16-01-12 Love special needs blogs

16-01-12 Love Special Needs Weekly Showcase

Hello and welcome to Week Two! 

Have you noticed the name change?  And no, it’s not a deliberate mistake…  A few of us were posting on the Love All Blogs Community site – and if you haven’t already signed up, please come and join us here – about the name of the group and how we want to capture those writing about special needs whether they be educational, physical or social.  As we know, every child comes into a family with an abundance of needs: to be loved and cuddled, and kissed and washed and fed and played with and read to, amongst many other needs too.  Our children, because of his or her unique medical or developmental difficulties, have needs in addition to those of his or her peers and these needs are special to them.  So, pure and simple, our children have special needs and the name of the group has been changed to reflect this – hope that you don’t mind…

Last week’s Showcase was slightly nerve wracking for me – and I wonder if it was for you too? – it was that moment when I opened up to others about my life with a physically disabled child.  It was a big step for me but I’m glad that I took it.  Why?  Because I have read some truly amazing blogs!  I am humbled by the strength of your characters, the attitudes that you have adopted to taking each day as it comes (no matter how hard the day…), the honesty that you write with, the raw emotion that you express, and the abundant love that you have for your children. 

I have realised that our lives can feel like a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs – and roundabouts, too!  From the point of diagnosis to this moment in time, each day can bring something different; living with a child with additional needs can mean that we experience feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude, but also fear isolation and sadness.  Reading your blogs this week made me realise that I am not alone, that these feelings are normal and that what gets us through the days is the love that we have for our children.  I am a firm believer that while we try to teach our children about life, that they are secretly teaching us (or plotting against us?), but I wonder if we can all learn from each other, here on the Special Needs Showcase, too?

Take care and have a good week – whatever it may bring…

Introduction kindly written by Sheonad from Touch and Tickle

Mama Jax – How to get a diagnosis

THE RED BOOK charts the growth of baby. It is marked as a percentage, or ‘centiles’ and there are lines between which the ‘normal’ baby should fall. By the time Peter was 2 his height and weight were well under ‘normal’ on the 7th and 9th centile respectively, and his enormous head was off the scale. As Bobby had often bordered the ‘normal’ line I was expecting some kind of reaction to this, however the doctor who saw Peter wrote in his report that this was nothing to worry about as “Mother was short with a big head.” Humph.

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The Bright Side of LIfe – Do we do too much for our children?

Do we do too much for our children?

This past year has seen me be more proactive with Nick! The extra time I have put into my boy has made me more aware of his development. This year has made me realise what Nick *can’t* do. For a kid with a multitude of challenges he is doing great… BUT he could be doing better! Life has been easy for him, so easy that he is quite content to sit back and wait for us all to jump to his every whim. OK, that is a bit of an exaggeration but I am sure that you get my drift!

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TherExtras – Jenny’s Testimony

Jenny's Testimony

Adam doesn’t mess with differences. He doesn’t care if you have money, if you are smart, if you are pretty, if you’re powerful. He understands intellectual things at a very basic level. But he has taught me a lot. God has used him to teach me.

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Its A Crazy World – The Dreaded School Review

As those regular followers to the blog will know, FD has recently started attending a school for children with a Severe Learning disability. She had attended a MLD school which was shambolic to say the least and she was miserable there. She was treated awfully by staff and some pupils and generally very unhappy. So, you can imagine our apprehension when today (10th Jan ) we had to attend her first review at her new school……………..

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Looking for Blue Sky – Born too Soon

Born too Soon

How my journey with special needs began: I was having lunch out with a friend from the office when I began to feel that something was not quite right. Very quickly I was bundled into a taxi and packed off to the Maternity Hospital, briefcase in hand. After a couple of tests, I was told that I was losing my waters and was likely to go into labour within 24 hours. I was 24 weeks pregnant.

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SoftThistle – How I Imagine Sensory Overload Feels

“I can’t do this. It’s too much. Get him away from me. Leave me alone. I want to run. Run out of the door, away from everything. But I can’t. My whole body feels tight with this anxiety. I want to lash out. I wish I could just hide in my bed…”

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Downs Side Up – Photo Gallery of Hope

Photo Gallery of Hope

When Natty was born we experienced the darkest, most terrifying times of uncertainty. We had not signed up for this! We knew next to nothing about Down’s Syndrome. What would she become? Were our lives to change forever?
I recall thinking that we would never again be able to go for a walk on a beach…holidays and travel would be impossible…her sister would be affected by her limitations….

But a kind, knowing nurse, who had a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, leant us a small family photo album….

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Goldilocks And My Three Bears – Let’s ALL Laugh At Special Needs Children…

…Because apparently, these days you can do so without consequence.

A few months ago there was an incident between Goldilocks and her “cousin”. Rather affronted at her son being accused of such an atrocity (which actually was a natural part of each child’s life, but she majorly over-reacted) his mother messaged me with a warning: if I were to slag his name off, she would contact the authorities, who would look into Goldilocks’s background

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touch & tickle – Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

In the instant that becoming a mother became a possibility I think that I started to “parent”: I read books, I cruised the Internet, I sought advice. I wanted to be a good parent – no, I wanted to be a perfect parent (doesn’t every mother share that dream?). I would be a perfect parent, living a perfect life with a perfect husband and 2.4 perfect children. But life isn’t perfect, is it?

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Little Mamma Said – What a difference a year makes.

There’s a photo from that day, my eyes fill with tears even thinking of it, of me in the church gazing down at the little fella in my arms. I don’t know what other people see when they look at this photo. A proud mother and her son on his christening day? A beautiful boy in his christening outfit? A mother bursting with love? But I see such sadness. I see a son that doesn’t recognise his own mother. I see the realisation that this isn’t the child I expected and that something is very wrong.

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