16-01-12 Love pregnancy weekly showcase

09-01-12 Love Pregnancy Weekly Showcase

I made a lot of mistakes in the year I turned 17. I was still young and learning what being in a serious relationship was, although I’d been in one since I was 14. There were many trust issues (this sounds so bizarre to myself looking back on it) and we were too young. But we definitely had a deep foundation of love that kept us together, there is no doubt about it.
It was the night of my 17th birthday that we conceived. It was unintentional, but we somehow knew straight away that it had happened. I don’t think we thought too much of it even then. My period was always at the end of the month, and my birthday the 1st of it… No doctor or clinic would test me until my period was late but I knew long before then what the result would be.

Introduction kindly written by  Shareen from A Real Mummy Diary.

DorkyMum – Things they Don’t Tell You… Part 1

I’ve just found an old Note that I wrote on Facebook (remember Notes?!) from when DorkySon was three months old. It’s called “Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting: What They Didn’t Tell Me”. It made me smile, laugh, and even cry a little to look back on how I was dealing with being a new parent, almost two years ago, so I’ve decided to post it here too.

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Mama Jax – How to lose the baby weight

Before your baby is a year old, you will find yourself in one of two places:

First, the gym where you will compete with a whole bunch of beautiful, single women, and men who are waaay out of your league, if you had the energy to care. You will stand in front of a wall of full length mirrors, dressed in a baggy tracksuit with an elasticated waist, and a greying t-shirt with sick on it. Why women think this experience will boost their self esteem is beyond me.

The second place you may end up is the Diet Club…

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A matter of choice – The one with the announcement!

You may have noticed a bit less in the way of blogging from me over the last couple of weeks, although this was handily disguised by Christmas the real reason can now be revealed…. yep I’m pregnant!

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The Road To Being A Yummy Mummy – Baby Bargains #1

Being pregnant can be a very expensive time so any way to save a bit of money is a great help. Even though I am only half way through I have already learnt quite a few little bits…
Don’t go overboard on buying pregnancy books especially from books shops like WH Smith and Waterstones because they will be very expensive. I have bought 2 books from Ebay and they were only a couple of pounds.

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Looking for Blue Sky – Losing the Plot

Losing the Plot

I was almost 39 weeks pregnant on number three, further than I had ever got before. On a sunny mild April day, I was visiting a friend in the country with my two girls in tow.

It was also the last peaceful day I was to enjoy for a long long time. The following night I woke at midnight after an hour of sleep with that now familiar feeling. Yep my waters had gone again.

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A Mummy Too – Labour, pain and a whole lot of guilt

Labour, pain and a whole lot of guilt

So my message to mums who desperately want a natural, drug-free birth: good on you, fantastic, well done. But if when the time comes, you’re struggling and want pain relief, don’t feel guilty, don’t feel that you’ve failed. You’re doing something incredible and if you need help, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – Our first look at you, our little Dollop

Our first look at you, our little Dollop

We fell in love with you instantly.

We didn’t know whether you were a boy or a girl back then.
Daddy was pretty convinced that you were a girl.
We didn’t know what sort of person you would become
We hoped you would be a happy and healthy one.

That little tiny baby wriggling on the screen was simply, Dollop.
And you brought a tear to our eyes just being able to see you for the very first time.

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An Essex Wife – Am I Having a Boy or Girl

We have opted to have a ‘surprise’ baby – but with only a few weeks to go I am getting impatient, so I thought I’d attempt a few old wives tales to see what they predict.

The wedding ring test –

You’re having a boy if you tie your wedding ring to some thread and hang it over your stomach it moves in circles

You’re having a girl if you tie your wedding ring to some thread and hang it over your stomach it it swings from side to side

Result – Boy

The age and month test –

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Girl, Boy, Baby and Cat – Finding Out

13th April 2010 I woke up for the third morning on the trot feeling dizzy, sleepy and generally run down. I hadn’t had the best of years up until then, my Nan had recently been diagnosed with cancer and my Great Grandma (both from Mum’s side) had been in and out of hospital since New Years Day, so I assumed stress was to blame. Why would I of assumed anything else? We weren’t ‘trying’ for a baby, in fact we we’re doing the opposite – I was a dedicated Cerazette user and hadn’t missed a pill in nearly 2 years.

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Trouble Doubled – My twin pregnancy

My experience of pregnancy this time round is actually a bit less stressful than my previous (singleton) two. This is probably down to it being my third, rather than there being twins aboard but I’m not complaining. Yes, I have got bigger a lot quicker and have the worst stretch marks I’ve ever had in my life, but overall it’s not……..

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