16-01-12 love tech weekly showcase

16-01-12 Love Tech Weekly Showcase

So this week has seen the announcement of a revolution in the way IT is taught in schools, and about time too. I’m right behind this – in fact I’m ahead of Mr Gove as I wrote a blog about it last year for my Special Needs Jungle site. My 12 year old (Son2) knows more about IT than his teacher does. His teacher, lovely fellow though he is, is somewhat in awe of him.

I bought Son2 a powerful new laptop for his birthday and told him to wait until I had set up the virus protection and back up first. An hour later I was ready, but too late. Son2 had done it all himself, connected it to the internet hub and downloaded all his favourite Steam and Minecraft games.

Today’s techno-savvy kids need to be taught coding and computer science so they can help Britain compete with the rest of the world in this key industry. Google & Microsoft UK agree, so I’m looking forward to them donating large sums of money or technology to help our schools and kids whose education is being hampered by government spending cuts. You can find details here about the Guardian’s campaign on the same subject (personally, I think they copied me…)

Introduction kindly written by Tania from Special Needs Jungle, Not As Advertised and Social Oro

DorkyMum – Our Electronic Incompatibility

DorkySon son spent the other morning walking round the house saying, “The small one is the iPod. The big one is the iPad.” At 27 months, his grasp of technology is somewhat terrifying.

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Special Needs Jungle – IT teaching overhaul announced – about time too!

IT teaching overhaul announced – about time too!

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary has today announced an overhaul of the way IT is taught in schools. This is great news and I hope our school, although not a state school will do the same. I know they already have some plans underway to beef up the computer science element.

I first talked out this subject back in November last year in the wake of companies like Google and Microsoft saying that our IT teaching was putting Britain at a disadvantage for its future in the tech industry. I back this view entirely.

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A Mummy Too – Instragram – five of the best

Instragram - five of the best

I love taking pictures and the majority you’ll see on here are taken with my Canon EOS 400D. But like most people, I always have my phone close at hand to capture fleeting moments of cool and random acts of cuteness.

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An Essex Wife – Are You Cyber Safe?

My little lady may only be two, but she is quite honestly going on 22. Her favourite pastime is drinking babychinos at the local coffee shop and she has recently taken to asking for CBeebies to be turned off and Friends to be put on.

In March she turns three and when asked what she wants for her birthday she has informed me that a laptop would be nice so she can do her work. She is also a big fan of playing on my IPhone and loves to watch funny videos with Daddy on YouTube.

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Actually Mummy… – Gary Barlow Followed me on Twitter!

Gary Barlow Followed me on Twitter!

I was sorry to hear Nickie at Typecast‘s news last week that Keith Chegwin blocked her on Twitter, and I have subsequently begun a study of celebrity tweeting to see just how interesting I am to the wider, non-blogging world. Think of it as a kind of experiment. The challenge I have set myself is to gain me a celebrity follower!

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geekmummy – Watch YouTube on your TV with XBox

Watch YouTube on your TV with XBox

In my capacity as an XBox Live Ambassador I’ve been testing out a selection of the new features available in XBox Live, to discover that the XBox really is more than games. I’ve watched movies and TV shows, and this week our assignment is to watch YouTube videos. It’s a hard life isn’t it? Read on to find out how we got on, and for details of a special discount code which will get you three months of XBox Live Gold membership half price!

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mammasaurs‘Creating your first video post’ tutorial – Part One ‘Facing the Fear’

creating first video

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