roll up for week two of the Love All Blogs Politics Showcase. The chilly weather is the perfect excuse to stay tucked up indoors and indulge in some of the tastiest politics posts around and if that’s your cup of tea you’ve come to the right place.

This week I’ve been thinking about the referendum for Scottish independence but there’s been plenty of other topics to get us going. Should the NHS bear the cost of sorting out the counterfeit breast implants? Should Ed Balls have said Labour would reverse the public sector pay freeze if they come to power? Should Cameron be building a stronger relationship with the Saudi royals? My favourite story of the week has to be that front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, has been slated in an attack ad by rival Newt Gingrich for (prepare to be shocked and appalled) speaking French.

So what’s peaked your interest this week? Let us know by linking up by Friday and you can join us for next Monday’s showcase. In the meantime have a look below to see what everyone else has been thinking about and be sure to show them some commenty love but leaving your own opinions.

Introduction kindly written by Cat from Political Mummy and Yellow Days.

DorkyMum – A difficult time to be a woman? Or a difficult time for us all?

*This is an old post, so some of the news references are out of date, although the issues are not*

The weekend papers made for interesting, if confusing, reading. Prompted by the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, my French sisters are being applauded for finally speaking out and confronting the ingrained sexism in French society. At the same time, my UK sisters are being criticized for their ‘phony outrage’ at the Justice Secretary’s comments on rape. So what’s the conclusion? That we should speak out and challenge behaviour and language that upsets us… except when we shouldn’t.

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Mama Jax – How to expose your kids to different cultures

A world without cultural enrichment doesn’t bear thinking about.

To those who are still skeptical and are worried about overcrowding, lack of jobs etc, I would like to propose a solution to the problem.
(Government, I hope you are listening.)

My solution is this: We simply operate a swap system. We will allow into our country all the people that want to work, pay taxes, contribute to society and live in peace BUT we will swap these people, 1:1, for our violent louts, lazy druggies, drop-outs, persistent criminals and anyone who has ever appeared on Jeremy Kyle.

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The voice from the abyss – Stop the moaning and start the healing

The last 2 days I have heard things on LBC that have concerned me, wound me up, annoyed me and slightly peed me off. So I decided to vent.
Prepare for some venting.
Vent no. 1
Yesterday I heard people complaining about the amount of money the heads of banks are getting paid and the fact that the government are thinking of creating some legislation that will limit the amount they can get paid and of course people were agreeing with the governments idea. MORONS

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Pint-Sized Rants – David Cameron hates Health and Safety

David Cameron, you seem to be doing your very best to take away the protection of the little people. Cutting benefits, asking private companies to decide on whether we are fit for work, closing libraries and youth centres…. the list goes on and on. And now you want to “kill off the heath and safety culture for good”?

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Political Mummy – Together But Seperate?

So it looks like there is going to be a referendum to decide if Scotland should become independent of the rest of the UK. The SNP are planning on Autumn 2014. Polls suggest there is significant support for the split although not a majority but I assume the SNP will be hoping to use the time to capitalise on the bad feeling that Tory spending cuts will inevitably generate in the meantime so it’s hard to say what the result might be.

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theglobalclimate – Are you sure you’re the opposition?

Are you sure you're the opposition?

Labour is meant to have had a new ‘political face-lift’ – to try and raise the once large British political party. But only a month since this change has been in place, cracks have appeared in the new Miliband party. Today the political community woke up to Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor, openly supporting the Conservative party’s measures to reduce the economic deficit.

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SAHDandproud – A rant. About advertising.

A rant. About advertising.

It was always my intention to limit my son’s TV watching to CBeebies. No adverts to drive me mental. But at a birthday party he was given his first Thomas The Tank Engine book. He loved it, and from that day loved trains, and loved Thomas. He’s a boy, he’ll grow out of it I’m sure.

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